WiFi Tethering - How to Use Your Phone as a Mobile Hotspot
We’ve all been there. You need reliable WiFi to finish a work assignment, play Fortnite with your friends, or stream a new movie, but you can't get a good connection. Did you know that your phone has a powerful feature called WiFi tethering that makes it possible for you to connect to an online network?

In this guide, we outline how you can use WiFi tethering to connect to your phone's cellular network, how the mobile hotspot function works and what kind of data plan you should have to use it.

Picking the right data plan for a mobile hotspot device

Before you begin connecting to a hotspot, you should be familiar with your existing data plan and whether you have enough bandwidth to support your planned activity. You should also keep in mind that the data plan you have for your cell phone can directly impact your download and upload speeds.


Some cellular plans have data caps. Even if you have “unlimited” data, you may
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