Why Choose an HP Smart Tank Printer

Queuing at the print shop was once commonplace to get documents or photos printed. Then came the basic printers that did the job but were often inefficient and expensive.

Gone are the days of printing in a printshop churning out subpar prints. Now we have state-of-the-art HP Smart Tank printers. They’re affordable, efficient and cost-effective, offering high-quality prints costing less than a shop. Users get up to 16,000 pages of black and white and colour pages with the included ink bottles.

In this article, we take a closer look at HP’s new revolution for the printing industry.

What is an HP Smart Tank Printer?

The HP Smart Tank printers offer thermal inkjet printing solutions for commercial or personal use. Instead of buying replaceable ink cartridges all the time, these printers house ink tanks that are filled with colour bottles. Use the existing software, commands and tools across the printers without a steep learning curve.

They offer higher quality printing for lower running costs. The HP ink bottles are cheaper than third-party laser toner cartridges, yielding up to 3x more prints in a standard setting. Some printers include copying and scanning, depending upon the model. The premium models offer wireless connectivity and an intuitive touch display.

Benefits of an HP Smart Tank Printer

HP Smart Tank printers offer a variety of features and abilities. Here are some key reasons for considering the range of printers.

1. Economical

Businesses thrive on economic efficiencies. A penny saved is a penny available for business expansion. The initial cost of printers is always dearer than the regular ink cartridge-based printers, but with the low cost of ink, HP Smart Tank Printers make money back in no time. Print up to 16,000 pages using the ink bottles included with the printer.

The refill bottles, which print up to 8,000 pages, bring down the printing cost to 10 paise per page for black and white and 50 paise for colour printing.

2. Quality printing

HP Smart Tank Printers offer high-quality printing across the board with a 1200 DPI resolution and 704 print head nozzles back the entire process. These printers save more than laser printers by having control over the prints through HP software. Avoid wasting paper and ink by looking at the output preview and how the print will appear on paper. Preview the prints and make necessary changes before printing them.

The borderless printing feature comes in handy for photos which can go directly into albums.

3. High colour accuracy

With superior thermal-based inkjet printing, users get higher colour accuracy on paper compared to its predecessors. They offer high resolution with better colour saturation. The images printed with thermal technology last longer compared to a standard inkjet. HP Smart Tank Printers produce durable glossy prints that don’t get rubbed off over time.

4. User-friendly 

Have to scan double-sided pages and print copies? No problem. HP Smart Tank printer can do it all independently without needing assistance turning pages. Instruct wirelessly to scan, copy or even print through the easy-to-use mobile Smart app, tablet, or even a laptop without requiring a router acting as a connection hub. Send print commands from anywhere in the world.

The display on the printer provides ample information to configure settings and stay updated on the printing status. Additionally, the printer offers a self-healing Wi-Fi feature that resolves connectivity issues.

5. Environmentally conscious

HP is working comprehensively on reducing its carbon footprint and prioritising eco-friendly measures to provide sustainable technology solutions. The printer's body is made up of 25% of recycled plastics. The refill ink bottles offer a better alternative to single-use cartridges.

Offering 3x more prints per refill, the Smart tank printers offer printing efficiency, requiring less ink.

6. Secure devices

HP® is at the forefront of providing layered securities and defence against the most advanced threats. Add team members to the print network and provide specific usage rights of the printer. Use the smartphone app to send jobs to the printer quietly. Sitting on a PC and doing the whole routine to print isn’t necessary.

7. Heavy duty

The Smart Tank printers are engineered for commercial use to offer reliability for bulk jobs. They offer consistency and reliability during the busiest of days. Running out of ink? The smart sensor will remind you to refill so that the work is not hindered. Users can print up to 23 pages per minute for black and white and 22 for multi-colour.

How to refill an HP Smart Tank Printer

HP® keeps ink consistent across replaceable cartridges and tank-based printers. Replacing or refilling cartridges can be a smudgy business, but smart tank printers are different. Replenish the tanks with the original HP ink bottles. It is as easy as pouring syrup from the bottle into a jar.

Fill the ink tank using the refill bottle

A low-ink prompt will appear on the printer’s screen, thanks to the ink sensor, to tell you it's time to restock the ink tanks. 

Open the original refill bottle of the required colour and pour it upside down into the tank. Don’t shake, squeeze or jiggle the bottle. Let it pour into the tank at its own pace. Remove the bottle once the tank is full. Put a cap on the bottle if there is still some ink left inside.

Unlike the regular ink, which dries up, the smart tank ink lasts up to 2 years. Users can print at their own pace without hurry to use the ink before the impending expiry date.

Best HP Smart Tank Printers

HP® offers a good range of Smart Tank printers powered by efficiency, affordability and reliability. Let’s look at the best deals:

1. HP Smart Tank 516 Wireless All-in-One

HP Smart Tank 516 Wireless All-in-One PrinterHP Smart Tank 516 Wireless All-in-One Printer

First up, we have the HP Smart Tank 516, an entry-level of the series. It is perfect for homes with A4-based printing needs. It’s equipped with wireless and Bluetooth (Low Energy) connectivity and is ideal for remote printing. It also offers USB-based connections using it through a PC. Print at a speed of 11 ppm (pages per minute) for black and white and up to 5 ppm for colour prints.

The printer has a primary 2-inch icon display - print up to 18,000 black and white or 8,000 colour pages with the included ink bottle pack. The printer sets the user up for two years with the included inventory.

2. HP Smart Tank 530 Printer

HP Smart Tank 530 PrinterHP Smart Tank 530 Printer

Moving up the ladder with high-capacity ink, the HP Smart Tank 530 is well-equipped for working at home and small offices. The display gets an upgrade as it goes with a 2.2-inch mono touchscreen. It can be used to configure settings and set up printing jobs apart from the viewing printer's ink levels. Users can connect a USB drive directly and print through the display panel.

The page size support stays the same with A4, B5; A6, a DL envelope; and legal. Scan pages and print without requiring manual turning with the ADF (Automatic Document Feeder). It can hold 35 pages at a time.

3. HP Smart Tank 720 Wi-Fi Duplexer All-in-One Printer

HP Smart Tank 720 Wi Fi Duplexer All-in-One PrinterHP Smart Tank 720 Wi Fi Duplexer All-in-One Printer

The 700 series means business with HP Smart Tank 720, with the automatic duplexer, which prints automatically on both sides. Users can sit back and relax while double-side printing happens on its own. Manual turning is not required. It gives printing speeds of 23 and 22 ppm for black and white and colour, respectively.

Use the smart-guide backlit buttons, which flow in the dark. Self-healing dual-band Wi-Fi troubleshoots the network problems and helps the remote printing continue without interruptions. The printer can deliver up to 5,000 pages monthly.

4. HP Smart Tank 750 Wi-Fi Duplexer All-in-One Printer

HP Smart Tank 750 Wi Fi Duplexer PrinterHP Smart Tank 750 Wi Fi Duplexer Printer

Offering a smaller upgrade over 720, the HP Smart Tank 750 delivers additional connectivity through LAN. It comes in handy when multiple computers are connected to a single printer in a small to medium-sized office. The paper input tray capacity stays the same across the board at 250 sheets.

It's on the heavier side, at 7.70 KG, with the standard inks and printheads installed. A variety of envelope and card media formats are supported on this printer. The warranty on this printer signifies the credibility of its durability, offering one year or 50,000 pages, whichever is earlier.

5. HP Smart Tank 790 Wi-Fi Duplexer with Magic Touch and ADF

HP Smart Tank 790 Wi Fi Duplexer PrinterHP Smart Tank 790 Wi Fi Duplexer Printer

HP® pulls out all the stops with the Smart Tank 790; the 35-page ADF offers hands-free copying, scanning and printing without requiring manual assistance. Go all out with a reliable printing solution that provides 6,000 pages in a monthly cycle. Added team members can print up to 1,200 pages. Fax is also available, along with standard scan, copy and print.

Store over 90 numbers and contacts with an included redial feature. The fax has a memory of 100 pages with the support for telephone mode. Forward and delayed sending are also offered on this printer.


Smart Tank printers are the present and the future. They’re cost-effective, deliver better print quality, and are sustainable. Combined with the smart app for remote printing, these printers are hard to skip out on.

Readily fill the ink tanks while saving on the printing cost with the economical refill bottles. Both the 500 and 700 series offer similar features apart from their monthly printing capacity. The duplex and ADF come in handy in offices and places where consumers require printing in bulk.