Top Business Accessories for Improving Your Workflow

Staying on top of endless emails, calls and meetings is no easy feat. HP offers a range of top business accessories to enhance your workflow and improve your overall work experience. From ergonomic keyboards and mice to docking stations for seamless connectivity, these accessories are tailored to meet the needs of modern professionals. 

This article will explore HP's top computer accessories, highlighting their features and benefits, and how they can help you optimise your work environment. Rather than exerting mental energy on distractions like disorganised cables or eye strain from improper monitor alignment, purposeful accessories allow you to devote full attention to delivering your best work. Join us and discover some of HP's best tools for optimising your daily workflow.

Ergonomic keyboards and mice

If you spend hours creating spreadsheets, presentations or editing videos, an ergonomic keyboard and mouse can be game-changers for your workflow and well-being. HP offers several options to provide comfort and productivity during long work days. Let’s take a moment to explore the best keyboards and mice from HP.

HP CS10 Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo

The HP CS10 wireless keyboard mouse combo offers professionals a versatile accessory for seamless productivity. As a wireless set, it provides the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere within a 30-foot range of the USB receiver. It features an ergonomic keyboard and mouse design to minimise strain during long workdays.

The keyboard layout is full-sized, including a numeric pad for data entry tasks. Its ergonomic shape fits comfortably in the hands and prevents wrist strain. Keycaps are sculpted to promote proper hand posture. The mouse has an ambidextrous design that contours to either hand. Its optical sensor provides precise cursor control at adjustable sensitivities up to 1600 DPI. 

Convenience is another strong suit. As a plug-and-play battery-powered set, setup is hassle-free - simply plug the USB receiver into your laptop, and you're ready to go. Overall, the HP CS10 strikes an ideal balance between ergonomics, convenience and productivity - making it a wise choice for professionals seeking to minimise strain during long workdays.

HP 150 Wireless Optical USB Mouse

The HP 150 wireless optical USB mouse offers professionals a highly ergonomic and productive accessory for their workstations. With its elegant design and comfortable shape, this mouse allows users to work for extended hours without strain. The ambidextrous form factor makes it even more versatile.

Precision and accuracy are delivered through the 1600 DPI optical sensor, which tracks smoothly on any surface. Going wireless with the 2.4 GHz USB dongle frees users from cord clutter and allows them to move between devices seamlessly. Its dual-function scroll wheel provides intuitive control with three buttons in one. 

What's more, the mouse integrates seamlessly into modern workspaces. Its slim wireless design does not take up much desk space. Pairing is simple via the USB receiver. Users can easily switch between laptops and desktops or take the mouse on the go for portable productivity. 

The soft-touch surface moulds to different grip styles and hand sizes, so you can work for extended hours without fatigue setting in. The HP 150 is an excellent ergonomic accessory that minimises strain with unparalleled precision, versatility and seamless integration into workflows.

Docking stations for connectivity

If your desk frequently resembles a complex maze of strewn cables and chargers, a docking station can be a game-changer for your workflow. These essential business accessories also play a key role in creating efficient workstations by turning laptops into fully-fledged workhorses. They let users seamlessly connect peripherals, expand their viewport across multiple displays and access high-speed wired networking - all without cluttering their workspace. 

HP offers a range of docking stations that neatly consolidate connections to peripherals and devices for a clean and efficient workstation setup.

HP USB-C Dock G5

The HP USB-C Dock G5 is a versatile docking station that allows professionals to integrate their laptops into modern workspaces. With its compact 5 x 5-in footprint, the dock clears away all clutter on your desk while providing essential ports. A single USB-C cable connects your laptop to the dock, avoiding cable spaghetti. This one-cable solution gives you access to multiple displays, wired networking, expanded storage and other USB peripherals.

The dock supports up to three 4K displays, allowing you to maximise screen real estate. Its ports include HDMI, DisplayPort, USB-A, audio jack and an Ethernet port. This wide selection of connectivity options means you have everything you need at your fingertips to be productive. Whether you need to give presentations, manage spreadsheets or code, the dock gives you the desktop-like experience you need. 

The compact yet powerful HP USB-C Dock G5 is an excellent choice for professionals looking to optimise their setup without sacrificing portability. Its versatile connectivity and small footprint make it ideal for integrating laptops neatly and efficiently into modern work environments.

Dual monitors for multitasking

When it comes to productivity, multitasking is key. Juggling multiple projects and workflows is a regular reality for business professionals. Dual monitors allow you to take on these demands with enhanced efficiency.

Rather than constantly tabbing between windows, a dual monitor setup provides expanded screen real estate to view more information simultaneously. For example, you can keep your inbox on one screen while composing meeting notes on another. Or perhaps you need to reference data from two Excel sheets side-by-side while drafting a presentation.

HP P24 G5 60.5 cm (23.8) FHD Monitor

The HP P24 G5 monitor is a great option for professionals looking to enhance their workspace. This 23.8-inch monitor offers Full HD resolution, an IPS panel for accurate colour reproduction from any viewing angle, and a 75 Hz refresh rate for smooth screen transitions.

Some key productivity features include an adjustable tilt stand for ergonomic positioning and cable management slots built into the stand to help keep a tidy desk. The 3-sided micro-edge bezel is also extremely slim, allowing users to view extended desktops across multiple monitors.

On-screen display controls make it easy to customise settings like brightness directly from the monitor. The HP Display Center software further enhances manageability by allowing remote configuration and updates. 

Headsets for clear communication

Communication is at the heart of business. However, spotty connections and noisy environments can quickly derail productivity. That's where a high-quality headset comes in handy. HP offers several headset options to maximise call clarity regardless of your surroundings. 

HyperX Cloud Alpha S Gaming Headset

The HyperX Cloud Alpha S gaming headset offers several great features for gamers and business professionals. With HyperX's virtual 7.1 surround sound technology, you can immerse yourself in the audio environment during video conferences or when you’re editing videos. The included audio control mixer lets you easily toggle surround sound on and off without opening menus. Bass adjustment sliders on the ear cups allow for customisation of sound based on your preferences.

The memory foam ear cushions provide plush cushioning for long gaming sessions. They've been upgraded with extra breathable leatherette, too. HyperX is known for its comfortable headsets, so you can be sure your ears will stay happy. 

The dual-chamber driver system reduces distortion to deliver clear highs and lows. Compatibility with PC, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4 means it works across multiple platforms. Cloud Alpha S is built to last, thanks to the durable aluminium frame. The detachable components, like the mic and cable, make it even more convenient. 

HP smart printers for efficient document handling

From printing contracts to scanning receipts, managing documents is integral to any workflow. HP’s line of smart printers aims to streamline the process with user-friendly features that improve efficiency. These are among the most important PC accessories for business.

HP Smart Tank 790 WiFi All-in-One Printer Duplexer with ADF and Magic Touch Panel

The HP Smart Tank 790 is an all-in-one printer designed for home use that offers versatile printing, copying, scanning and faxing capabilities. It uses an innovative ink refill system where large ink bottles simply plug into the printer, eliminating messy cartridges. This allows for high-volume printing of up to 12,000 black or 8,000 colour pages included with the device. Printing is fast at up to 23 ppm (pages per minute) for black and 22 ppm for colour.

Features like automatic two-sided printing and a 35-page automatic document feeder enhance productivity. Wireless connectivity options include dual-band WiFi and Ethernet for printing from anywhere in the home. Users can also print remotely using the helpful HP Smart app, which allows scanning and copying in addition to printing from a smartphone. An intuitive 3-inch touchscreen makes tasks easy to navigate and view.

Security and privacy are protected with basic encryption and passwords. Environmental credentials are strong, with over 25% recycled plastic used in construction and the ability to print on FSC-certified sustainable paper. 

Setup and ongoing device management are simple through the app and smart tank ink level indicators. All these features offer a premium printing experience that streamlines document handling for home and small office use while saving users money through high-yield ink supplies.

Webcams with advanced features

Video calls and conferencing have become staples of regular business communication. However, built-in webcams often lack the features for professional-quality results. HP's advanced webcams allow you to look and sound your best on critical video calls.

HP 960 4K Streaming Webcam

The HP 960 webcam delivers high-quality video conferencing through advanced features like 4K resolution, auto-focus and noise-cancelling microphones. With 4K UHD capture at 30 fps, you can stream in stunning detail whether working from home or the office.

An auto-focus lens keeps you looking sharp by automatically adjusting focus, so you don't have to worry about going in and out of focus during calls or presentations. Dual noise-cancelling microphones ensure your voice is loud and clear, even in noisy environments. 

Usability and privacy features make the HP 960 easy to use. The magnetic privacy covers allow you to easily cover the lens for privacy when not in use. Digital zoom up to 4x lets you show close-up details when needed. 

Compatibility with popular apps like Zoom, Teams and Webex means it works seamlessly with your daily conferencing tools. The 360-degree swivel and 90-degree tilt stand provide flexibility to find the perfect camera angle. Additional specs include HDR support for natural colours and lighting, 8MP resolution and compatibility with Windows and Mac systems. 

Business-grade laptop bags and cases

For today's mobile workforce, protecting your tech is a top priority. HP offers a range of thoughtfully designed laptop bags and cases to keep your devices secure, organised and ready for action.

HP Travel 18-litre 39.6 cm (15.6) Iron Grey Laptop Backpack

The HP Travel 18-litre laptop backpack is a versatile and well-designed bag for professionals on the move. This bag delivers an expandable 21-litre capacity and a multitude of pockets both inside and out for separating items. Whether you need room for a change of clothes, documents, accessories or a 15.6-inch laptop, the HP backpack has you covered.

Professionals will especially like how lightweight and comfortable it is despite its generous storage. The padded shoulder straps and breathable back panel make it a breeze to wear for long periods. Accessing your laptop or other frequently used items is simple, thanks to exterior zippered pockets. The main compartments also have lockable zippers to keep valuables out of sight. With its sleek iron grey design, this bag would be suitable for any work environment.

It's reassuring to know this bag was made with sustainability in mind. The external material contains 100% recycled plastic from bottles that would otherwise end up in landfills. Overall, the HP backpack effectively balances capacity, organisation and portability. 


The right business accessories make all the difference in optimising efficiency and productivity. HP offers a range of devices designed specifically to streamline work and enhance comfort. From ergonomic keyboards that reduce strain to noise-cancelling headsets that ensure clear communication, these computer accessories target key areas for improvement.

Docking stations transform any workspace into a functional hub in seconds. Dual monitors give you the screen real estate to multitask seamlessly. Webcams with the latest features allow you to look and sound professional on video calls. Durable laptop cases keep your tech safe wherever the job takes you.

When you invest in accessories for business, you set yourself up for success. The hours you save each day compound to make a significant impact. Preventing issues like eye fatigue and poor posture also aids long-term well-being. Kick your workflow into high gear with HP's smart accessories. Thoughtful tools and technology can elevate how you work and feel.