Printer Table Stand

HP Color LaserJet 1x550/2000-sheet HCI Feeder and Stand

Reduce trips to the printer to reload paper with this paper input accessory. Print more pages without having to reload paper.Two additional input sources enable printing on up to three different types of paper without manually loading paper for each print job. The 2,000-sheet feeder supports A4, letter and legal paper. The 550-sheet feeder supports A6 to legal size.Help individuals and workteams save time and be more productive with additional paper capacity of 2,550 sheets. Use the wheeled stand to relocate the printer to where it's needed.

Recent Printer Table Stand Reviews

HP LaserJet Pro 550-sheet Feeder Tray

Easy ordering. Works excellent was easy to install. Excellent customer service when asking about the item very helpful.

HP LaserJet Envelope Feeder

Printing bulk levels of envelopes in rapid succession is a time killer if you manual feed. This pushes the envelopes through in no time at all. Will no longer use a laser printer without an envelope feeder. Fantastic.

HP LaserJet 550-sheet Paper Tray

The tray was easy to install. We bought the extra tray because it seemed we were constantly filling the paper tray. This has been a timesaver.

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Shopping for the right paper feeder for increasing productivity? Browse the HP Store for Printer Table.
If you work at a busy business, every second counts. Clients are waiting for signed contracts, your boss is tapping her foot in anticipation of your quarterly reports, and deadlines are quickly approaching. With a hectic schedule that changes on the whims of your customers and colleagues, you can’t afford to be chained to one place, especially if that place is your print station.

HP paper feeders: additional input capacity for businesses of all sizes

If you’re looking for the answer to your office productivity, you may want to consider adding an HP printer feeder for high volume office printing needs. If you spend more time hanging around the printer than the water cooler, an additional HP printer feeder can liberate you from the chains of your print station. Do more, reload less, and print better.

Benefits of a printer feeder for high volume printing

An HP printer feeder is like having an extra set of hands to help you with printing needs around the office. It’s an essential office tool for companies who rely on printouts and documents because it reduces the need for multiple trips to the printer to reload paper for large jobs.
Plus, you can print out more pages without any pauses so more gets done, in less time. Some models of HP paper feeders allow for double-sided printing and grant you the ability to switch between types of paper and media like glossy and photo paper without manually inserting paper trays for each type of print job.
You can help enhance the performance of both individual employees and work teams thanks to the increase in overall work capabilities. Adding additional input trays can expand your paper capacity anywhere from 500 sheets to 2,100 sheets.
What does that mean for you and your team? Your time is freed up to do other business-critical tasks without being anchored permanently to your printer.
HP printer feeders can also unclutter your work desk. Some models include a cabinet so you can conveniently store extra paper or printing supplies. Everything you need can be contained within one device, right at your fingertips.

All-in-one solutions

If you don’t need the high-capacity of a large paper feeder, you can turn to an HP all-in-one printer. Print, scan, copy and fax with complete ease and with the simplicity of a single device that can truly do it all. With options like automatic two-sided printing, HP Instant Ink, and HP Original high yield ink compatibility, there’s a printer by HP built to complement your needs.
HP® also offers business and enterprise-level printers capable of producing gallery-ready photographs, architectural blueprints, and advertising signage. Small, medium, or enterprise businesses all need specific printing functions so choose from HP’s range of capable printers to find the perfect answer to your workflow.

HP supplies for all of your printing needs

If you’re looking for HP supplies for printing, paper is probably one of the first things you’ll need to buy. And HP boasts a complete range of papers for every model of HP printer and every printing need. For both inkjet and laser printers, you can find multipurpose paper, recycled paper, bright white paper, photo paper, and other paper types for beautiful results, every single time.
Don’t just settle for any paper, depend on HP papers for professional printouts free of defects. Whether you run a business and need professional results to impress potential clients or you’re a busy parent printing out your children’s book reports and recipes for tonight’s dinner, your printer paper can be the difference between crisp lines and a smeared mess.

HP ink technology

If you are looking to outfit your printer station with the right HP supplies, don’t forget about investing in quality HP ink cartridges. Each cartridge has hundreds of hours of testing and over thirty years of engineering and science behind it.
These cartridges are designed to work flawlessly with HP printers for reliable results every time. When you’re in the 11th hour and the deadline is nearing, the last thing you need is something you’re not proud to turn in.
Avoid subpar with results by investing in HP supplies. You can expect results you’ll be proud to show off. Plus, it’s a responsible consumer choice because every single cartridge is designed to be recycled to reduce waste. HP cartridges are constructed and fine-tuned to take your printing experience from average to extraordinary.

Printer feeders, HP supplies, and accessories for everything you need

Whether you choose to invest in an additional printer feeder or other HP supplies to outfit your print station, you can do it with HP quality behind everything from the paper, to the ink, to the printer.
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