What Is HP Display Center And How To Download It

HP Display Center is an awesome piece of software to have if you are an HP user. The app is available for download for both Windows and Mac devices via the Microsoft Store and Apple Store respectively. However, using an HP monitor also initializes an automatic download of the software.

So what is HP Display Center and how can you use it to maximize its potential? Let’s take a deeper look!

HP Display Center: what is it and what can you do with it? 

HP Display Center is a software program that allows the user to customize settings for a more personalized HP monitor display.

The software gives you the ability to change display settings as well as everything else related to your monitor. This enables you to adjust the monitor to cater to your specific needs, making it easier to increase your own productivity. 

Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do with HP Display Center: 

  • You can access the display settings and instantly modify them to your needs

  • You can create presets for the colour of your monitor display

  • You can easily calibrate your monitor display 

To utilize these features, the first step is clearly to install the software.

The installation process could not be any easier since Windows downloads the software automatically the moment you connect your monitor. However, if you are using a Mac, you will need to download HP Display Center from the Apple Store manually. 

A quick guide on how to use the HP Display Center

Once you complete the installation process, you can immediately launch the software and access all of the settings. You will also be able to take a glimpse of all the display options on the right-hand panel.

Here are some of the changes you can make with HP Display Center: 

  1. The Display menu allows you to adjust your screen’s sharpness, contrast, brightness, and black stretch

  2. The Color menu allows you to calibrate display colour using one of the colour presets or via the custom RGB settings

  3. The Input menu enables you to configure screen resolution as well as change input source and speaker settings

  4. You can configure the desktop partition settings and pivot using the View menu

  5. The Advanced settings allow you to access theft deterrence, OSC controls, batch controls, power saving mode, and any firmware updates 

Color management system 

HP monitors support a wide range of colour space options, including both industry standard and non-industry standard colours. The manufacturer already performs pre-calibration on the colour spaces, but using the HP Display Center software you can also make alterations and recalibrations to them. 

Furthermore, the display has the capacity to save seven different colour settings. The calibration process also includes control of the display’s colour gamut.

Users should note that the colour settings for the Low Blue Light cannot be adjusted or recalibrated.

HP Display Manager

The HP Display Manager is another feature available through the HP Display Center. 

The dashboard area includes some very interesting charts and data about the monitors you are currently connecting to the HP Display Manager. Thus, you can access information about their display status, manufacturer info, backlight age, and year of manufacture.

Here are some of the things you can view in the HP Display Manager: 

  • The number of monitors that are presently linked to the HP Display Manager via the Display Status window.

  • The names of the companies that manufactured the monitors that are currently connected.

  • The age of the backlight on all of the linked displays. Monitors with a backlight that is more than a few years old may see a decrease in clarity as well as brightness.

  • The time period in which the monitors were created, along with the total number of monitors that fall into each date range.

To switch between a bar graph and a pie chart on the dashboard, click the three dots on the top right corner of the screen, before then clicking ‘Switch’.

HP Display Assistant 

HP Display Center also enables you to access the HP Display Assistant.

So, how do you use it?

As we all know, the performance of a monitor is affected by a variety of factors. These include graphics cards, host systems, lighting conditions, as well as other environmental influences. Thus, adjusting a monitor to fit your specific environment is necessary if you want to see the best possible display quality.

Using manual settings to make adjustments may be difficult for some people and take a lot of time. In the majority of instances, making changes to the brightness or contrast of the image requires navigating the on-screen display, which may not always be easy to understand.

In addition to this, there is not any feedback to assist you in making the necessary adjustments.

This is where the HP Display Assistant comes in.

It is a program that enables you to make display adjustments in a fast and precise manner. This software also stores the configurations that work best for you and the environment in which you work.

By utilizing the Display Data Channel, the HP Display Assistant enables quick display adjustments and colour calibrations. The software is in charge of making all of the modifications to the display and will thus remove the need for using manual controls.

Steps to download HP Display Center for Mac 

If you use macOS, you will need to manually download HP Display Center.

  1. Click the link below to access the download page

  2. Click on the download button to download the software

  3. Wait for the installation to finish

  4. You should be able to use the HP Display Center Mac version right away once the initialization process is complete

 You can access the download page using this link here

Steps to download HP Display Center for Windows 

Your Windows device should start downloading the HP Display Center Windows version automatically once you connect the computer to an HP monitor. However, if it does not start automatically, you will need to follow the following steps to manually download it:

  1. Start by clicking Start and opening the Microsoft Store. If you do not see it in the menu, you can simply look for it by typing Microsoft Store in the search bar. You can also navigate to the Microsoft Store using your browser.

  2. Once you find the Microsoft Store, look for the HP Display Center app and download it. 

  3. Wait for a few moments as it downloads and initializes.

  4. You will be able to use it right after the installation process.

HP monitors supported by HP Display Center 

Here is a list of HP monitors that you can connect to the HP Display Center:

Commercial Monitors

Consumer Monitors

  • HP M32f FHD Monitor

  • HP U28 4K HDR Monitor

  • HP M24fwa FHD Monitor

  • HP U32 4K HDR Monitor

  • HP M27 Webcam Monitor

  • HP M27f FHD Monitor

  • HP M24fw FHD Monitor

  • HP V24v G5 FHD Monitor

  • HP M24fd FHD USB-C Monitor

  • HP V22v G5 FHD Monitor

  • HP M22f FHD Monitor

  • HP M24 Webcam Monitor

  • HP M27fq QHD Monitor

  • HP M24f FHD Monitor

  • HP V24i G5 FHD Monitor

  • HP M27fe FHD Monitor

  • HP M27fd FHD Monitor

  • HP M24fe FHD Monitor

  • HP M34d WQHD Curved Monitor

  • HP V22ve G5 FHD Monitor

  • HP M27fw FHD Monitor

  • HP M27fwa FHD Monitor

  • HP V27i G5 FHD Monitor

Final word 

The HP Display Center allows you to customize the display of your HP monitors in order to suit your needs. Moreover, the software makes adjustments and calibrations so much easier for beginners.

HP users can save time and increase productivity without needing to learn about color presets beforehand. It is a great one-stop solution for everyone who wants to personalize and get the most out of their monitor display!



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