Dual Tray Laser Printer

HP LaserJet Pro 4001ne Printer with HP+

Works only with HP toner, requires HP account and internet connectionPrint onlyBlazing fast speeds for professional quality black & white printsIncludes advanced HP+ smart office features and Wolf Pro security

HP LaserJet Pro 4001dne Printer with HP+

Works only with HP toner, requires HP account and internet connectionPrint and auto 2-sided printingBlazing fast speeds for professional quality black & white printsIncludes advanced HP+ smart office features and Wolf Pro security

HP LaserJet Pro 4001dwe Wireless Printer with HP+

Works only with HP toner, requires HP account and internet connectionPrint, wireless and auto 2-sided printingBlazing fast speeds for professional quality black & white printsIncludes advanced HP+ smart office features and Wolf Pro security

HP LaserJet Pro 3001dwe Wireless Printer with HP+

Works only with HP toner, requires HP account and internet connectionPrint, wireless and auto 2-sided printingFast speeds for professional quality black & white printsHP Wolf Pro security settings

HP LaserJet M110w Wireless Black & White Printer with available 2 months Instant Ink

World's smallest laser in its classPrint black and white forms and documents with fast speedsEligible for money-saving HP Instant InkDynamic security enabled printer

Recent Dual Tray Laser Printer Reviews

HP LaserJet Pro 4001ne Printer with HP+

This printer was very reliable in terms of modern day printers, I have had a previous printer that was very unreliable that I had given up on wireless and printers in general. This printer gave me piece of mind for any important document, I was given this printer as a free sample for review.

HP LaserJet Pro 4001dwe Wireless Printer with HP+

For a wireless, laser jet, double sided printer it does a great job. I used the HP Smart program to set it up wirelessly and I couldn't believe how easy it was. I have always had issues with the wireless printers in the past. Not this time. For under $450 this was a steal! Printing is crisp and clear. I hope to use this for years to come!

HP LaserJet Pro 3001dwe Wireless Printer with HP+

Replacing another larger brand printer known for their lasers that starts with the second letter of the United States Alphabet after it kept disconnecting from WiFi. I've had this HP Laserjet Pro about 1 week now, and works seamlessly, without a hitch, and exactly as intended.

HP LaserJet M110w Wireless Black & White Printer with available 2 months Instant Ink

I received this item free for exchange of agreeing to write a review. I am loving how easy it is to use and copy and print from any device in my home. Clear pages and ink seem to last longer. Simpler functions and I like the overall useability of the printer.

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More about these products
Shopping for the right LaserJet printer for you? Browse the HP Store for the best Dual Tray Laser Printer for your needs.
When it comes to laser printers, one brand rises above all else. HP® is practically synonymous with laser printing. For more than 30 years, we’ve paved the way with legendary, reliable laser printers, and we raise the bar every year with new advancements and intuitive features. Our HP LaserJet printers are the gold standard of the industry.

HP’s printing legacy

We have a diverse fleet of high-quality and long-lasting dual tray printer models. You’ll find color laser printers, multifunction laser printers, and printers compact enough for the home office.
Whether you need a laser printer for your business or for your home, know that our HP LaserJet series is the best of the best when it comes to print quality, speed, and durability. They exceed the lofty expectations that our customers expect from HP®.

Fast, fluid, and dynamic

HP® is a leading choice for dual tray laser printers because we make it easy for you to have total control over what you print, how you print, and where you print.

Get started now

We make setup a breeze with easy, out-of-the-box instructions for each of our printers. You'll load the paper and begin printing within minutes. We even take the guesswork out of connecting to the secure WiFi and installing the toner.
You'll soon see that we’ve optimized our printers for maximum versatility. Do you need to print beautiful color photos? Marketing materials? Massive reports? Our HP color laser printers can print gorgeous images on a variety of different print media and paper size options, and they’re built to handle high-volume print jobs with ease.
You'll tackle envelopes and legal paper with the same efficiency as your standard 8.5 x 11 sheets. Plus, you can take advantage of twice the printing power with dual tray printers that keep print supplies sorted and in their place.

Manage printing jobs from anywhere

Printing should never interrupt your workflow. That’s why we built HP LaserJets with simple print management features that enable you to quickly configure your print settings. You can even check your supply levels, manage jobs, troubleshoot issues, and run basic maintenance straight from your computer.

Touch screen printers for extra convenience

Not at your desk? Some of our laser printers come with innovative touch screens right on the printer itself. They boast up to 4.3 inches of color display, so you can perform many of the tasks you would do from your software, including scan to email and check toner levels.

Faster than ever

You'll also get a quicker first-page-out time since each HP LaserJet printer wakes up quickly from sleep mode. Feel free to grab pages before the print job is finished! Additional features include spacious loading trays with room for more sheets of paper, so you can reload less often.

Smart, safe printing on the go

Each dual tray laser printer is wireless-enabled, so you’ll never have to plug in your computer or device to print. In fact, you can print even if you’re halfway around the world since the ePrint app easily connects your workspace and printer through the free HP ePrint account.
Send documents through email to arrive at your office, even if you're not there. Some of the printers also included Bluetooth capability, allowing you to skip the office network for secure, efficient printing straight from your mobile device.
The security features on each HP LaserJet dual tray laser printer are among the best. Perks include secure boot, Secure Firmware and Runtime Code integrity, password-protected AWS, and secure browsing. Data encryption and automatic firmware updates make it easier to keep your print jobs safe from prying eyes, especially when used with the optional HP JetAdvantage Security Manager.
Even those without much security experience will benefit from the automated printer protections that come standard on our laser printer models. You don't have to worry about strangers getting on your network and compromising your sensitive data through WiFi.

The best laser printer for business

Our HP LaserJet printers are the best printers for business, period. You can count on our fast and efficient laser printers to handle extremely large workloads on a variety of paper types.
With faster duplex printing, you’ll never have to worry about your employees standing in long lines at the printer. Our laser printing technology can produce documents at lightning speeds. Many HP LaserJet models can print more than 50 pages per minute, and we’ve integrated large input trays so you won’t waste time having to constantly insert more paper.
You won’t spend as much money to fill toner, either, because our HP toner cartridges can yield up to 1,000 pages each.

High-yield printing starts here

If your business does a large amount of printing, you’ll do best with our HP LaserJet Enterprise printers. These printers are built for maximum productivity and high-speed performance, and they’re capable of printing at speeds up to 75 pages per minute. Most of our printers work with a variety of print media, too, so you can print brochures, letters, labels, custom stickers, and glossy color images.

Achieve more in less time

When you select a dual tray laser printer with duplex printing, you can send even the most complex print projects with the click of a button and ensure clear, vibrant prints that help you put your best foot forward.
In addition to printing, some HP LaserJet machines offer scan and copy capabilities, too, which are a must for any thriving business. We have a variety of multifunction laser printers equipped with these extra features. Some models even have faxing capabilities. And, with HP Web Jetadmin, you can wirelessly configure your network so that all your employees can print straight from their desks.
You won't have to worry about team members grabbing the wrong job from these dual tray printers, either. Optional PIN-based security features ensure that jobs are held until the right person is there to grab them, saving money on wasted pages and reducing frustration.

Home-sized laser printers

There’s a common misconception that laser printers are always much larger than ink printers or that a laser printer for the home isn't robust enough to handle big jobs. At HP®, we’ve worked hard to push the boundaries of laser printing technology, and we’ve succeeded in building great laser printers compact enough to fit in your home office and affordable enough to fit your budget.
They are quiet, too, so you can go about your personal life without the noise and disruption of that large document you're printing.

Work-from-home friendly printers

We’ve made it possible to enjoy laser-fast printing speeds from the comfort of your own home. Our smaller-sized laser printers are great for professionals who work remotely. Some models come with the ability to get files from USB, which is helpful when the wireless network is weak or out of range. HP has the smallest in-class printers for work-at-home employees or the next big tech company that starts from the garage.

A printer for your educational needs

Learners will love how simple our laser printers are to use and maintain. College students often have to print hundreds of pages of notes and papers, and that’s where a smaller laser machine can come in handy. Even our smallest laser printers are fast and durable enough to handle the college workload, and homeschoolers and remote teachers will love them, too.

High-capacity printing with HP toner

Rather than using ink, laser printers utilize a material called toner. HP toner is easy to install. All you need to do is pull out the old toner cartridge and insert the new one. Our cartridges typically yield 1,000 document pages per cartridge, and they’re capable of drafting smooth lines you commonly see in brochures, designs, and logos.
If the laser printer you pick is compatible with HP Instant Ink, you'll find it even easier to order toner. Just make sure you connect your printer to your HP account, then wait for the toner to automatically arrive at your door before you ever run out. Not only does it help you manage your levels, but it's also an effective way to save money. Just budget one low amount each month for toner and never be surprised by high bills or the toner you need running out of stock at your store.

Sustainability matters

HP’s mission is to create environmentally-friendly technology. We designed our laser printers to have a small ecological footprint, and we incorporated energy conservation features like Auto-off and Auto-on technology. Furthermore, you can recycle your used toner cartridges with HP Planet Partners, free of charge. Our Planet Partners goal is to recycle 1.2 million tons of hardware by 2025.
You can also do your part to save paper by enabling 2-sided printing, turning on draft mode, and using the preview features to ensure your print tasks are just as you want them. While HP printer products are already made with recycled materials, these extra steps are just a few things our customers do to make the most of every resource.

An even more accessible printer

While the print app is made for even those without much print experience to easily master, HP® created additional tools to keep everyone on the same page and make everyone in your workspace feel welcome. The optional HP Accessibility Kit, which works with some models, includes a Braille overly and tactile stickers, BigKeys LX Keyboard, and an HP Access Handle, which are all compatible with the HP Accessibility Assistant.

Ongoing support for all customer needs

When you shop for an HP laser printer, you become part of a lasting partnership. Each machine comes with a warranty and access to our customer care teams, as well as an easy way to save with our HP Instant Ink programs. Some of our machines even come with free delivery to help you enjoy the benefits of genuine HP products while saving some money.
When you shop, it can be hard to determine just what HP LaserJet printer you'll need, but we're here to help with the details. Just reach out before you make a purchase. You can also compare each model based on everything from print volume, speed, color or black-and-white capabilities, and size. (Some of the laser printer models are designed for commercial use only, as well.)

Ready for the next thing in a dual tray laser printer?

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