A phone transfering files to hp laptop via HP QuickDrop

HP QuickDrop is an app developed by HP that lets users share files between their smartphone and HP computer wirelessly without the need of any third-party app.

It doesn’t matter if you use an Apple or an Android smartphone, it’s free to download from the Apple store or Google Play store.

How HP QuickDrop changes things

Previously, you would rely on USB cord, Bluetooth or cloud services to transfer files from phone to computer. HP QuickDrop changes all that, and it makes transferring across devices and ecosystems fast, reliable, and easy.

Who can use HP QuickDrop?

A woman editing video with hp laptop

HP QuickDrop is made for anyone with a HP computer using the Windows 10 Home or Pro edition operating system and the HP QuickDrop PC app. Newer computers may already have this software pre-installed, but any HP user can download the app from the Microsoft app store.

You’ll also need one of these two smartphone options:

-Android phone or tablet with Android 7 or higher.

-iPhone or iPad with IOS 12.0 or higher.

How to set up HP QuickDrop

1. Once you install HP QuickDrop on your computer, open it and move through the prompts to download the mobile version of the app for your phone or tablet.

2. For easy download, a QR code will show up on your HP computer screen. Scan this code with your phone’s camera to find the app in your device brand’s specific app store.

3. Next, you’ll be prompted to pair the two devices. Use the QR app or camera on your mobile device to scan the QR code on your HP computer.

How to transfer files from computer to phone

Choose the file you want to transfer in one of three ways:

1. Click on the file from your desktop or folder and drag it into the HP QuickDrop app.

2. From within the QuickDrop app, click on the file attachment icon (paperclip) and browse for the file you want to attach.

3. From anywhere on your computer, right-click on the file you want to share, click “share,” and select the HP QuickDrop share options.

Once you select the files you want to transfer, they will appear in your HP QuickDrop app feed. Click the three dots in the corner of any item to get options for sharing, opening, or removing the file from the feed. You can also retry any failed transfers and cancel pending transfers from this feed.

All your items will remain in your feed for the duration of the session. When you close the app, the history will be deleted to help protect your data.

Sharing files vs text

HP QuickDrop app also allows you to select, copy, and send just the text you want to share between devices. This is the perfect choice for when you want to send snippets of an email, a text message thread, or a website link.

How to transfer text from computer to phone

If you just want to share text, use one of the three following ways:

1. From within the text document or screen, select the text you want to share, and right-click to share via the HP QuickDrop selection.

2. Copy and paste the text directly into the QuickDrop app feed.

3. Type the words you want to share into the QuickDrop feed window.

How to transfer files and text from phone to computer

Doing the reverse is very much the same.

1. Use the attachment icon to select a file, photo, or video you want to share to your computer.

2. You can also type directly or copy and paste to share any selected text from your device that you want to send to your HP computer through the app.

3. Check the status of your shares in the feed, and then cancel or retry as needed.

Additionally, you can share directly from your mobile device’s files or photos folders.

1. Select the files you want to transfer, then choose “share” and scroll to find HP QuickDrop in the options.

2. You can even take a photo or video right in the QuickDrop app by tapping the attachment icon and selecting the “camera” option.

Benefits of using HP QuickDrop

1. Allows you to quickly and easily transfer files between your HP PC and your mobile device, regardless of your operating system ecosystem.

2. Uses wireless connectivity, which is secure and has more range than when you send files via Bluetooth.

3. Only the computer and phone that have been specifically paired can send and receive files, so your documents, photos, and videos won’t get into the wrong hands.

4. For those looking to send files through WiFi, this app gives you a consistent solution for almost every file type, all from within a single app.

Why choose HP QuickDrop

Consumers have been sending files between devices for decades but think about how complicated some of the options have been. HP QuickDrop is one solution for all your updated devices, whether they run on Android or iOS.