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How to Reduce Network Lag for Gaming on HP OMEN Computers

How to Reduce Network Lag for Gaming on HP OMEN Computers

Reading time: 2 minutes
Check out this video on how to improve HP OMEN gaming performance by reducing network lag.
Lag can be a real detractor and literal drag when it comes to online gaming and can keep you from performing at your best.
Some of the most popular games today such as Overwatch, PUBG or Fortnite Battle Royale require sufficient network bandwidth to stream live with uninterrupted gameplay. Even a few milliseconds of delay could be the difference between winning or losing, particularly when competing with elite Fortnite players or during eSports league tournaments.
Watch our video tutorial to maximize your network connection using the HP OMEN Command Center, configuration software found in all HP OMEN computers.
When it comes to the minimum requirements for superior online gaming and streaming battle royale games, target having at least 3 megabits per second (Mbps) download speed, 1 Mbps upload speed, and a max ping rate of 125.
Video transcription:
Increase gaming performance by boosting your network connection using OMEN Command Center on your HP OMEN gaming computer.

1. Open Network Booster

On Windows on your HP OMEN computer, click the “Start” button.
Type “OMEN Command Center” and select it from the results.
In the left navigation bar of OMEN Command Center, click “Network Booster.”
Network Booster balances your network bandwidth so priority is given to active video games and applications.
Network Booster has three modes: “OFF,” “AUTO,” and “CUSTOM.”

2. About “OFF” mode

With Network Booster off, network bandwidth traffic and prioritization defaults to Windows settings.
View detailed network traffic for all running applications in the “Total Network Bandwidth Usage” section.

3. About “AUTO” mode

Select “AUTO” to assign a higher network priority for active games and applications and a lower priority for all other applications.

4. About “CUSTOM” mode

Select “CUSTOM” to set the priority of each running application and block applications you do not want prioritized.
Click “Activate Dual Force” to enable simultaneous Ethernet and WiFi connections.
Active games and applications are assigned to Ethernet and all other programs are assigned to WiFi.
Click the “Settings” tab.
To manually assign a specific priority level to either an Ethernet or WiFi connection, click “Disable Dual Force” and then move the slider next to each priority.
With all Network Booster settings adjusted, exit OMEN Command Center and resume gaming.
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