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There’s nothing worse than pulling the trigger on that new laptop you’ve been eyeing, only to find that its price dropped by a few hundred dollars a month or so later.

Like most products, there are certain times during the year when new laptops are released and the older models are removed to make room on the shelves. Now, you may be thinking that retail “holidays” like Diwali or any particular festivals are the ideal time to buy a laptop, but we’ll tell you this straight out of the gate: you don’t have to wait in ridiculously long lines to get a good deal.

That being said, we know buying a laptop isn’t a throwaway decision, either. In most cases, you’ve done your research and there are a couple of models that you’ve set your sights on. So then, when is the best time of year to buy a laptop?

Are you waiting for the newest models?

While it varies to some extent, manufacturers tend to release new products in the spring, the middle of the year, and at the beginning of the holiday season.

Whether you’re looking for a deal or you just want to be the first among your friends to score the latest laptop on the market, waiting for the refreshed version of a product may make complete sense.

The benefit of opting for the latest model is that you’ll typically get a slimmer computer with the newest processor and the most recently released graphics card (GPU).

Processing power and GPU advancements are the primary reason to opt for a new model, which means gamers and graphic designers are likely looking for the best item out there.

If you’re not one of those power-users, then waiting for product drops means you can score a great laptop deal on last year’s model.

Best times to buy a laptop at a discount


Somewhere around the close of summer, laptop opportunities begin to present themselves. Here, you’ll get a traditional back-to-school sale on laptops alongside discounts on fall fashions and supplies like pens, pencils, and protractors. While the deals tend to hover around the dog days of August and September, you’ll see some sales start cropping up as early as July.


As manufacturers start gearing up for the holiday season, laptop prices begin to drop. Of course, Diwali season offers some excellent laptop prices, but it’s not always a one-day-only thing. And instead of ditching your family and friends in favor of deep discounts and long lines, you can check out sales online - from the comfort of your old laptop.

November is kind of the gateway to the holiday season as a whole. Many companies offer loads of deals so you can hypothetically give everyone on your list a new computer, including yourself!


April tends to be a good time for manufacturers to do a little house cleaning and get rid of older inventory as they release new products. This translates to stores offering big-time drops in prices on laptops that they’re getting ready to remove from their shelves.

If you’re OK with having the second-latest model or even a model slightly older than that, April is one of the best times to purchase.


The best time of year to buy a laptop depends on a number of factors. Of course, if your laptop dies on you, you may not have the luxury of waiting for a sale.

However, it’s wise to keep these dates in mind if you’re looking for a better version of what you’ve already got. Sometimes it pays to wait a little longer for what you really want than always trying to be the first in line.

You can also check out our HP® weekly laptop deals to get a deal on a new laptop outside of the peak sale seasons.