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  1. Best HP Laptops for Freelance Writers

    Best HP Laptops for Freelance Writers

    The demand for freelance writers has skyrocketed recently, as many businesses discover the pros of outsourcing. Instead of hiring full-time staff, a company can hire experienced writers on online freelancing platforms, often at a lower cost. 

    Being a freelance writer can be a great profession. You can set your own hours and work from anywhere in the world. However, it’s not so smooth sailing without a laptop fit for the task. Tasks like writing blog articles, novels, newsletters, or e-books require the right laptop for optimal performance. 

    At HP, we know the daily challenges freelancers can face and how to overcome them. So, without further ado, let’s explore the best HP laptops for writers and why they’re crucial for writers.

    Why the right laptop matters for writers

    Picking the best laptop

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  2. Why HP Spectre Laptops are a Perfect Fit for Creative Professionals

    Why HP Spectre Laptops are a Perfect Fit for Creative Professionals
    Welcome to the world of HP Spectre laptops, a universe where creativity and innovation blend seamlessly. As a creative professional, your work demands a digital canvas capable of bringing your ideas to life. When it comes to finding the best 2-in-1 laptop to match your creative prowess, the HP Spectre series excels.

    HP Spectre laptops are designed with creatives in mind, combining powerful performance, immersive visuals, and sleek design in one compact package. Whether you're a graphic designer, a visual artist, a digital marketer, or a content creator, a Spectre laptop could be your perfect companion.

    With high-speed processors, ample memory, and fast solid-state drive (SSD) storage, they offer all the power you need to run demanding creative applications. Plus, their 2-in-1 convertible laptop design provides the flexibility to switch between a traditional laptop and a tablet, depending on what your work demands.
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  3. Top Software Programs Based on Your Studies

    Top Software Programs Based on Your studies

    Software programs are vital productivity tools across almost all industry sectors, so learning and mastering programs specific to your chosen career path is essential. For students on undergraduate and postgraduate courses, your course will steer you towards particular industries. Mastering software programs your industry peers use daily will give you a head start over other new starters once you transition from your studies to a career.

    Learning to use software programs while you're still studying also offers additional benefits. How they operate and present results can give you valuable insight into how things work outside academia and in the real world.

    Often the way you learn subjects doesn't quite match how businesses that can sometimes value productivity and efficiency more than precision do things in the real world. This article will look at a few key software programs based on popular study

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  4. HP Spectre x360 Review

    HP Spectre x360 Review

    The HP Spectre x360 line of convertible laptops offer exceptional performance, reliability, stability, and durability within a thin, light, and portable frame. They’re also sleekly designed as well as reasonably priced, so they're ideal for the consumer and professional alike. If you’re looking to boost your creativity and functionality with a laptop offering unparalleled performance and true craftsmanship, then the HP Spectre x360 is the one for you. To learn more about the features and available models, read on for our HP Spectre x360 review.

    First, we'll look at some of the features that round out the series, and then we'll visit some of the actual models.

    HP Spectre x360 laptops: Stand-out features


    The HP Spectre x360 laptop is built for repeated, durable use with a strong, adjustable 360-degree hinge that protects the display and keyboard across four modes that include:

    • Laptop – traditional working/playing/creating/gaming mode with an angled display and flat keyboard
    • Tablet – display is folded against the back of the keyboard to give you the freedom of movement and to use with (or without) a stylus like the HP Tilt Pen
    • Stand – keyboard is folded back under the display so that you can more easily collaborate, stream, watch, or binge: hands-free
    • Tent – flip and rotate the screen to hide the keyboard, emphasizing the display for touchscreen use


    The HP Spectre x360 laptop is available in two sizes, 13.3-inch and 15.6-inch displays, to accommodate the ability to work the way that you want or need:

    • HP Spectre x360 13.3-inch: Incredibly lightweight,
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  5. 5 Best Thin Laptops from HP

    Best Thin Laptops from HP

    Beyond their improved power and speed, newer iterations of laptops also tend to be much smaller than their older counterparts. In many cases, you can even find models that are less than an inch thick.

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  6. 10 Best Laptops for Data Science and Data Analysis

    Best Laptops for Data Science and Data Analysis

    You’re only as good a data scientist as your computer lets you be. If your machine struggles to crunch numbers, other data analysts will outpace you, nabbing the most precious insights first. Your clients could suffer, and so could your career. Picking the best laptop for data science is a crucial choice for your future.

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  7. Best Laptops for Construction and Civil Engineers

    Best Laptops for Construction and Civil Engineering
    Is there a construction or civil engineering professional on your gift shopping list? If so, you may already know all about the perks of this career field. But do you know how important the right laptop is to their work? 
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  8. 7 Best Laptops for Photoshop from HP

    Laptops for Photoshop from HP
    Finding the best laptop for Photoshop is vital for photographers, graphic designers, and web developers because of their distinct computing needs. Whether you’re shooting architecture in Romania or working on a multi-million dollar communications website in LA, you know Photoshop demands one thing from a laptop - power.
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  9. 5 Best HP Laptops for Graphic Design

    5 Best HP Laptops for Graphic Design

    To create images that have the impact you want as a graphic designer, you need a laptop with high computing power that can handle multiple functions. And when you’re searching for the best laptops for graphic design, you have every right to be picky.

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