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  1. 7 Best Docking Stations for HP Laptops

    Docking Stations for HP Laptops

    If you’ve ever had to decide between buying a laptop or a desktop computer, you understand how difficult it can be to choose between the two. Docking stations are a great compromise in the desktop versus laptop debate because they provide laptop users with a desktop-like experience. 

    So, if you’re looking for a great HP laptop docking station to create a better laptop experience, there are a range of HP options for you to choose from based on your needs.

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  2. How to Charge a Laptop Without a Charger: 3 Methods

    3 Different Ways to Charge a Laptop without a Charger
    Imagine you’re headed out of town for a weekend getaway. Maybe you’re going to a friend’s destination wedding or a family trip to the beach, or perhaps it’s camping with your friends. You decide to bring your laptop with you because it’ll be nice to stream movies, get some work done, or play a PC game in your downtime. A laptop can help you feel at home when you’re away from home.
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