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  1. How to Increase Laptop Speed: 7 Ways

    7 Ways to Improve Your Computer Performance
    It’s inevitable that all computers will experience slower speeds at some point. As software becomes more demanding, the way in which your PC reacts to these changes can have a big impact on its performance. The operating system you have and whether you have chosen to upgrade to Windows 10 can also make a big difference.
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  2. How to Clear Storage Space: 7 Methods

    How to Clear Storage Space?
    When you have too much clutter stored on your desktop or laptop PC, you can experience some serious performance issues. If you’re experiencing lag, freezing programs, or difficulty finding important documents, it may be time for a thorough cleaning of your computer’s hard drive.
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  3. How to Unlock a Hard Drive

    How to Unlock a Hard Drive
    If you’ve experienced a blue screen with a message from Windows that your hard drive is locked, it can be a bit unnerving. Will your data be OK? Is there an easy fix?
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  4. SAS vs SATA: What's the Difference?

    SAS vs SATA: What's the Difference?
    SAS and SATA are two technologies that computers use to transfer data from the motherboard to storage, and vice versa. Both technologies do roughly the same thing, but each is built with different hardware.
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