Small Printer Scanner

HP ScanJet Pro 3000 s4 Sheet-feed Scanner

Scans up to 40 ppm / 80 IPMScan to text, PDF and more with built in OCRIncludes 50 page ADF and one-touch scanning custom settingsSmall and slim desktop design

HP ScanJet Pro 2000 s2 Sheet-feed Scanner

Scans up to 35 ppm / 70 IPMScan to text, PDF and more with built in OCRIncludes 50 page ADF and HP Instant on scanningSmall and slim desktop design

HP ScanJet Enterprise Flow 7000 s3 Sheet-feed Scanner

Scan speed: Up to 75 ppm/150 ipmResolution: Up to 600 dpi (color and mono, Sheet-feed)Two-sided scanning, 80-sheet auto document feeder, 2-line 16 character LCD displayRecommended for 7,500 pages per day

HP ScanJet Pro N4000 snw1 Sheet-feed Scanner

Scans up to 40 ppm / 80 IPM2.8 inch color touchscreenScan to text, PDF and more with built in OCRIncludes 50 page ADF and one-touch scanning custom settings

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As a proud provider of industry-leading sheet-fed and flatbed scanners, HP® stands on the cutting edge of printer-scanner innovation. Built from the ground up with premium quality stabilizers, filters, and CCD arrays, our collection of scanners embody the modern age. Sleek, contemporary designs bridge the gap between mechanical processing and digital-age aesthetic.

Transforming your digital world

Leave the era of clunky scanners in the past, and step into the future with a lightweight, yet mighty build. Whether you’re stationed in the office or bolstering your home office, a printer-scanner is an absolute must. Transform physical documents into crystal-clear digital copy ready for e-mail sending or social media sharing.
Modern office spaces are all about technological optimization. The question of how to make something faster, more efficient, and more impressive is always on the line. HP® is no exception to this global query. Our pathway to the future is carved with limitless ideation and creation that keep our products at the helm of the industry.

Pioneering productivity

Whether you’re finalizing important paperwork or converting photos into an online project masterpiece, you depend on savvy tech to help - not hinder - your workflow. HP printer-scanners work just as hard as you do. When performance and speed matter most, our scanners step up to the plate.
Printing and scanning in the office is nothing short of a nightmare when you have outdated devices hogging your precious time and space. Keep your business tech up to par and on schedule with your busy agenda. Handle large volumes at blazing speeds, integrate varied workflow solutions, and introduce smarter scanning into your work environment. All without sacrificing quality, speed, or efficiency.
Reap the benefits of virtually universal compatibility with our WiFi enabled scanners. A number of our business-level scanners offer multiple scanning destination options. Send your scanned files to your email, PC folders, FTP sites, USB drivers, SharePoint and more. Supported by a touch screen LCD interface, the perfect upload is only a few taps away.

All-in-one solutions for your workflow needs

Step into the future. The beauty and boldness of combining three key printing components into one workhorse machine work in your favor every time. HP printer-scanners are the beacon of all-in-one functionality with scanning, printing, and copying capabilities living within one steadfast device. Some even offer fax capabilities as well.
Save time on your many digital duties by entrusting your workload to a professional grade printer scanner. Your high-volume office needs a sharp solution to match the work capacity of your bustling office. We offer printer-scanners that can deliver up to 20,000 pages per day with unlimited scanning capability.

Benefits of a sheet-fed scanner

A sheet-fed scanner, also known as an automatic document scanner, is characterized by its ability to move an input document through the scan head and digitally render its physical form into a digital form.
Typically found in offices and the workplace, sheet-fed scanners are optimal for those dealing with large volumes of digital files. They’re ideal for letter-size paper and mixed flat media, such as receipts, business cards, and brochures.
Our sheet-fed printers are capable of handling multi-page jobs that turn a 15-page presentation into a 15-page PDF without any manual feeding. Let the tech do the heavy lifting for you. HP’s sheet-fed scanners leave tiny footprints in the office space while delivering the impressive results and specs you expect.
If speed and high-volume efficiency are what you’re looking for, a sheet-fed scanner is your one-stop-shop answer.

Benefits of a flatbed scanner

A flatbed scanner, also known as a desktop scanner, is the most commonly used scanner on consumer markets. Characterized by their compact form factor and keen versatility, the flatbed scanner is ideal for sheets of paper, magazine, books, and photographs.
For businesses and consumers who value quality over quantity, a flatbed scanner is a perfect solution. Best suited for scanning sharp-quality text and vividly colored photos, flatbed scanners tend to be the more popular option for non-office settings.
If you’re in the graphic design industry or other similarly visual-centered industries, companies geared toward printing out marketing materials should aim for unparalleled image quality. A flatbed scanner handles details more expertly than a sheet-fed scanner.

Work smarter with HP

With our sights set on future innovation, HP’s vision of digital optimization is always evolving. Our printer-scanners come with intelligent software that works to enhance your workflow, increase security, and adapt to your changing printing and scanning needs.
Your world is always in motion, and there’s no time for slowing down. Count on HP® to keep your digital presence and productivity spinning without ever missing a beat.
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