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What is the HP OMEN Command Center?

What is the HP OMEN Command Center?

Reading time: 2 minutes
The HP OMEN Command Center is software that helps to monitor and improve your gaming computer's system and boost network performance.
In addition to monitoring the graphics processing unit (GPU), the central processing unit (CPU), and random access memory (RAM), the HP OMEN Command Center also includes tools to help overclock your gaming PC and supercharge your gamplay, particularly when engaged in furious battle royales orcompetitive online multiplayer games.
Watch our in-depth video walkthrough of the HP OMEN Command Center to get useful tips on how to optimize your gaming rig and elevate your in-game experience.

Open OMEN Command Center

On your OMEN computer, or computer with an OMEN accessory connected, select Start, type “OMEN Command Center,” and then select if from the results.
If you are opening the software for the first time, accept any terms and settings to continue.

System Vitals Dashboard

The software opens on the System Vitals dashboard. This dashboard dynamically displays the key metrics of your OMEN PC, including utilization and temperature of your GPU, CPU, and memory.
The lower pane of the dashboard shows your current upload and download speeds.
The navigation menu displays the customizable features for your computer. The menu varies for each configuration.


Overclocking allows you to adjust your processor core ratio and voltage to run your processor at a higher speed than originally clocked, providing you with faster computer performance.

Network Booster

Network Booster allows you to prioritize gaming network traffic to the front of the line.
Select Auto to enable Network Booster or select Custom to manually set which applications are given network priority.
Activating Dual Force enables simultaneous Ethernet and WiFi connections.
Active games and applications are assigned to the Ethernet connection while all other applications are assigned to wireless.

Game Stream

Game Stream is a free remote gaming service that lets you stream from your OMEN PC to other Windows 10 PCs and Android devices.
Since the OMEN does all the processing, you can remotely play power hungry games on lower performance computers.

Additional features

Additional features to OMEN Command Center include controlling the lighting on your computer or accessory, programming macro keys for faster gameplay, and adjusting fan speeds and overall performance control.
Configuration options galore can be found within the HP OMEN Command Center, a powerful software suite that HP® created specifically to give gamers an edge.
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