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Sustainable impact at HP Indigo

Bring your business into the circular economy today and prepare to excel in the new way that print will be done.

Sustainability Highlights

Working with brands to achieve industry sustainability goals

HP Indigo End-to-End solutions provide comprehensive support to brands with their goal of being "global sustainability champion".

Low environmental impact printing with maximum productivity

HP Indigo user can receive holistic sustainability advantages when printing with HP Indigo digital press.

Designed to fit into circular economy with innovation

The world is moving to "make, use, and return" infinite loop model of a circular economy with technology innovation that HP Indigo leads for more than a decade.

Circular Economy

Carbon neutrality

FAQ Indigo Sustainability

This brochure answers all the frequently asked questions on HP Indigo’s sustainability credentials.


Leading a new era of sustainable print

Innovation can only be considered progress if we are taking care to protect our natural resources and the foundations of our earth.


Sustainability Impact Overview

We at HP Indigo are sharing our unique sustainability overview in the business of digital print.


Recycling compliance and environmental credentials

HP Indigo develops presses and inks that enable printers and converters to comply with regulations that meet industry standards and environmental credentials.

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In a world where customers demand highly crafted solutions, only HP Indigo technology gives you the agility to meet any need for any type of print job.

Flexible packaging

HP Indigo offers the most sustainable and efficient way to produce on-demand flexible packaging. High quality, non-stop, value jobs that emerging brands want, and big brands need.