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  1. Best Work from Home Laptops from HP India

    Best Work from Home Laptops from HP India
    Even before the recent pandemic, there has been a steady rise in the number of people working from home thanks to the increasing availability of fast and reliable Internet connections and affordable computers with the performance to handle work tasks.

    Recent times have seen businesses needing to adapt working practices, with many companies moving away from rigid office-based working towards remote and hybrid working as employers realise these changes can bring business benefits. 

    There has also been a sharp uprise in people becoming self-employed with technology, allowing them to take control of their careers and compete in the global freelancing marketplaces. Eliminating the daily commute to an office and working from the comfort of their home can make an enormous difference to the work-life balance.

    Finding the ideal laptop to help you efficiently work from home (WFH) can be a challenge, with a vast range of options available to choose from. Whether you're a
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  2. Best Collaboration Tools for Remote Learning

    Best Collaboration Tools for Remote Learning
    Remote learning opens new possibilities for students everywhere, making education more inclusive and accessible. Armed with a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, it’s now possible to explore the vast reservoir of all human knowledge at your fingertips. 

    That said, you need the right collaboration tools to make the most of online education resources. Not all apps and software are made equal with different tools being made for specific niche uses. The right collaboration app can facilitate quick and seamless communication with your peers and instructors. They can also help you share large assignment files without resorting to pesky workarounds. 

    In this article, we’ll walk you through the best collaboration tools for education we’ve handpicked based on their unique features.
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  3. Laptop Specifications: What They Mean and What to Look For

    Laptop Specifications: What They Mean and What to Look For
    A laptop’s specifications can make a big difference in its performance, so it’s essential to be informed. Choosing the correct specifications for your laptop can significantly enhance its performance and user-friendliness. 

    Shopping for a new laptop can be overwhelming, especially when understanding all the technical specifications. Here’s a quick rundown of the important factors to consider before purchasing.
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  4. How to Choose the Best HP Laptop for You

    How to Choose the Best HP Laptop for You

    Finding the best HP laptop for your needs can be a serious challenge. Chances are that it will be your go-to device for work, play, and maybe even school if you’re a student.
    Yet you face so many choices for display, processors, memory, storage, battery life, and loads of other options. You’ll want to do your research to find the best laptop to buy for both your lifestyle and your budget
    How to choose a laptop? Start with this laptop buying guide to explore the best laptops from HP that click with your habits and budget.

    What to look for in a laptop

    Before we get down to business, you’ll want to have a sense of what you’re looking for when you ask yourself “What’s the best laptop for me?” Do you need something lighter you can easily carry around with you? Or do you want a larger model with additional screen real estate that also offers more flexibility than your office desktop?
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  5. HP Care Pack Buying Guide

    HP Care Pack Buying Guide
    When purchasing a new PC, it’s easy to overlook warranty options or decline coverage altogether for one reason or another. Maybe you don’t think you need it because you take great care of your devices, or perhaps you’d rather not tack on additional costs. The thing is, PCs may require repairs for various reasons, often outside your control.
    When considering coverage for a new PC, it’s important to first think about your needs. For instance, will you require immediate repairs if something goes awry? Or could you wait a day or two for service? Also think about whether you’re prone to causing damage to or losing your device, and whether you want those covered by your warranty.
    With the HP Care Pack system, which is available
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  6. Best HP Computer Speakers

    Best HP Computer Speakers
    Computers have oh-so-many specs: processing speed, graphics, display, memory, storage - the list goes on. But many computer users forget about one of the most important aspects of the user experience: sound.

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  7. What’s the Difference Between USB-C vs Thunderbolt 3?

    What’s the Difference Between USB-C vs Thunderbolt 3?

    What’s the Difference Between USB-C vs Thunderbolt 3?

    In the past, the Thunderbolt and USB standards were entirely separate, leading to confusion and ultimately frustration over ports, plugs, and cables. “Can I use this cable to charge this laptop? What about plugging in my phone?”
    Thankfully, with the creation of USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 technology, the two are now largely interchangeable. While there are some key differences between Thunderbolt and USB-C, there’s mostly good news on this front. USB-C cables are now entirely compatible with Thunderbolt ports, and USB-C ports are compatible with Thunderbolt cables.
    This makes it easier than ever for computer users to use the best cable they have available. And in many instances,
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  8. How to Set Up a Virtual Private Network (VPN)


    How to Set Up a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

    Virtual private networks (VPNs) have become quite common in the tech industry, and virtually all corporations and client-based businesses use protected networks to secure their sensitive data from malicious hackers and unauthorized users.
    With data breaches happening so frequently, consumers and corporations alike are taking action to protect themselves online. VPNs have become an essential security tool in the tech world. In this “How-To” article we’re telling you what you should know about choosing a VPN
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  9. Top 5 HP 17-inch Laptops

    Top 5 HP 17-inch Laptops

    Top 5 HP 17-inch Laptops

    While the push for portability has improved most of our lives, a compact notebook won’t always cover all of your computing needs. For gamers, artists, devoted streamers, or anyone who favors their visual experience, a 17-inch laptop is a good standard for comfortable viewing. It’s still portable enough to travel well, but also big enough to bring life to the latest PC games, design software, and new movies.
    While the latest graphics card and processor paired with ample memory and storage are important for visual performance, it definitely doesn’t
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  10. Intel Optane Memory: What is It and Why Do You Need It?

    Intel Optane Memory

    Intel Optane Memory: What is It and Why Do You Need It?

    If you’re in the market for a new laptop at home or work, you've undoubtedly been confronted with a number of choices. It might be easy to choose between a mobile laptop versus a desktop tower, and you might have several stand-out features at the top of your priority list, but when it comes to computer memory, the answer isn’t always clear.
    When browsing solid
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