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  1. Dual Monitor Setup for Work

    dual monitor setup for work

    Whether you edit Hollywood films or trade stocks on Wall Street, a single computer screen in your office can often seem a bit limiting. Your desk should be a helm for productivity, and outdated tech will only slow down your efficiency when you have a million and one tasks to keep track of. If you haven’t yet taken advantage of a dual monitor setup at work, it’s time to step into a bright new world.

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  2. How to Daisy-Chain Monitors

    How to Daisy-Chain Monitors
    If you’re going for a multi-monitor setup, you should consider daisy-chaining your displays. Let’s review what daisy-chaining is, and how you can do it.
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  3. How Do I Use My Laptop as a Monitor?

    How Do I Use My Laptop as a Monitor?
    If you’re ready to do more with the equipment you already have and save money over buying a dedicated second monitor, this strategy is for you. Here’s how to get the best results when completing the setup of a laptop monitor as a second screen for your home or office.
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