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HP Smart Support

HP Smart Support1 is an enhanced customer support experience that provides a faster way to review, diagnose, and troubleshoot device-related issues.


Using critical health data sent from your PC via a secure cloud-based connection to the HP Workforce Experience Platform,2 our Customer Support team can more quickly access your PC's information, provide recommendations for issue resolution, and get you on your way.


With HP Smart Support, HP can deliver even better customer support

When PCs are connected to the HP Workforce Experience Platform, HP has access to historic, device-specific configuration logs and health information that allows us to more readily analyze issues and provide remediation advice.

Streamlined support

Eliminate the manual collection of device information and enjoy faster issue identification and troubleshooting when HP keeps a record of your PC configuration and health data, delivered through cloud-based telemetry to our analytics and insights platform.

Fix it fast

By enabling cloud-based telemetry, your device information is securely shared with HP, and our Customer Support team is better equipped to recommend specific replacement parts and fixes.   

Back to work quickly

Reduce the time it takes to get employees back-to-work by improving effectiveness of calls with HP Customer Service.  When device information is conveyed automatically to HP, our Customer Support team has ready access to information about your devices.

Select one of the two ways to get started with HP Smart Support...

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Enable HP Smart Support via download
by installing the HP Smart Health application


When you install this software application on any HP PC, you enable the persistency of the HP Workforce Experience Platform, a proprietary, cloud-based platform that analyzes device health and helps provide faster issue resolution.  Our Customer Support team relies on this platform to help resolve any issues you may encounter.


For installation instructions and to confirm that you’ve enabled HP Smart Support properly, please review our whitepaper.



Download HP Smart Health

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Enable the HP Smart Support setting
preinstalled on your PC


HP Smart Support is included as a preinstallation setting on new HP PCs sold in most countries. This setting allows the activation of the HP Workforce Experience Platform, a proprietary, cloud-based platform that analyzes device health and helps provide faster issue resolution. Our Customer Support team relies on HP TechPulse to help resolve any issues you may encounter.


For information on how you may activate or deactivate HP Smart Support in your privacy settings, please review our whitepaper.



Why HP Smart Support

Saves time

Automatically uploads device health data and keeps a historic record over time.

Secure cloud transfer

Shared information is secure and held safely in the cloud environment.

Higher productivity and uptime

Reduce time and resources required for issue resolution.

Results oriented

Valuable insights powered by AI and deep learning algorithms.

Data telemetry

Information from devices around the world translates to benefits for all HP customers.

Continuous improvement

Helps HP develop new and better services and solutions to help our customers



Review frequently asked questions about HP Smart Support and how it works.



Find detailed information about what device-specific health data is shared with HP.


Terms & Conditions

Download the terms and conditions for using HP Smart Support and connecting devices to the platform.


Uninstall Script

Download the uninstall script to run and uninstall HP Smart Support and all its components.



The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein.


1. HP Smart Support requires an HP Insights agent to be installed. For Gen 9 and earlier HP commercial devices, the customer must manually download at or by providing consent at the time of your hardware’s first boot, which enables HP to install the HP Insights agent to collect information related to the device. For HP commercial Gen 10 and higher devices, HP Services Scan is provided thru Windows Update and will check entitlement on each hardware device to determine if an insights-enabled service has been purchased and will download applicable software automatically. To disable this feature, please follow the instructions at

2. Select HP Workforce Solutions require an HP Insights agent for Windows, Mac, & Android, available for download at For full system requirements and services that require the agent, please visit The agent collects telemetry and analytics around devices and applications that integrate into the Workforce Experience platform and is not sold as a standalone service. Internet access with connection to the Workforce Experience platform is required. HP follows stringent GDPR privacy regulations, and the platform is ISO27001, ISO27701, ISO27017 and SOC2 Type2 certified for Information Security.