Z by HP Family Products with Data Science Solution Software

The Z by HP Data Science Software pre-load is a collection of open-source software tools, all integrated into a seamless, pre-installed package.

The stack includes software sets like TensorFlow and PyTorch, developer tools like GIT and Visual Studio Code, plus GPU support tools like CUDA and more in a cloud-interoperable kit that’s ready right out of the box.

These tools are workspace-ready, integrated, and calibrated in a single package so they work well together with no endless tweaking of config. The pre-load allows data scientists to do what they do best: crunch data and draw business-boosting insights from a sea of facts and figures.

Benefits of the Z by HP Data Science Software pre-load

There’s a reason why data scientists are excited about the Z by HP Data Science Software solution. From no-install functionality to a candy store of your favourite tools, let’s look at all there is to love about this pre-load.

1. Get a plug-and-play data science solution

Software configuration is a beast that we all know takes hours, but how many hours is anybody’s guess. This pre-load saves a ton of time vs hunting, configuring, and installing a forest of moving parts and getting it all to work together.

2. Analyse data and build new models to impact the business

Man in office using an HP Z4 G4 Desktop Workstation

With the powerful software tools, developer tools, and interoperability of the HP Data Science pre-load, you’ll never have to worry about not having the right application at your disposal. You’ll spend more time digging up deep, Earth-shaking insights that root you firmly in your company’s value stream.

3. Use powerful, pre-loaded deep-learning software tools

Pre-loaded open-source software tools in Z by HP Products

Access the most popular open-source, business-insight-pushing machine learning libraries, APIs, and deep-learning tools. Here’s a quick overview of the pre-loaded tools:

RAPIDS: The go-to, CUDA-leveraging, open-source library set for GPU-accelerated data analytics and data science

TensorFlow: This open-source machine learning platform is packed with libraries, community resources, and a flexible network of tools, with a focus on training deep neural networks

Keras: The popular Python-based deep-learning API for the TensorFlow platform. It lets you experiment quickly so you can go from idea to reality at the speed of thought

PyTorch: A mighty open-source machine learning framework and Python library that gets you from research and prototyping to deployment

Scikit-learn: Leverage the most-useful machine learning library in Python, with tools for regression, clustering, classification, and dimensionality

XGBoost: This algorithm dominates recent Kaggle and ML competitions for structured and tabular data, thanks to unparalleled speed and performance

cuML: Suite of ultra-fast, GPU-accelerated ML data science algorithms

cuDF: Standout GPU DataFrame library

4. Leverage top developer tools and containers

When it comes to version control, code editing, debugging web and cloud applications, and smart code inspection, open-source is king. Z by HP Data Science Software pre-load brings it into easy reach. With the pre-load, you’ll get:

Git: The wildly popular open-source version control system that makes it easy to work your way up the development ladder from concept to debugging

Visual Studio Code: A code editor designed specifically to let you build and debug modern cloud and web applications. It’s 100% free and open-source, and perfect for everyday use

PyCharm: Smart code completion and inspection, with on-the-fly error highlighting. Its automated code refactorings and quick-fix suggestions put rocket boosters on your development process

R Studio: A code editor and programming environment for R, a data science-ready programming language.

Docker: The best data science software platform for developing and running applications.

5. Enjoy deep cloud interoperability

Whether you work in AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, or all three, enjoy seamless cloud environment interaction, right out of the box.

6. Work in Ubuntu OS 2004 to maximize data science performance

Ask any data scientist to name the best OS for big data workflows, and they’ll say Linux, and more specifically, Ubuntu. The complete Linux OS comes pre-installed with the Z by HP Data Science Software solution. It’s faster (90% of the world’s speediest supercomputers use Linux), has more of the right software, and is lauded for its flexibility when scrubbing and deploying data.

7. Get the best GPU support tools

With more cores comes the ability to crunch more massive datasets, and GPUs have far more cores than CPUs. The HP Data Science preload will let you leverage these data-busting tools on day 1:

NVIDIA GFX Driver: NVIDIA GPUs are the gold standard for data science workflows, taking you from “I’ll go out and get a coffee while this model runs” to “Hey, it’s done already”

Virtual Container Toolkit: Use fewer system resources in a portable, more consistent and efficient way to maximize your time, with maximum security

NVIDIA CUDA: Tap into the NVIDIA CUDA data science solution, and use parallel computing to unlock the multi-core power of your GPU

8. Available for free on HP Z workstations

Don’t pay a dime extra to get all the data science goodies of the Z by HP Data Science Software solution. While all these tools are open source, installation typically takes time, and that means money. But there’s no added price tag for all that installation goodness on HP Z workstations.

9. Secure from day 1

Ditch the gruelling process of dodging security pitfalls to access and process data in the cloud. Save time and headaches with trusted, secure, on-site installs that don’t open your team up to prying outside eyes.

Where can I get the Z by HP Data Science Software pre-load?

HP’s stack of the best data science software in the open-source landscape comes pre-installed on these HP Z workstations, so you don’t have to lift a finger to take advantage of all the best big data tools.

HP ZBook Studio G7 mobile workstation

For phenomenal power on-the-go, the HP ZBook Studio G7 is the ultimate benchmark for modelling, clustering, or a little data mining wherever you’re going.

HP ZBook Firefly G7 mobile workstation

HP ZBook Firefly 14 G7 Mobile Workstation

Our smallest and lightest ZBook is equipped with 10th Generation Intel® Core™ processors and up to NVIDIA Quadro® graphics so you can smoothly open large files and run apps simultaneously.

Who uses the Z by HP Data Science Software pre-load?

The Z by HP Data Science Software stack is a big hit for industries with super-sized datasets that need to pull quick order from oceans of chaos.

  • Government and defence contractors
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Retail, manufacturing, and financial services data scientists
  • Advertising
  • Higher education
  • Product development
  • The entertainment industry
  • The petroleum industry

The HP Data Science Software stack opens new pathways to drive operational efficiency and clinical research, predict investment outcomes, forecast production and maintenance schedules, and detect process anomalies. Wherever you use the Z by HP Data Science Software Pre-Load, this is an exciting time to be a data scientist.


The Z by HP Data Science Software pre-load puts dozens of the best open-source software solutions in a ready-to-go package. It’s a future-forward way to pull deep insights from massive data sets today, without having to navigate a forest of config files and compatibility issues tomorrow. Put this exciting plug-and-play software stack to work for you right now on select HP Z workstations and laptops.