HP Support Services

Empower your business with tailored communication & collaboration support services.

HP Support Services
Empower your business with tailored communication & collaboration support services.

Gain access to world-class assistance and keep your communication and collaboration tools running smoothly. HP offers proactive solutions that provide elevated levels of support tailored to your specific requirements. With top-tier assistance and technical expertise, HP ensures your employees remain productive and satisfied.


Solutions for every business challenge

No matter which support service option you choose, you can trust HP to be there when and where you need us, helping your business to thrive in today's dynamic environment.

Choose from three flexible options:

Essential  |  HP Poly+

Ensure peace of mind with unlimited support

Trust our 24/7 support1 and expertise in collaboration solutions. With Poly's reliability and our comprehensive coverage, we ensure you're covered for any incident, unlocking limitless potential.

  • 24/7 unlimited technical support1
  • Advance hardware replacement next business day2
  • Ecosystem Cloud Partner Support3

Premium  |  HP Poly+ Enterprise4

Hassle-free asset management5 for seamless operations

Experience seamless operations and proactive service for your IT team. Simplify asset management, minimize downtime, and enjoy round-the-clock priority response for uninterrupted productivity.

  • 24/7 unlimited technical priority response support1
  • Advance hardware replacement2
  • Coverage for your entire Poly estate
  • Designated Service Delivery Manager6
  • Enterprise integration and IT tools for maximum success

Premium+  |  HP Poly+ Elite7

Enhance and extend support beyond product assistance

Unlock enhanced solution performance and return on investment. Efficiently manage your global Poly environment with proactive monitoring8 and remote management.9 You will have access to valuable resources, ensuring maximum investment potential realization.

  • 24/7 technical phone support1 with direct access to a Remote Technical Account Manager
  • Consultative services including regular business and performance reviews
  • Primary point of contact for Poly enabled strategic cloud partner environments

Additional capabilities

Resident Technical Services

Enhance onsite operations with certified HP experts seamlessly integrated into your environment. Augment your team with specialized Poly expertise and networking guidance for smooth operations and peak performance.

Service Delivery Management

Accelerate your communication & collaboration solution success with post-implementation support to maximize your return on investment. A dedicated virtual advocate augments your internal resources and provides insightful analysis for enhancing solution adoption.

Technical Account Management

Drive your business success with a dedicated, personalized technical consultant to ensure optimal growth, management, and optimization of your Communication & Collaboration investment. Maximize effectiveness to deliver outcomes aligned with your business goals.

Explore hardware solutions


Headsets created for comfort and clarity. Made to focus. Made to connect. Made to communicate.


Video conferencing

In today’s world, people in the same meeting aren’t always in the same room—but they’ll feel like they are.



Built for hot-desking or the home office, Poly phones deliver high-quality audio and options for a range of work styles.


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Footnotes and disclaimers

  1. HP services are governed by the applicable HP terms and conditions of service provided or indicated to the customer at the time of purchase. Customers may have additional statutory rights according to applicable local laws, and such rights are not in any way affected by the HP terms and conditions of service, or the HP Limited Warranty provided with your HP Product.

    1. 24/7 English language support is available in all countries where Communication & Collaboration Services are sold. Customers can contact Poly to receive 24/7 English language support for the Customer’s supported solution. Customers are required to provide their serial number https://support.hp.com/us-en/contact/poly-serial-number or product information https://support.hp.com/us-en/contact/poly-product-info. Contact options will vary depending on their region.

    2. Poly provides advance replacement for any failed hardware component under most maintenance service programs. If Poly’s technical support representative determines that a replacement part is required to resolve a reported or diagnosed problem, the replacement part will be shipped by Poly (Monday through Friday) for advance replacement using an expedited carrier service. Poly will use their best effort to process replacement part orders on the same day in order to meet local carrier pick-up schedules. The deadline for same-day processing is generally 3 pm local time to Poly’s regional parts depot. Please visit the following link to find the advance replacement expected transit times per country, as well as shipping terms ADVANCE PARTS REPLACEMENT | HP® Customer Support.

    3. ECPS improves response times in Poly-enabled ecosystem cloud solutions by acting as a primary point of contact to the Customer. If Poly determines that the problem is caused by or related to the Cloud Partner environment, at the Customer’s request, Poly will attempt to open an incident request with the Cloud Partner, document findings, and provide the Cloud Partner’s incident tracking number to Customer. Poly will be responsible for working directly with the Cloud Partner on resolution or future status updates to the Customer. If not possible to open an incident request, Poly will provide Customer with findings and refer Customer to Cloud Partner for resolution. Customer must maintain current service or subscriber agreement with Cloud Partners, operate and maintain applicable software as specified by the Cloud Partner, and if requested, give Poly signed written approval to act on their behalf regarding ECPS services.

    4. Poly+ Enterprise is only available to customers that meet device category threshold.

    5. Poly will provide the Customer a master account ID in place of using the product serial number when contacting Poly technical support. A product serial number will only be required should a hardware replacement be necessary.

    6. For eligible customers only, Poly will designate a Service Delivery Manager (SDM) who serves as the non-technical management interface for up to eight (8) hours per month to a designated Customer representative for all Poly+ Enterprise service program activities. Serving as the Customer advocate within Poly, the SDM will provide a monthly report on aspects related to case management and inventory. Eligibility for access to a SDM is determined b qy meeting the minimum quantity of devices for at least one product category: 150 Poly video devices; 1,500 Poly voice devices; Personal/Headset: 5,000 Poly personal/headset devices.

    7. Elite is only available to customers that meet minimum Elite requirements.

    8. Poly Lens is a cloud-based device management solution that provide actionable insights and analytics around unified communications endpoints like Poly voice, video, and headset devices and can be sold as a standalone service. Internet access is required. Additional Poly Lens information can be found at https://www.hp.com/us-en/po