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Why Choose Poly as Your Small Business Solution

5 Reasons to Choose Poly as Your Small Business Solution

Cameron Cashman
Reading time: 7 minutes
Businesses were incorporating telecommunication-based services long before 2020 - but they were mostly seen as non-essential, with practices like remote or hybrid work seen as a luxury for most people.
The COVID-19 pandemic changed that. Companies were forced to incorporate remote telecommunications into their practices to stay afloat during this tumultuous period. Now, more people than ever before are using webcams, microphones, headsets, and conferencing software to get work done.
Luckily, telecom has been rapidly expanding over the past two decades thanks to new startups and industry veterans like Polycom and Plantronics. These two companies were already well-established players in the telecom industry even before they merged in 2018 to become Poly.
Then, in 2022, HP saw the increasing demand for high-quality telecommunication accessories, so we teamed up with Poly to bring a comprehensive line of telecom products to our already legendary PCs and other computer peripherals. Together, we are paving the way into the future of remote and hybrid work with a headset, video, or phone solution for every type of small business.
Here are five reasons you should consider choosing HP and Poly as your one-stop shop for all your telecom needs.

Foster consistently clear communication

According to a survey conducted by the business consulting firm PWC, 75% of participants stated that they judge others by the quality of their video or audio while teleconferencing. Perhaps that’s a little harsh, but the fact remains that clear workplace communication - which can be challenging enough in person - is key to ensuring your business runs smoothly.
It should go without saying that high-quality telecommunication accessories are a must for any business that utilizes them. There’s nothing worse than when a conference call or remote video meeting is interrupted by unclear audio or video.
Poly products are designed with high-quality components and are optimized for specific challenges in the work environment, so unclear communication never hinders productivity. Plus, they’re made with comfortable materials for long periods of use and are adjustable for various users. If you’re looking for a quick, reliable, and affordable headset option, you should consider the Poly Blackwire 3320 USB-C headset.

Poly Blackwire 3320 USB-C Headset

The Poly Blackwire 3320 headset features an omnidirectional microphone with a bandwidth of 100 Hz to 10 kHz, so it’s powerful enough to pick up your voice clearly without interruption from background noise. Its 32 mm speakers can reliably replicate sounds from 20 to 20 kHz, so you’ll hear everyone else just as clearly as they hear you.
It is compatible with both USB-C and USB-A slots, and can be used on Windows and MacOS-based machines and even some tablets and mobile devices. Plus, it has built-in controls for answering and ending calls, adjusting the volume, and muting the microphone.

Promote positive workplace productivity

The Harvard Business Review says that managers are more likely than their employees to perceive remote work as harming productivity. The truth is a little more complex than that. Remote work productivity can vary depending on the situation.
In many cases, companies have found that employees are a little more productive working remotely - but that does little to quell managers’ fears about employees slacking off at home during work hours.
There are some different ways of addressing this problem. But if you want to ensure that faulty or low-quality equipment doesn’t affect productivity, you should consider investing in Poly accessories. You can expect top-notch technical support for products, and a single brand for all of your tools makes addressing issues easy. Add HP computers into your workflow for a comprehensive solution to all your workplace needs. If you’re looking for a more flexible, powerful headset, look into the Poly Voyager 4320-M wireless headset.

Poly Voyager 4320-M Wireless Headset

The Poly Voyager 4320-M headset gives the user even more flexibility thanks to its wireless design, greatly enhancing productivity. The Voyager 4320-M features up to 164 feet of reliable Bluetooth range, and can be plugged into a computer via a supplemental USB cord if needed. The headset’s battery lasts for up to 24 hours, after which it can be recharged in the included stand.
The 32 mm microphone has a bandwidth range of 100 Hz to 6.8 kHz, and the speakers range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. It also features convenient buttons to answer and end calls, adjust the volume, and mute the microphone.
The Poly Voyager 4320-M is compatible with both Windows and Mac systems, and is the perfect option for small business owners looking to step up their remote practices.

Enhance employee collaboration

A Nature.com study found that the shift to a fully remote workplace had a negative impact on the inter-connection of teams and departments within many organizations. While there are many benefits to remote work, it certainly becomes harder to stay connected and work together when you’re not with your coworkers in person.
It becomes especially complex when your team is fragmented, with some employees in the office and others working from home. In situations like this, you should consider setting aside the headphones and using a speakerphone instead. This helps you involve a mixed group of remote and in-person employees.
Luckily, Poly has you covered here with the Poly Synch USB Speakerphone.

Poly Sync 40 USB Speakerphone

The Poly Sync 40 USB Speakerphone comes equipped with a three-microphone array to allow a room of people to participate in a call – and they won’t have any trouble hearing thanks to a duplex audio and bass reflect system. The device’s buttons are programmable, allowing you to assign different functions to each one.
It features wireless, USB-A, and USB-C connectivity to a wide variety of desktop and mobile devices, and can last up to 30 hours on a single charge. Plus, the Sync 40 is durable, too; with IP64 dust and water resistance, you won’t have to worry about drops and spills.

Stay safe and secure

As more and more people turned to telecommunication during the pandemic, several new cybersecurity risks emerged. Video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Skype became essential tools for remote work, but they also presented new security challenges. Cybercriminals could exploit vulnerabilities in these platforms to hijack meetings or eavesdrop on sensitive conversations.
Plus, with so many people working remotely, it can be difficult to monitor employee activity and detect insider threats. Disgruntled employees or those with access to sensitive information may be more likely to engage in malicious activities from the privacy of their own homes.
With cybersecurity more important than ever before, HP and Poly remain dedicated to designing our products with that in mind. Take the security features of the Poly Studio P5 webcam, for example.

Poly Studio P5 USB-A Webcam

Even as video calls became more common in the early 2010s, webcams weren’t seen as essential peripherals by a lot of consumers. Until recently, it wasn’t common for webcams to include built-in security features.
But with more people utilizing webcams than ever before, they’ve become commonplace. The Poly Studio P5 webcam features an integrated privacy shutter so you don’t have to worry about unplugging the webcam when it’s not in use. It’s also equipped with external LEDs to indicate whether the camera is on or if the microphone is muted.
And thanks to its 1080p HD resolution and 4x digital zoom, you’ll always look your best in video conference calls.

Intuitive and accessible employee management

When all of your devices are manufactured by the same company, you’ll be able to take advantage of their interconnectivity with our proprietary Plantronics Manager Pro software, allowing you to optimize your equipment, improve collaboration, and enhance productivity.

Plantronics Manager Pro

Poly's Plantronics Manager Pro software is a cloud-based platform designed to help businesses manage and optimize their audio devices. The software allows IT teams to monitor and troubleshoot audio devices remotely, ensuring that they are always functioning at their best.
IT managers can easily configure and update audio devices, monitor usage patterns and call quality, and generate reports on device performance. This allows them to identify and resolve issues quickly, reducing downtime and improving productivity.
The software provides advanced analytics and insights, helping businesses make data-driven decisions about their audio device investments. It can also integrate with other business tools, such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, providing a seamless user experience.


When you choose HP and Poly as the sole telecom equipment provider for your small business or home office, you unlock a comprehensive support system from two veterans in the technology industry. Whether you need webcams, headsets, or speakers, you can count on Poly to have your back.

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