HP JetAdvantage Security Manager

Formerly Imaging and Printing Security Center

Secure your fleet with the solution Buyers Laboratory (BLI) calls trailblazing.1
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You know how important it is to protect sensitive business data. You also know how challenging it is to close all the security gaps in your IT infrastructure, including in your printing and imaging environment. HP JetAdvantage Security Manager can do the hard work of securing your print fleet so you don't have to. The most comprehensive printing security solution on the market, HP Security Manager helps you easily establish a fleet-wide security policy, ensure compliance, and protect your workflow—all while safeguarding the information that keeps your company running.

Streamline security with a single policy

The HP Security Manager interface helps you streamline security by establishing a single policy and quickly applying it across your entire HP printing and imaging fleet. You can also create a policy based on recognized enterprise standards using the HP Security Manager Base Policy template, which is easily tailored to meet individual security policy requirements.

Step 1: Review policy. Step 2: Add devices. Step 3: Assess devices. Step 4: Remediate devices. Step 4: Review results.

Easily connect devices to your policy

It's easy to add HP devices to HP Security Manager by utilizing auto-discovery. Limit your search to network hops or a set IP address range. You can also import .txt or .xml files or by using the HP Instant-on Security feature. Unique to HP Security Manager, HP Instant-on Security automatically adds devices when they join the network and immediately configures devices to be compliant with your specific corporate security policy—saving time and minimizing risk.

Maximize your investments with proactive compliance

HP Security Manager ensures your devices are complying with security policies by providing ongoing assessments and automated remediation. You decide how often to schedule assessments: daily, weekly, or monthly—it’s up to you. The solution identifies and reports noncompliant features during each assessment. It then automatically applies the correct policy to these features before assessing them again to make sure everything is correct.

Protect your workflow with fleet management of unique certificates

Certificates are vital to protecting the flow of information to and from your devices. But manually installing unique certificates can be an error-prone, laborious, and time-consuming task—up to 15 minutes per device. HP Security Manager efficiently and automatically installs and integrates both ID and CA certificates across your fleet of HP devices in one fell swoop, speeding up the process and reducing administrative overhead. The solution also automatically detects and renews certificates before they expire to save additional time and effort.

To learn more about making HP JetAdvantage Security Manager an integral part of your company’s overall IT security strategy, or to obtain a free trial, contact your HP representative or an HP Document Solutions Specialist.

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  2. Available on select product models and firmware versions. See product documentation or see http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c03601723 (PDF 372KB) for details.