1. Best HP Monitors for Video Conferencing in a Hybrid Work Era

    Best HP Monitors for Video Conferencing in a Hybrid Work Era

    Since the recent pandemic shocked the globe, hybrid work has boomed, with more and more businesses opting for remote, on-the-go employees. Besides lowering costs, video conferencing has become integral to most office-based companies. Whether connecting with co-workers, presenting digital art, or attending virtual meetings, having a quality monitor can make a big difference. 

    As a leading manufacturer of PC equipment, our monitors offer a combination of high performance and exceptional quality suitable for university students and executives alike. Stay tuned as we explore what makes a monitor great and dive into the best monitors for video conferencing so that you can elevate your virtual communication game.

    What makes a monitor great for video conferencing?

    In the world of online conferencing, your choice of monitor can make or break your experience.

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  2. The Impact of High Refresh Rates: A Deep Dive into HP’s Gaming Monitors

    A Deep Dive into HP’s Gaming Monitors

    In the gaming world, where pixels converge and virtual worlds come alive, the pace of gameplay is undeniably exhilarating. Gaming enthusiasts are always in pursuit of an immersive and seamless gaming experience. 

    An enigmatic catalyst has arisen to cater to these gaming needs, propelling the gaming experience to unexplored peaks - the marvel of high refresh rates. Strap in for an enthralling journey to discover the significance of high refresh rates and look at how HPs gaming monitors are paving the way for the ultimate gaming experience.

    Understanding refresh rates

    Envision your gaming monitor as a sentient entity with a pulse synchronized with the captivating virtual realms it produces. This pulse of your monitor is referred to as the refresh rate, a pivotal feature that defines the essence of your gaming experience.

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  3. What is an AMOLED Display?


    Smartphones, computers, and television are as popular as ever, so it’s no wonder why there have been so many amazing developments in display technology over the last decade. AMOLED is one of the newest breakthroughs.

    What exactly is an AMOLED display, and why should you get one? Let’s answer your questions. An AMOLED display is a modified version of an OLED display, which begs the question: what is an OLED display?

    What’s an OLED display?

    OLED stands for “organic light-emitting diode.” Here’s how an OLED display works. Each pixel is composed of three things: a tiny light, a liquid crystal, and a color filter.

    A liquid crystal is a chemical substance that contains properties of both a liquid

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  4. Dual Monitor Setup for Work

    dual monitor setup for work

    Whether you edit Hollywood films or trade stocks on Wall Street, a single computer screen in your office can often seem a bit limiting. Your desk should be a helm for productivity, and outdated tech will only slow down your efficiency when you have a million and one tasks to keep track of. If you haven’t yet taken advantage of a dual monitor setup at work, it’s time to step into a bright new world.

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  5. 3 Best HP Monitors with Webcams

    3 Best HP Monitors with Webcams

    With remote video conferencing on the rise, it is more important than ever to have a webcam so you can interact face-to-face with clients and customers. While you can always purchase an external webcam and attach it to your display, it’s a lot more convenient, not to mention safer, to consider a monitor with a built-in webcam.

    In this article, we’ll explain when you’d need a monitor with a built-in camera, provide reviews of the 3 best options available from HP®, and go over some tips to make sure your next video conference is as smooth and productive as possible.

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