HP 3D Software Solutions

Designed to drive the next era of industrial additive manufacturing.


Gain control across your fleet  

Reach new levels of operational efficiency, part quality, and personalization. Monitor and optimize your fleet with HP 3D software solutions.

Production flexibility and agility  

Manufacturing predictability

Productivity and efficiency


HP Universal Build Manager

Improve throughput, traceability, and optimization in both point and end-to-end workflows, using a single software platform that simplifies and automates build preparation across all your additive process technologies.4  


HP 3D Center

A cost-effective, easy-to-use, cloud-based dashboard that delivers current and historical data for greater production control, productivity, and efficiency. Choose from basic and paid versions.1           


  • Improve workflows and boost productivity through KPI monitoring and real-time data insights      
  • Keep historical records of every printed job for complete tracking    
  • Gain visibility into your devices to reduce machine downtime and increase productivity


HP 3D API (Application Programming Interface)

Optimize job efficiency and improve process development with a robust, automated API. A consolidated dashboard integrates data across industrial management systems,2 streamlining job submission and data access.           


  • Remote job submission and real-time status monitoring    
  • Wide variety of telemetry, functionality, and data modules3    
  • Opportunity for partners and third-party ISVs to unlock new markets by enhancing the value of their products to enable end-to-end solutions


HP SmartStream 3D Build Manager

Quickly and easily prepare your jobs for printing with all the elements you need. Designed exclusively for customers of HP Jet Fusion 5200, 500/300 Series and 4200 3D Printing Solutions.


Software partners

Integration with industry leading solutions  


1. Available only for HP Jet Fusion 5200/4200 Series 3D Printing Solutions.


2. Supported industrial management systems: 3D Control Systems, AMFG, LINK3D, Siemens NX AM, Siemens Opcenter. Access to additional data modules available only for the HP Jet Fusion 5200 Series 3D Printing Solution. Additional purchases required. 


3. Access to additional data modules available only for the HP Jet Fusion 5200 Series 3D Printing Solution. Additional purchases required.


4. Supported additive processes: HP Multi Jet Fusion (polymers), binder jetting (polymers, metals, ceramics), powder bed fusion DMLS/SLS/SHS (metals), EBM (metals), SLS (polymers)], FDM (polymers), SLA/DLP (polymers), LOM (composites, ceramics, glass), CBAM (composites, glass, ceramics).