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HP OMEN X Gaming PC Unboxing

HP OMEN X Gaming PC Unboxing

Reading time: 6 minutes

Check out our video on unboxing and setting up the the powerful HP OMEN X gaming tower

The HP OMEN X pushes gaming towers to the max. It is designed to be a highly upgradeable and customizable gaming rig, allowing pro gamers to avoid compromising on their coveted gaming experience and performance.
With a spacious, cubic interior protected by a galvanized steel case, which enables easy access to internal components like graphics cards or the liquid cooling unit, you can be sure your gaming PC will offer easy upkeep long into your gaming career.
Watch our unboxing video below to get an inside look at the best features and functional design of the HP OMEN X gaming desktop.

Video transcription:

Steph: Hi and welcome to HP How To For You, HP’s customer support vlog. I’m Steph and this is Bill, and we are here to bring you tips, tricks, and how-to information to help you get the most out of your HP products.
Bill: So Steph, you know how much I love gaming, right?
Steph: Yes, because you send me screenshots of all your gaming accomplishments all the time.
Bill: Well, that’s what makes today so special. We get to unbox the HP OMEN X gaming PC.
Steph: Which, by the way, comes in two versions. You have the version for gamers like you, which is just the chassis, so you get to add on whatever components you might want to.
Bill: And the chassis for gamers like you that comes prebuilt.
Steph: I’m not a gamer.
Bill: Oh hang with me long enough, you will be.
Steph: We’ll see about that.
Bill: Let’s get started.
There’s your first look at the OMEN. The unveiling. Beautiful, oh my goodness. Kind of want to sit here and take it all in. That is gorgeous.
In order to take the side panel off, you do need a Phillips head because we do have a lock and you can see it just unlocked. So, that gives us the ability to push this button and you’ll notice that it just slightly popped this up. And that is how you take off the side panel.
What we have is we have the processor and liquid cooling. We have the reservoir up here. I’m just going and doing a little tug test on everything.
Steph: And would you suggest to everyone when they get this to do that?
Bill: It’s not something that you have to do.
Steph: Uh huh.
Bill: But if it doesn’t boot that’s the easiest thing. First test to do is make sure that everything is seated correctly.
Steph: Okay.
Bill: You notice there’s two hinges here, and they just go into those little slots. And then it just closes. That just sounds nice.
Steph: It does.
Bill: Alright, so just to put it back the way it was, I will put the screw back in. Alright, so the next piece is on the side here. These are the access panels for the hard drive. It’s really cool because all you gotta do is just lift up and then you have hard drive trays.
To unlock it, we’re just gonna push it in and it’s really easy to unlock. And then you have this beautiful cloth piece to just pull up. Really, really simple. When you pull up there’s your hard drive right there.
Steph: Oh. It comes with four?
Bill: It has four slots. You have your SSD, the trays are designed so that you can put SSDs in them. For most systems, you’re not gonna want to configure it right out of the box with an empty tray, or with the full hard drives. You can get your own hard drives in here.
Then what you have on the front, you have your power, you have a microphone, and a headphone jack. Then you have your SS ports, these are superspeed USB.Then we do have USB-C ports here and then we have your card reader.
Let’s go to the back of it and we’ll talk a little bit about the ports that we have on the back.
So we have optical. You have an HDMI. This one, we keep this filler in there. I’m gonna take it out just to show you that it is in fact just a filler, right?
So, we don’t put the “do not remove” on that, because we figure you’d know don’t remove that, because once you add a video card your motherboard video is no longer active.
Steph: Hm.
Bill: We have more superspeed or USB-3 ports on that back, all six of them, and we have a network port, and we also have a subwoofer port. And down at the bottom, there’s your power supply and there’s your plug for the power supply.
Let’s talk about the accessories that come with it real quick.
Your solid-state drive screws, so we ship some of those for you. And these are for your hard drive. And then the power cord. And this tool is used to get to the power supply cover. So that’s the outside, what do you say we boot this puppy up?
Steph: Alright, let’s do it.
Bill: Alright. We have everything set up, so now we’re gonna boot, but I need to show one other thing. In all my excitement in unboxing this gorgeous beast, I forgot to mention that we have an optical drive on here.
A CD-ROM/DVD drive, it’s in a really great location. So, on the side where you have all the hard drives, you’ll notice there is the optical drive with the eject button right there. And that will eject your optical drive.
So, I’m gonna kind of step out of frame here while I power on because you gotta see this when it powers on. Check it out.
Steph: Oh, that’s awesome.
Bill: [laughing] And then the Voodoo logo on the screen. Alright guys, that’s the unboxing. I’m gonna take this back to the lab, load some games up on it, see what it can do.
Steph: And while you’re doing that, I’m gonna stick around the studio and edit this vlog episode together. But before you take this...you’re petting it aren’t you?
Bill: Yes.
Steph: [Laughing] Before you take this to go do some gaming, can someone who doesn’t game use this for, say video editing, or any other number of things?
Bill: Absolutely, the capabilities, the power, this guy can handle pretty much anything you can throw at it right now, so, yes it would work.
Steph: Awesome!
Bill: Yup. And that’s a wrap.
Steph: You can find other vlog episodes on our YouTube channel, HPComputingSupport, or come chat with us on HP support forum at:
Bill: HP.com/supportforum.
Steph: You can find us and other people who love talking about HP products there.
Bill: See you guys!
Steph: Bye!
Bill: Nailed it.
Steph: Nailed it.
Bill: Yup. That was awesome.
Steph: Awesome. That was good.
Bill: That was, I like that one.
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So now you know what is inside an HP OMEN X gaming tower...but the real question is, what are you going to add, upgrade, swap in (and out)? With so much component space, there are unlimited options and ways to configure the gaming PC of your dreams.
And check out our latest gaming PC deals for incredible savings and discover the many benefits of gaming with an HP OMEN.
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