The Best HP Laptop Tablets with Stylus Pen
If you’re looking for a convenient mobile option to carry around as a student, teacher, or on-the-go creative, one great option is an HP laptop tablet with a stylus pen. It offers users the best of both worlds regarding flexibility and intuitive creativity.

Take notes effortlessly, sketch out ideas to show clients, or use the device in traditional laptop mode to type up a document or send emails. With a touch-enabled, convertible laptop and stylus, you can take advantage of a device with incredible capability. Not convinced that a stylus can change up your computing abilities? Let's explore some of the ways that a stylus can make using a laptop more convenient.

What is a stylus?

Before we dive into laptops with stylus pens, there are a few things to note about these specialized pens. A stylus is shaped like a traditional writing implement and fits naturally in your hand just like a real pen or pencil. Some models are even built as a two-in-one stylus and traditional pen combo.

Stylus pens feature a round rubber end piece that moves easily across a touch-enabled device. On some pen models, you can switch out the rubber end piece for a larger point for wider lines or a finer point for more precise lines to get the finished look you want in a drawing app.

Why use a stylus?

Compared to relying on your fingers, a stylus provides users with a way to navigate through the web and on their display without smudges which can make it difficult to see the screen. Plus, after you’ve used a stylus, there’s no need to break out the screen-cleaning kit when you're done with your project. Plus, there are plenty of other specific benefits you might enjoy when you use a stylus.

What are the benefits of using a stylus over finger tapping?

A stylus provides a clean, minimalist solution to keep all of your important notes in one virtual place using a method that feels just as natural as putting pen to paper. Below, we've laid out some of the best HP laptops and tablets with stylus pens so you can streamline your workflow or enhance your day-to-day tasks. But first, let's take a quick look at why you might benefit from using a stylus.


Compared to relying on your fingers, a stylus provides users with a way to navigate through the web and on their display without smudges which can make it difficult to see the screen. When you use a stylus, there’s no need to break out the screen-cleaning kit when you’re done with your project


You can use a stylus when you’re drawing in sketch apps, taking notes, swiping for navigational purposes, copying and pasting, and making various selections on online forms. Essentially, you can do anything you’d be able to do with your fingers – except using a fingerprint reader. There’s not a stylus-enabled way around that quite yet.


It won’t scratch your screen, making it a gentler choice for delicate or fragile touch screen displays. The end piece of a stylus pen is made out of a soft rubber created specifically for use on computer displays.

When you’re using your fingers to swipe, your nails or jewelry can be a danger to the glass of your tablet. And once a screen is scratched, it’s an expensive fix. A stylus pen may help you avoid this situation altogether.


A stylus comes to a much finer point than your fingers, so you’ll enjoy finer control over your lines. In some cases, such as when you’re scrolling down a web page, this may not make a difference. But it shows its value most distinctly when you need precision in sketching and drawing apps or when taking notes.

A stylus also may help you when you are using a smaller display and need to accurately navigate web pages or applications by clicking and swiping.


When winter sets in and you don your gloves, using touch screens becomes a test of how fast you can put them back on after sending an important text. Some people get around this by using special touch screen-enabled gloves.

But even if your gloves allow you to use a touch screen, it might be an imperfect process that causes frustration with imprecise swiping. When you use a stylus, you can use your display as normal. This may be especially important for those working in the field using a tablet or convertible laptop.


And lastly, adding a stylus to your technological toolbelt might be a good option for those who rely on sticky notes or pen and paper for quick notes. Not only does constantly using pen and paper waste resources, but it’s also easy to lose track of papers. It can be an overwhelming hassle to organize your important notes.


For the discerning laptop-user who wants the flexibility of a tablet, meet the HP Spectre x360. This low-profile, sleek 2-in-1 laptop with a stylus pen is designed to deliver the highest quality of graphics and speed that you can rely on repeatedly.

This unique laptop empowers you to work any way you'd like, whether that means getting down to business in traditional laptop mode, taking notes in tablet mode, or delivering your elevator pitch to clients on the fly in presentation mode.

The specs of this laptop boast a suite of impressive features. You’ll enjoy the capable Windows 10 Home 64 operating system characterized by intuitive navigation making it easy to make the most of your computing.

An 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor packs a powerful punch to easily breeze through your multi-tasking requirements whether that means you need to send emails, edit video, or collaborate over a video conference. You’ll never have to worry about your system crashing under the duress of CPU-heavy applications again thanks to this robust processor.

With Radeon™ RX Vega M Graphics and 4GB of HBM dedicated graphics, you can expect to be met with incredible visuals while you stream video or create your works of art. 8GB of memory and 256GB of SSD storage provides you with capable short-term memory and long-term storage for those files you need close at hand.

If you don’t like waiting around for your battery to charge, you can have peace of mind with the HP Fast Charge feature. Your most productive days will always stay uninterrupted so you can continue your creative streak for as long as inspiration strikes.

As for durability, rest assured, the HP Spectre x360 is replete with components designed to withstand the bumps and accidents that occur in daily life. The scratch-resistant Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4 ensures that your screen will remain pristine while the micro-edge display means there are no limits to your creativity.


Ready for a device that removes your need for a tablet and a laptop? Enter the HP ENVY x2 - a convertible laptop with a stylus pen. This sleek device is ready to help you face anything; from video editing to surfing the web.

A dual-core Intel Core i5 processor provides you with tons of capability to take on whatever the day throws your way. This high-performing processor ensures that you can multi-task without dealing with the frustrations of system lag and slow-downs.

Weighing just 3.47 pounds and boasting a 0.31-inch width, this ultra-thin device easily slips into a briefcase or purse. Aluminum housing keeps your device’s internals safe from accidental bumps while the Corning Gorilla Glass offers a durable display surface that will stand up to daily use with panache.

Don’t have a WiFi connection? Don’t panic. Enjoy the connectivity offered by the built-in 4G LTE which provides you with a way to connect to the web safely and securely.

Collaborate easily with the HP Wide Vision 5-megapixel front-facing camera, HP infrared camera with a dual integrated dual array digital microphone, and HP 13-megapixel rear-facing camera.

And finally, if you want to make sure you’re making a green impact with your consumer choices, you can rest assured that this device is ENERGY STAR® certified and EPEAT® Silver registered.


If you’ve been searching for a simpler solution to your computer needs, the HP Chromebook could be your answer. As one of HP®’s most powerful HP Chromebook models, it’s ready to help you accomplish whatever your day has in store. The optional HP Wacom pen is the perfect complement to this sleek device.

Don’t worry about searching for an outlet at your favorite coffee shop, this HP Chromebook model has plenty of battery life to help you power through your day without interruption or distraction. Liberate yourself from outlets once and for all.

Its 360-degree design means you can work any way you need to, whether that’s in tablet mode, presentation mode, or traditional laptop mode.

Powered by the latest Intel processors, this HP Chromebook model is a perfect accompaniment for the mobile user who needs power and convenience in one device. Instead of robust local storage, HP Chromebooks are built around virtual storage in the form of a virtual hard drive on the cloud. Any time you have access to the internet, you have everything you need.

When you’re offline, you can use tons of Google Play apps offline, providing users with a more traditional desktop experience. An HP Chromebook acts as an enhanced Chrome browser, making computing a simplified experience for users who need to stream, take notes, and create documents and don’t need extra bells and whistles.

In addition, you can lower your carbon footprint with this device which boasts the following features:

  • ENERGY STAR certification
  • EPEAT Silver registered
  • Mercury-free display backlights
  • Arsenic-free display glass


The HP Pavilion x360 laptop provides users an economical convertible laptop with a stylus option that can elevate your workday without breaking the bank. Create, connect, and collaborate easily and efficiently.

Plus, this model is completely customizable so you can choose whether you need 8GB of DDR4-2400 SDRAM or get up to 16GB DDR4-2400 SDRAM. In addition, you can opt for 1TB of 5400 rpm SATA for your storage or go up to 512 GB PCIe® NVMe™ M.2 SSD.

If you’re worried about security, you can choose which Absolute Home & Office theft protection option is right for you; one-year, two-year, and four-year options.

Hate feeling cramped as you work? You’ll enjoy the freedom of the full-size island-style backlit keyboard in an attractive ash silver. Plus, with the HP Wide Vision FHD camera and dual array digital microphone, you can connect with friends, family, and colleagues with total ease.

Wrap-up: convertible laptops with stylus pens

There are plenty of HP laptop tablets with a stylus that can make your life a little easier and more convenient. Simply choose the model that fits your lifestyle and budget. Then, there’s only one thing left to do: Get to work. If you regularly bend over backwards for your clients, isn't it time you expected the same of your device? It’s time to upgrade your work life with a 2-in-1 laptop with a stylus pen.

Michelle Wilson is a contributing writer for HP® Tech Takes. Michelle is a content creation specialist writing for a variety of industries, including tech trends and media news.