How to Pick the Best Gaming Laptop from HP India

Gaming is a popular pastime around the world, enjoyed by people from all walks of life. And gaming is more than just fun for some people as the best gamers can compete for large money prizes and other rewards.

However, it is essential to have the right hardware otherwise, many games will struggle to run smoothly, if at all. The good news is that there’s no shortage of gaming laptops that have the hardware you need and in a range of budgets.

But with so many options, it can be difficult to choose, so we’ve created this brief guide of some of the best HP gaming laptops to help you decide.

What to look for in a gaming laptop?

Gaming laptops require certain hardware that helps them run sophisticated gaming software. Not only that, but they also come with various features that help enhance the gaming experience. Gaming laptops tend to cost more than other types because they need powerful hardware, but there are still plenty of affordable options available.

Some of the most important characteristics to look for in an HP gaming laptop include:


A good-quality graphics processor unit (GPU) is necessary if you want high-quality graphics. If you wish to play the latest titles at the highest graphics settings, you will need a machine in the mid-high range.

However, budget options will still play basic titles like Roblox and Minecraft, which are ideal for kids. What’s more is that many budget options will still play more complex titles, albeit with the graphic quality sometimes turned down.

If you’re looking for a machine that offers excellent quality graphics, the OMEN by HP Gaming Laptop 16 b1370TX is a great choice. This machine uses a powerful NVIDIA® GeForce RTX 3070 Laptop GPU that will run the latest games and enhance your experience. The GPU is backed up with 16GB RAM and has a 16.1-inch quad high definition (QHD) display.

Not only is the OMEN a great gaming option, but it also wouldn’t look out of place in a professional environment. This machine also offers plenty of ports, including HDMI and USB-C/Thunderbolt 4 ports, that help you use your laptop as you need to,


The central processor unit (CPU) is a key computer component because it helps process data from other components. This includes data coming from the GPU, so you will need a CPU that can keep up to prevent backlogs.


The OMEN Gaming Laptop 16 n0079AX has an AMD Ryzen 7 processor that will help ensure your machine can handle high-quality graphics. In this laptop, the processor supports the AMD Radeon RX graphics card that offers all that most gamers need. This machine also offers 16GB RAM and a 16.1-inch full high definition (FHD) display.


Random access memory (RAM) acts as a type of digital workbench that helps your computer process information. It works similarly to the memory button on calculators, helping the computer save what it has processed so far to be used later.

Gaming machines tend to need more RAM than other types of laptops due to the complexity of gaming software. Basic models will often have 8GB RAM, while upper-end machines can have 32GB RAM and above.


The more storage you have, the more games and other files you can keep on your machine. And the latest games often take up much space, meaning you’ll need plenty of storage if you want to keep numerous games on your machine. As such, most gamers will need at least 512GB of storage, although less will do, provided you don’t want many games installed simultaneously.

Which type of storage you choose will also affect your computer’s speed. For example, the Victus by HP Laptop 16 e1060AX uses 512GB SSD Generation 4 technology that retrieves and stores data quickly. The Victus gaming laptop also has an AMD Ryzen 7 processor and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti Laptop GPU that offer an excellent gaming experience.


This machine also has an HP Wide Vision HD Camera that’s ideal for communicating with teammates. It also offers a fast charge option for those who run out of battery at a bad time.


A quality display is particularly important for gaming machines because the latest titles offer impressive graphics. Such is the quality of modern displays and other hardware that it can be difficult to differentiate between a game and the real thing. Regardless, many gamers need a reasonably large display so they can see the action clearly.

If you’re looking for a gaming machine with a large display, the OMEN by HP 17 ck2004TX is a great choice, thanks to its 17.3-inch QHD screen. This machine also has an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 Laptop GPU that will get the most from this machine’s impressive display.


The OMEN by HP 17 also has plenty of storage with 1TB SSD, and 32GB RAM also helps ensure a speedy performance. You will also have an all-purpose, full-size, fully backlit gaming keyboard with anti-ghosting technology.


A good quality keyboard is probably more important for gamers than any other laptop user because they depend on fast response times. With some keyboards, there can be a slight delay in the signal being received, and just a fraction of a second can mean the difference between success and failure when gaming.

The need for fast response time makes mechanical keyboards a great option for gamers. Mechanical keyboards are designed in such a way that the gamer’s keystrokes are registered with minimal delay, helping ensure a good gaming experience.

Another popular feature in the best gaming laptops is a backlit display. The lighting lets you see each key in the dark, while multi-coloured backlighting not only looks great but also helps you identify individual keys on your keyboard.


Good quality audio is more important for gamers than some might realise because it adds a level of immersiveness that can help gamers perform better. For example, surround sound technology helps gamers tell the location of in-game sounds, helping them react accordingly.

Good quality audio requires good speakers and a good sound card. However, many gamers prefer headphones that offer a more immersive experience. Many gaming laptops also let you adjust your sound settings for the best results.


Gaming keyboards tend to have more bling than other varieties. For example, RGB backlit keyboards are popular because they let you play at night, but they also add plenty to the machine’s aesthetics. Some machines will also have other lighting or features that make them impressive aesthetically.

However, many gamers will also use their machine for work, and a flashy gaming machine can look out of place in the office. The good news is that many gaming laptops offer sleek, professional looks ideal for a professional environment. In many cases, you can also adjust the lighting to help make your machine look less flashy.

And you might think that shopping at the lower end of the market means sacrificing good looks, but this is not necessarily true. Some affordable models look just as good as their more expensive counterparts.


Cost will be a deciding factor for most people when buying a gaming laptop. If you want to play the latest titles on maximum settings, then you will have to invest in a mid-high-range model. However, that does not mean to say people with limited funds can’t also enjoy gaming.

For example, the Victus Gaming Laptop 15 fa0353TX will play the latest titles despite its affordable price. You might need to lower the quality of graphics in some cases, but the gameplay itself will be just as good.

HP Victus Gaming LaptopHP Victus Gaming Laptop

This machine is powered by an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Laptop GPU, which is backed up by a 12th Generation Intel Core i7 processor and 16GB RAM. This machine also has 512GB of storage capacity, which is plenty for most people.


People who choose gaming laptops over PCs often do so for their portability. However, portability can come at the expense of size and functionality. For example, a small laptop will have a small screen and keyboard, making it harder to play games.

Finding the right option for you means finding the right balance between portability and functionality. If you tend to use your laptop at home, then portability is less of an issue, helping you opt for larger screens.


Gamers will find a wide range of gaming laptops in a wide range of budgets, and those at the lower end will deliver all that many people need. However, if you need speed and power, then you should invest in a good quality GPU and CPU in particular.

Before you choose, it’s a good idea to consider which types of games you will be playing, and which features you need the most. For example, if you mostly want to play basic titles like Minecraft, then a budget option should be all you need. But if you want to play the latest titles on maximum settings, then you’ll need to invest in the latest hardware. 

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