How to Resize Images Online

A crisp, correctly sized image for your online persona or posting on social media is a must these days. With hundreds of megapixels on smartphone cameras today, photos now have larger dimensions than what you need. But there are easy ways to get the right sizes in seconds.

This article will discuss some of the best ways to resize an image online for free using web tools. You can use these image resizer tools via a web browser on PC or mobile devices, and the experience will be more or less the same. 

Best Free Online Image Resize Tools

1. Simple Image Resizer 

Simple Image Resizer doesn’t have any frills or extra features to take up your time. Go to the website and start uploading one image at a time. The tool also has an Android app that you can use to resize images online. 

Click on the dialog box Select image from computer or the Select Image button. Define the new dimensions for your photo in the next step by using absolute dimensions or the slider scale for a reduction in percentage terms. Press the Resize button, and the dimensions will reduce and make the image available for download. 

2. IloveImg

This image resize tool lets you drag and drop photos for uploading, even allowing multiple photos in one go to resize together. The IloveImg image resizer tool can also take photos directly from Google Drive and Dropbox. Along with images, you can resize GIFs from here too.

After uploading the image, resize options appear on the right. Like other tools, an image can be resized in pixels and by percentage. Dimensions in pixels have width and length and the option to maintain aspect ratio. On the other hand, percentage reduces dimensions in three sizes: 25%, 50%, and 75%. 

Click on the Resize Images button, and the image will be available for download. Images can also be saved to Dropbox and Google Drive. A shareable link and a QR code for the resized photo are also available.

3. IMGOnline

With IMGonline, resize images online on mobile without installing any application. The website works without a hiccup on all platforms. The resize tool accepts BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF image formats. 

Manually browse the computer and upload your photo. Set the new dimensions in the next step along with the aspect ratio. You can skip the additional settings in the third step. 

Select the image format of the resized image as PNG or JPEG. The latter has an image quality setting that determines the file size. You can also leave the format as the original photo without any changes. There is an option to leave behind the EXIF data. Click on the OK button at the bottom to resize the image. 

4. ResizePixel

ResizePixel lets you resize images online for free within a few seconds with its simple-to-use user interface. Drag and drop to upload photos on the computer or use the manual upload button. 

On the left-hand side of the screen, users can input the new image's dimensions in pixels or percentages by sliding the button above the dialog boxes. 

Click the Resize button to complete the process in seconds. Look at the bottom of the column to see the changes in terms of dimensions and file size. Download the image through the Go to Download button located at the screen's bottom-left. 

5. PicResize

PicResize has easy options for uploading the image. You can start with a standard upload from a device. However, an easier way is through a URL which comes in handy for resizing an image you found online. The image resizer tool also accepts multiple photos through batch mode. 

Once the image is uploaded, scroll down to the Resize Your Picture section and select Custom Size from the drop-down menu. Input dimensions, of width and breadth,  then select an image format in the Save As section. The JPG format has a quality option and the max file size you want for the photo. Click on the I’m Done, Resize My Picture button. 

6. IMresizer

Drag and drop to upload an image in the tool. You can upload up to 15MB in file size. IMresizer also has a sample image to try out the tool before uploading your own image.

Click on the Change button in the Width x Height column and a resize popup appears on the screen. Set the dimension for the image in pixels, centimeters, or millimeters, and then click on Apply to save changes. 

Head to the top of the screen and click on the Download button. The process will take a couple of moments, and the photo will automatically be downloaded.

7. Image Resizer

Like PicResizer, you can upload photos with Image Resizer through drag-drop and a direct image URL. Once the image is uploaded, head to the Resize Image and fill in your dimensions in width and height. The image dimension units are pixels, centimeters, millimeters, and inches. 

Set the image format - either JPEG or PNG - in the Save Options section. If you need an image under a certain file size, you can put the target file size in the KB dialog box.

Click on the Resize Image Now button, and the resized image will appear in a couple of seconds. The original size, new size, and dimensions appear in the results.

8. IMG2Go

IMG2Go allows users to upload images directly from Dropbox and Google Drive. You can also use a direct photo URL or manually upload one from a device. 

Next, select the format from a dozen options, ranging from JPEG to webP. Users can set the image's dimensions in pixels before clicking the Start button to resize the photo. A copy will be downloaded to your device, and users have an option to upload it directly to the cloud.

9. PhotoUtils

PhotoUtils is a straightforward tool to resize an image online. Drag and drop any of the supported image formats in the tool, and it will be uploaded instantly.

In the resize section, fill in the width and height in pixels and select one of the 7 formats. If you are resizing the photo for social media, you can use templates for different sites and it will be applied. Click on the Resize button, and your image will be downloaded to the device. 

10. Easy-Resize

Easy-Resize may be the fastest way to resize images for free. Upload any image using drag-drop or the manual option and select the maximum file size. Then, select the image's width, while the length is set according to the aspect ratio. This tool lets you upload multiple photos and resize them in one go.

Download each resized image using the download button below each of the files. All the photos available for download are in JPEG format, irrespective of their original properties. There may be a slight depreciation in quality when PNG files are converted to JPEG.

11. Online Image Resizer

Online Image Resizer allows users to upload photos easily in seconds. Remember that drag and drop does not work there.

The second step is to resize the images. The percentage box can be used to calibrate the photo when exact dimensions are not required. Another way is through the pixel dimensions boxes, ideal for resizing to the predetermined size.

The third step is selecting the image format: JPEG, PNG, or SVG. You can skip that to keep the format the same as the original. Click on the Resize button, and your image will resize in a moment. Download the image through the Download Image button.

12. ResizeImage

ResizeImage is an advanced sibling of the Online Image Resizer covered earlier. Upload the image using the button on the screen. The tool supports images up to 100MB in size.

To resize your photo, enter the dimensions in pixels or use the percentage box. Optional features include removing background, rotating pictures, and cropping images. 

Select the image format in the next step between JPG, PNG, GIF, and BMP. Before downloading the image, you can also select the image optimization quality, which determines the photo size. 

Ideal Image sizes for social media sites

When posting photos on social media, they must appear as intended. Anything out of the acceptable social media format, and you have a post that is an eyesore. Here are the latest acceptable image sizes for the leading social media platforms:


Profile Photo - 320x320

Landscape - 1080x566

Portrait - 1080x1350

Stories - 1080x1920


Profile Photo - 170x170

Landscape - 1200x630

Portrait - 630x1200

Stories - 1080x1920


Profile Photo - 400x400

Landscape - 1024x512

Cover - 1500x1500


Profile Photo - 400x400

Landscape - 1200x627

Portrait - 627x1200


 Profile Photo - 20x20


Profile Photo - 165x165

Profile Cover Photo - 800x450

Square Pins - 1000x1500


Resizing an image online is easy and free. These free tools work on any major platform to change the size of any photos in little time.