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OMEN 27u 4K Gaming Monitor

4K UHD (3840 x 2160)1000:11ms GtG (with overdrive)

HP Z38c 37.5-inch Curved Monitor

UWQHD+ (3840 x 1600)1000:15ms GtG (with overdrive)IPS

OMEN 27i Monitor

QHD (2560 x 1440)1000:11ms GtG

OMEN 25i Gaming FHD Monitor

FHD (1920 x 1080)1000:11ms MPRT

HP Z25xs G3 QHD USB-C DreamColor Display

QHD (2560 x 1440)1000:114ms GtG (with overdrive)IPS

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HP Z38c 37.5-inch Curved Monitor

Bought this to upgrade the home office setup. Really nice fix that replaced two 24” monitors and their massive stand and collapsed my cord situation substantially by eliminating my docking station. Very easy setup and high quality picture for everyday work. Highly recommend!!

HP Z24f G3 FHD Display

The Veda mount that attaches with two tiny screws stripped on two of them while tightening. Be careful attaching it.

HP Z27u G3 QHD Display

I got this as a step up from my old HP 23 inch monitor, and I'm not disappointed. The resolution is excellent (and much better than on the old one), the height adjustment is perfect, the USB-C connection is convenient. All definitely worth the higher cost. Only complaint is that the setup was impossible to do without customer support because the instructions were poor to nonexistent, and support was hard to get quickly.

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More about these products

Finding a new wireless monitor

Shopping for the right monitor for you? Browse the HP Store for Wireless Monitors. When you purchase a monitor from HP®, you’re getting more than just another screen. You’re getting a visual destination where you can see your ideas take shape.
We offer a large variety of high-quality options that provide new ways to see your next project in vivid high definition. Plus tons of great extras like built-in speakers and laptop charging, stylish exteriors, speakers, and much more.

Using a monitor wirelessly

Sometimes it can be a hassle to swap out old routines for new ones, like finally ditching the cable box now that high-speed and wireless internet access is so widespread. Fortunately, wireless displays have a lot of positive features when it comes to user experience and convenience.
With better technology and wireless standards, you can turn your mobile device and wireless display into a powerful and versatile combo – even if you don't have a perfect WiFi connection.

Wireless connection that won't make you wait

If you're tired of fussing with cords and yesterday's wireless display adapter, getting started with the best wireless monitors means simplicity. You can now just power up and get started, giving you more space and fewer cords to manage. Plus, it's a breeze to connect to most mobile phones and tablets.

Improved mobility and collaboration

Cord-cutting with the right wireless device can add lots of flexibility to your routine, allowing you to mix things up and enjoy different viewing experiences. Want to watch your favorite show while making dinner? Just shift your display over to the kitchen. Is it a beautiful evening? Just pop your monitor out to the patio. With a simplified routine and design, a new wireless display is also a powerful tool for collaboration.

Make a wired into a wireless monitor

Do you own an older TV or have limited content streaming access? With a Microsoft wireless display adapter hooked into the HDMI port and USB, the built-in wireless card and antenna allow you to cast other devices to your TV. That's a huge advantage if you don't want to replace your existing setup, can't afford multiple services, or just want a larger screen option.
You won't even need a dedicated WiFi network with the Microsoft wireless display adapter. Simply plug in the wireless adapter to your wireless display and you can extend your screen directly from the other device interface.

Shopping for computer monitors

If you value visual content and video but aren't satisfied with just a TV setup, you may want to prioritize choosing the right display device. Whether you have a budget computer or a beefy gaming PC, a reliable display is just as important as your TV or smartphone. That's particularly true if you use your PC every day for multiple hours.

Size and resolution

HP monitors come in a number of sizes, resolutions, and styles to fit nearly any need. Maybe you want the biggest model so you can see all of your on-screen content at once, or your need to arrange multiple monitors into your ideal configuration. HP offers robust ultrawide monitors that have more than enough room to see every program, micro-edge displays for maximizing your space, and so much more.
When you work digitally, every pixel counts. That’s why every HP monitor is designed and built to deliver rich visual fidelity to every project. Want to see every last detail when editing a photo or video? Consider a 4K monitor with a high refresh rate and response time in your screen size of choice. They're the perfect choice to help you see it all with rich and vivid colors, as well as unmatched clarity.

Stay connected

HP displays support computers new and old, so you can connect however you prefer. We have models that support modern and legacy connections for an HDMI cable, the latest USB ports (including USB-C), plus VGA and DisplayPort in a variety of styles and combinations. With a full suite of connections, you can take your pick of how to see your digital workspace.
Outfit your desk or your entire office with the confidence of full compatibility, ensuring consistency throughout the workplace. Better connectivity and more confidence mean a truly portable device. No more loading peripherals and accessories just to make sure you can connect your computer and various devices.

Power at your fingertips

Want to do more with your monitor? You can. Many of our monitors have features that go beyond simply extending your display to help you simplify your entire workspace.
With integrated USB Type-C connections in several models, you can take advantage of power delivery to your laptop and charge it with the same connection. Just plug in the USB-C cable from your monitor to your computer (or tablet/smartphone) to extend your display and top off the battery.
Power delivery is ideal for anyone who wants to get to work fast without the fuss. When it’s time to hit the road, it’s just as easy to remove the USB-C cable and go. No more wasting your time plugging and unplugging lots of cords and a cumbersome charger. It's the next best thing to wireless charging and a big improvement on a typical USB cable.
You’ll also cut down on your clutter thanks to our displays that support USB-C. With this port, you can do more than just extend your visual real estate. A single USB-C connection from your monitor to your laptop can provide a full-featured USB hub to connect your favorite accessories and peripherals, from external hard drives to printers and much more.

Shop the wireless display selection at HP

Now that you've ditched the wireless display adapters and made the leap, you'll need some options to consider. For a premium wireless monitor and viewing experience, we've got you covered with high-performance options and easy ways to save.

The popular HP U27 4K wireless monitor

Building out your home theater system and looking for the perfect desktop display? The HP U27 4K wireless monitor works flawlessly. This powerful device supports superior 4K UHD (3840x2160) display quality with a beautiful 27-inch big screen. You also get the benefits of AMD® FreeSync™ technology, great for gamers who want smooth and seamless visuals. It's the perfect combo when you factor in the 3-sided borderless bezels and IPS technology.
It also features a built-in anti-glare panel, plus a low blue light mode to keep your eyes safe during long stretches at work or for the next big video binge. Down-firing speakers also mean it's no slouch in the audio department either, providing clarity for video calls, streaming, and more. Get connected quickly by pressing the Windows key + K, a perfect workflow and usability boost.

Two monitors for the win

Shopping for more than just one device? Or do you need a little extra screen space? The HP U27 Dual wireless monitor bundle is a great way to double your display without doubling your money.
With a pair of HP u27 displays, you can enjoy more than 4-feet of horizontal screen space. The perfect way to finally drop the wireless display adapter and upgrade your viewing experience.

The best wireless monitor at any retail price

Browse our selection of Wireless Monitors and other displays to find the best option for your setup, and always get the best price available along with fast, free shipping.