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poly sync 20 speakerphone review

Poly Sync 20 Speakerphones: A Complete Review

Cameron Cashman
Reading time: 6 minutes

The word speakerphone probably brings to mind the setting on your cell phone. And if you’ve ever used your phone’s speaker setting, then you probably know that it isn’t always a reliable way to have a conversation.
Smartphone speakers have certainly improved over the years. But there simply isn’t enough room in a small mobile phone for speakers that really pack a punch. They may be adequate for a one-on-one conversation in a quiet environment, but the quality quickly diminishes in an active environment with multiple participants.
These days, more people than ever before are working remotely, whether they’re at home or on the go.. There’s also been a heavy emphasis on increased communication and collaboration among team members. For that, lower-quality phone speakers just won’t do. Enter the speakerphone.

What is a speakerphone?

what is a speakerphone
Speakerphones combine the high-quality audio of a mobile speaker with the functionality of a phone. That means they typically include one or more microphones and phone-specific buttons for controlling the call.
Not only are speakerphones great for improving the quality of one-on-one conversations, they also allow for group conversations in more active environments. This gives participant more flexibility over when and where they can take phone calls. Additionally, it allows for a group of in-person team members to communicate seamlessly with any number of remote or off-site participants.
A speakerphone is a great investment as we move out of the pandemic and into a new normal of remote and hybrid work.

Speakerphones are great for…

speakerphones are great for work
With that in mind, let’s look at some of the various applications that a speakerphone would be helpful in.
Remote work
What was once a fantasy for many became a reality when the pandemic forced companies to adopt remote and hybrid work policies. While the hardest days of the pandemic are behind us, the “new normal” is here to stay, and there are more remote and hybrid workers every single day. That means more and more meetings are taking the form of conference calls, with any number of in-person and remote participants joining.
If you’re working from home, holding a phone up to your ear for hours can be exhausting. Your smartphone’s built-in speaker setting might work, but questionable quality and distracting background noises could hinder communication.
A speakerphone is perfect for work-from-home employees who make a lot of calls - the higher-quality microphone ensures you’ll be heard over any background activity, and you’ll be able to hear participants clearly no matter where you are.
Hybrid work
For hybrid workers, a portable speaker phone can help you feel more connected to your colleagues.
And speakerphones are portable and durable, too; take it on the go to ensure clear communication no matter the location. Not only that, but speakerphones make it easier for groups of people to participate in calls.
In-office work
That means speakerphones are even great for in-office work. For instance, a small-to-medium-sized group of people in a single room can easily speak with any number of callers and still be heard as clearly as if they were right there in the same room.
Even if you’re not using the speakerphone to participate in conference calls, it can still be useful in a variety of other ways. For in-office presentations, a portable speaker can help everyone in the room hear the presenter clearly. It can also allow the presenter to move around the room while still being heard, making for more engaging presentations.
And, at the end of the day, if you just want to listen to music and get some work done, you can do that too.

Introducing the Poly Sync 20

introducing the poly sync 20 speakerphone
If you’re one of the many people who could benefit from a new speakerphone, look no further than the small, but mighty, Poly Sync 20 series. Each model is equipped with high-quality microphones and top-notch speakers, and offers flexible features no matter what device you want to connect to.


Every speakerphone in the Poly Sync 20 line is equipped with high-quality audio hardware. The 40mm speaker’s bandwidth ranges from 80 Hz to 20 KHz. This refers to the range of frequencies that a speaker can output, so it can accurately and clearly reproduce everything from music to a caller’s voice and virtually everything in between. And you’ll even get deep, natural-sounding bass thanks to the dual passive radiators built into the unit.
A microphone’s bandwidth is also measured in hertz - and models in the Sync 20 line come equipped with a three-microphone array with frequency responses ranging from 100 Hz to a maximum of 7.8 kHz, so the other call participants won’t have any trouble understanding you clearly.
Poly Sync 20 Speakerphone
You might be wondering why each Poly speakerphone comes with not one but three microphones. The steerable array allows for echo and noise reduction, so the focus stays on your voice and not distracting background noise.
What’s more, the Sync 20 line is capable of full duplex audio, so multiple participants can talk simultaneously without missing a word, just like a real conversation.
Other features
Each model in the Poly Sync 20 line is equipped with a rechargeable Li-ion battery that provides up to 20 hours of talk time - and you can talk for even longer by simply plugging it in with the included 28-inch cable. When not in use, it can charge to full power in under 4 hours.
It also comes with a full set of controls: touch controls for volume as well as answering and ending calls, and another button that can be programmed to function however you like. There’s also a light bar that indicates the status of a call, so you’re never caught off-guard.
Finally, each Poly Sync 20 speakerphone is IP64-rated for dust and waterproofing, so you can bring it with you anywhere without worrying about spills or damage.

Connectivity options

Rest assured that you’ll get great quality audio no matter which model in the Sync 20 line that you choose. It all comes down to the devices you want to connect to your speakerphone.
Every Sync 20 speakerphone can connect to any smartphone via Bluetooth - and that may be enough for you. However, it’s likely that you’ll want to connect your speaker to a variety of devices, such as a desktop or laptop computer.
Depending on the USB connections available to you, you have a few options. For wired connections via a USB-A port, you can choose from the Poly Sync 20 in two different colors: silver or pink.
For a little more flexibility, you can go with one of the Sync 20+ models. These include a BT600 Bluetooth USB adapter that you can plug directly into your PC for wireless communication. The Poly Sync 20+ models come in USB-A and USB-C variants.
Microsoft Teams-certified
Poly’s speakerphones are compatible with a wide range of software across Apple and Android smartphones, as well as Microsoft Windows and iOS. However, if you or your organization relies on Microsoft Teams, you may be interested in one of the Teams-certified models.
When a product is certified for Microsoft Teams, it means that Microsoft has tested and verified that the product is fully compatible with their Teams platform. It also means the product can be easily integrated into the Teams environment.
You can choose from the Poly Sync 20-M USB-A model or two Poly Sync 20+M models: USB-A and USB-C.


In 2022, HP recognized the growing need for top-notch telecommunication equipment. Together with Poly, they offer a complete range of telecom products to complement their renowned PCs and other computer accessories.
So whether you need a speakerphone for remote, hybrid, or in-office work, you’re covered with the Poly Sync 20 range.

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