HP Indigo Flexible Packaging
 Go from file to pouch in days, not weeks

Fast track your financial success

Digital flexible packaging is a big deal that’s still in its infancy. Get a jump on your competitors and claim a nice big share of the explosive growth that’s just around the bend.

Elevation through Innovation

HP Indigo offers the most sustainable and efficient way to produce on-demand flexible packaging. High quality, non-stop, value jobs that emerging brands want, and big brands need.

Right direction. Right partner.

HP Indigo is laying the foundation for the industry’s fastest growing segment— on-demand flexible packaging. Aided by 250+ industry leading vendors, we are designing solutions that seamlessly fit HP Indigo presses.

Tap into endless opportunities in a growing market

HP Indigo creates products that allow visionaries to get ahead and stay ahead.

How to produce eco-friendly flexible packaging

Reducing the impact of printing on the environment is good for business and good for the environment.

Lifecycle Analysis Report

Compostability certifications

HP’s 2018 Sustainability Report

We are all part of something bigger, we can’t win this alone.

Partnered with the leading vendors:

Grow in the on-demand, sustainable flexible packaging market

HP Indigo digital printing solutions for Flexible Packaging production.

HP Indigo 25K Digital Press


This digital mid-web press is designed to perfectly address the on-demand flexible packaging market, with optimised production efficiency and minimal environmental impact.


HP Indigo 6k Digital Press

This narrow-web digital press enables the widest range of applications with an abundance of special inks.

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Bring your business into the circular economy today and prepare to excel in the new way that print will be done.


In a world where customers demand highly crafted solutions, only HP Indigo technology gives you the agility to meet any need for any type of print job.


HP Indigo Secure places you at the forefront of brand protection.