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  1. Which Processor is Best for Your Laptop?

    Which Processor is Best for Your Laptop?
    Choosing the right laptop is difficult enough, and the availability of an endless number of processors makes this even more complicated. So why can’t selecting the best processor for your laptop be any simpler? 

    For better or worse, we have a choice of processor for every type of user. Be it a student, programmer, business user, designer, or gamer, there are several processors with different computation power that helps your laptop think and execute tasks faster. 

    With the vast number of processors in the market today, selecting a suitable processor is confusing for most buyers. However, if you are equipped with the correct information, you can become a buyer with expertise on the subject. This article demystifies common facts you need to know to understand which processor on your laptop is good and which is not.
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  2. Best HP Gaming Laptops under ₹80,000 from HP India

    Best HP Gaming Laptops under ₹80,000
    A gaming laptop under ₹80,000 can provide a powerful gaming experience for an affordable price point.

    We’re covering what to expect in a sub-₹80,000 laptop. Laptops in this price range offer a substantial amount to love between processors, graphics, and display. We’ll also be dishing out expert advice on the key things to consider.

    Once you’re up to speed on the nitty-gritty details, we’ll review the top five gaming laptops from HP costing ₹80,000 or less. Ready to ramp up your mobile gaming situation without breaking the bank?

    What to expect from a laptop under ₹80,000

    We won’t sugarcoat it. A budget of ₹80,000 isn’t enough to secure a top-of-the-line gaming machine. The beefiest gaming laptops come in at two or three times that figure - sometimes even more.

    But it’s not all bad news. While this budget won’t
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