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best webcams from hp

5 Best Webcams from HP

Anna-Marie Brittain
Reading time: 7 minutes
Communication in the workplace has expanded in unpredictable ways, especially in recent years. When the increase in remote work became evident, so did the demand for more reliable video and office equipment. Webcams, microphones, and headsets surged along with increased office furniture sales.
If you’re often taking video calls, in Zoom meetings, live streaming, using Slack, or vlogging, then this information may not come as a surprise. If your work involves video recordings and live chats, consider investing in a top-of-the-line HP webcam.

Benefits of an HP webcam

benefits of an hp webcam
Maybe you already have a decent laptop or PC camera, but you’re on the fence about getting a webcam. You may be wondering why someone would use a webcam instead of a laptop camera? Or if a webcam is worth buying?
Fortunately, an HP webcam is the answer to all these questions. Not only are they designed to deliver excellent camera angles and optics, but they also come with integrated microphones. The main benefit of a high-performance HP webcam is the professional-level video and audio quality they deliver.

What type of webcam should you use?

When searching for the best webcam, you should take into account what you need it for. Are you looking for the best webcam for working from home? Do you need the best webcam for video conferencing?
The top webcams are often used by people who have regular conference calls, work from home, have hybrid work styles, or are often working with live streams, vlogs, or virtual learning. Any of the following HP webcams are sure to meet all your professional and personal needs.

HP 960 4K Streaming Webcam

HP 960 4K Streaming Webcam
For the best streaming webcam, take a look at the HP 960 4K Streaming Webcam. It features studio-quality filming using its HDR webcam that has up to 4K resolution with 30 fps. When used in 1080p resolution you get 60 fps. The cutting-edge image sensor and automatic color correction feature deliver superb video and consistent vibrancy, day or night. The webcam is designed with an 18 mm F2.0 large lens to take everything in, regardless of any low or bright lighting.
The HP 960 4K UHD streaming webcam produces stunning video quality, making it the perfect choice for showing your most authentic self. The AI-enabled webcam eliminates the need for a film crew. The Auto-Framing and keystone correction features work to keep anyone on camera centerstage without worrying about distortion. The built-in dual-microphones work to isolate the sounds you want while reducing the noise you don’t. The webcam is great for professionals, video streamers, and gamers. Easily produce a crystal clear video with excellent audio for your audience.
You can also customize your background and set the stage however you want. The webcam can be placed anywhere thanks to the 360-degree swivel and 90-degree tilt adjustment design. The camera also has a zoom capability of 5x, bringing ultra-detailed video-making to a whole new level. Other special features include HDR support, Tripod support, and Sony STARVIS™ CMOS sensor technology. Once you're done with a conference call or streaming, simply place the magnetic cover on for privacy.
The HP 960 4K webcam is UVC-compliant and compatible with applications like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, BlueJeans, Cisco Webex, Google Meet, GoToMeeting, Vidyo, OBS, XSplit, Twitch, YouTube, and Fuze. Use it with Windows 10, Windows 11, Mac OS 10.10 or later, and Chrome OS™.

HP 950 4K Webcam

HP 950 4K Webcam
Interested in the best 4K webcam? The HP 950 4K Webcam is one of the most popular streaming webcams on the market. You can go live and sound great from any angle thanks to the HP 4K Webcam’s wide field-of-view (FOV) with AI face tracking. Anyone on camera will remain centered while the 103-degree FOV captures what you want. The built-in microphone provides clear audio for streaming, recording, and playback.
The technical features of the HP 950 4K webcam include up to 4K UHD at 30 fps. It’s also capable of 60 fps when using 1080 Full HD or 720p HD. The HD digital webcam can zoom up to 5x. The auto-light correction easily controls white balance keeping your video clear, colorful, and distortion-free no matter what your lighting environment is. It features an integrated HP Webcam Control Center that gives the user full video controls over filter effects, lighting adjustments, and more.
Like the HP 960 4K streaming webcam, the HP 950 4K is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 11, Mac OS, and Chrome OS operating systems. It works with apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype for business, OBS, XSplit, Twitch, and YouTube. The camera is built with a universal mounting clip so you can enjoy versatile placement anywhere in your office or studio. Use the built-in shutter to protect your privacy once you’re done with calls.

Poly Studio P5 USB-A Webcam

Poly Studio P5 USB-A Webcam
The best webcam for Zoom is the Poly Studio P5 USB-A Webcam. The camera optics are optimized for video conferencing delivering professional-quality streaming and recording. The webcam is designed with automatic low-light compensation to help maintain proper light exposure whether you’re in a dark room or a bright environment.
The Poly Studio P5 USB-A Webcam has a built-in directional microphone that focuses on your voice and eliminates the background noise. The FOV is also optimized so the webcam stays focused on you without showing too much of your surroundings. It’s a great webcam option for people looking to remain centered, and be easily seen, and heard.
The 1080p resolution with 4x digital zoom is what makes this Poly Studio P5 Webcam so appealing to professionals and streamers. It can zoom in and keep you in frame without having to worry about distortion, blurred colors, or blended lines. The small and rugged construction makes it easy to set up wherever you need it. Stay in control of the settings and updates using the Poly Lens Desktop app. It also includes health and wellness tools to help you maintain balance throughout your working day.

Poly Studio P15 USB-C 4K Webcam

Poly Studio P15 USB-C 4K Webcam
For the best quality webcam, the Poly Studio P15 USB-C 4K Webcam will pique your interest. It’s considered an all-in-one device to get everything you need for premium video calls and streaming. The high-performance image sensor delivers a consistent image across the entire FOV. The exceptional camera optics coupled with the automatic camera framing gives you the confidence to show you at your best.
The Poly Studio P15 USB-C 4K Webcam is designed to minimize background noise. It features NoiseBlockAI and acoustic fence technologies to prevent distracting noises or side conversations from interrupting your conference calls, recordings, or live streams. The powerful integrated speaker delivers crisp audio thanks to the advanced three-microphone beamforming array.
Get outstanding picture quality every time thanks to autofocus and auto-framing features. The Poly Studio P15 4K Webcam’s 8MP lens has 4x zoom capability, and it features an adjustable monitor clamp and is tripod-ready. You can also maintain privacy with the built-in privacy shutter. A convenient LED light indicates your calling and mute status as well. This all-in-one 4K webcam is a great pick for professionals, vloggers, gamers, and streamers.

HP 325 FHD Webcam for business

HP 325 FHD Webcam for business
Need a Full High Definition (FHD) webcam for your business? The best budget webcam to consider is the HP 325 FHD Webcam for business. It's an all-in-one HP webcam designed with auto-image and automatic light adjustment. The camera will adapt to your surroundings and focus on keeping you in the picture. Whether you’re in low light or a bright setting, the auto-light-correction feature will keep the image crisp and clear.
The HP 325 FHD Webcam features a fully immersive FHD 1080p resolution with a 66-degree wide-angle webcam. These are just some of the highlights that make group conference calls look and feel natural on camera. It’s compatible with programs like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and similar video chat platforms. The webcam includes a Works With Chromebook badge, which means you have a seamless connection to your Chromebook, other Chrome OS devices, and certified Chromebook accessories.
The built-in microphone in the HP 325 FHD Webcam delivers clear sound so you can easily be heard, whether it’s a one-way live video stream, a two or three-way business call, or a group meeting. The webcam includes a clip to position it on your computer monitor or anywhere else on your desk. It also features a 360-degree swivel and tripod support. Once you’re done using the webcam, simply use the lens cover clips for worry-free privacy.

Tips for the best webcam experience

Before making your final webcam purchase, pay close attention to whether the resolution, frame rate, and audio features meet your needs. Don’t forget to consider the size of the lenses, the exposure, and any extra webcam features, like autofocus and mute sensors.
When it’s time to set up your HP webcam, remember to check out webcam accessories to make the camera all the more efficient. Getting a headset, Bluetooth mouse, or USB adapters can improve your overall webcam experience.

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