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  1. How to Protect Your Digital Identity in an Increasingly Online World

    How to Protect Your Digital Identity in an Increasingly Online World

    Our lives have become intertwined with technology and devices that connect to the internet. From online shopping to digital banking and social media, we rely on digital platforms in our daily lives.

    The convenience comes with potential risks to your digital identity from cybercriminals. You constantly share personal information over the internet, exposing yourself to malicious actors.

    But what is digital identity? Digital identity includes all the personal information we share online, from email addresses and social media accounts to banking information and credit card numbers. The consequences of having your digital identity compromised can be devastating. It can result in financial loss, damage your reputation, affect your credit score, and even lead to legal consequences.

    According to

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  2. How to Set Up a Virtual Private Network (VPN)


    How to Set Up a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

    Virtual private networks (VPNs) have become quite common in the tech industry, and virtually all corporations and client-based businesses use protected networks to secure their sensitive data from malicious hackers and unauthorized users.
    With data breaches happening so frequently, consumers and corporations alike are taking action to protect themselves online. VPNs have become an essential security tool in the tech world. In this “How-To” article we’re telling you what you should know about choosing a VPN
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  3. How to Convert Word to PDF on a Laptop

    How to convert word to pdf

    Word documents are best suited for editing environments. Once you have a finished document that’s ready to share, it’s best converted to a PDF (Portable Document Format) file. That’s because PDFs are highly resilient to accidental changes, and will dutifully preserve the format and content of the document across a range of software and devices. A Word file, when opened on a different computer or a different program, might lose formatting, hyperlinks, images, and other objects. A PDF, on the other hand, will retain everything without fail, no matter where you view it, which makes it the preferred format for compatibility across environments. It’s a standard business format that finds use everywhere. A PDF also offers other distinctive advantages, like the ability to password protect your files and digitally sign them.

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  4. How to edit PDF files on a laptop

    How to edit pdf file

    A PDF is intentionally designed to retain its format and content while minimizing the risk of changes when transferring them. While this is what makes PDFs so useful, it also makes it difficult to edit them when needed. It’s possible to fix typos in a PDF file using the tools we’ve outlined in this article. You can also add or remove signatures, add or remove text, and edit images. Some software also let you rearrange and split pages in the PDF. 

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  5. WiFi Tethering - How to Use Your Phone as a Mobile Hotspot

    WiFi Tethering - How to Use Your Phone as a Mobile Hotspot
    We’ve all been there. You need reliable WiFi to finish a work assignment, play Fortnite with your friends, or stream a new movie, but you can't get a good connection. Did you know that your phone has a powerful feature called WiFi tethering that makes it possible for you to connect to an online network?

    In this guide, we outline how you can use WiFi tethering to connect to your phone's cellular network, how the mobile hotspot function works and what kind of data plan you should have to use it.

    Picking the right data plan for a mobile hotspot device

    Before you begin connecting to a hotspot, you should be familiar with your existing data plan and whether you have enough bandwidth to support your planned activity. You should also keep in mind that the data plan you have for your cell phone can directly impact your download and upload speeds.


    Some cellular plans have data caps. Even if you have “unlimited” data, you may
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