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video conferencing tools from hp

Top 10 Video Conferencing Tools from HP

Anna-Marie Brittain
Reading time: 7 minutes
Remote and hybrid work environments will grow even more in 2023 and beyond. Providing the option for at-home or remote work has shown a positive change in employee productivity.
As more professionals invest in home office essentials, small-, medium-, and large-scale businesses are doing the same. Necessities often referenced for any home or mobile workstation are video conferencing tools.

What is video conferencing?

Also known as virtual meetings or video calls, video conferencing is a digital video meeting. It allows professionals to communicate in a face-to-face fashion with peers and colleagues.
General requirements for a reliable video conference include a trusted WiFi or online connection, clear audio and video software, and digital, multimedia, or computer-related devices.

Video conferencing for hybrid and remote professionals

Video conferencing is a common method of holding remote meetings to keep colleagues connected. It enhances the professional working experience and is highly recommended for professionals with complex workspaces.
The benefits of video conferencing range from improved communication, seamless collaboration, and professional relationship building to increased efficiency and productivity.

4 HP Webcams: Video conferencing for small business

The search for premium PC accessories and the best video conferencing tools for small businesses continues to increase.
All types of businesses and academic environments are interested in maintaining balanced communications. That means investing in small business solutions like HP’s video conferencing tools and accessories.

Poly Studio P15 USB-C 4K Webcam

Poly Studio P15 USB-C 4K Webcam
The all-in-one Poly Studio P15 USB-C 4K Webcam is a personal video bar that delivers exceptional camera optics. The high-resolution camera provides sharp, crisp video along with features like autofocus and auto framing. The high-performance image sensor delivers consistent visuals, while the vibrant colors provide ultra-clear picture quality.
Look and sound your best without worrying about distracting noises. The NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence technologies prevent outside noises from interrupting your conference call or Zoom meeting. The powerful integrated speaker is an advanced multi-microphone array that provides complete audio clarity. The rich sound will make delivering a presentation or listening to your colleagues a more engaging and immersive experience.

Poly Studio P5 USB-A Webcam

Poly Studio P5 USB-A Webcam
The Poly Studio P5 USB-A Webcam is another business-ready option that delivers remarkable camera optics. It’s designed for video conferencing with features like automatic low-light compensation for balanced light exposure regardless of the lighting environment. The camera is built with an optimized field-of-view (FOV), meaning it will keep the focus on you instead of your surroundings. A built-in directional microphone will focus on your voice instead of the background noise.
The Poly Studio P5 USB-A Webcam can be easily set up, too. It’s built with an adjustable monitor clamp and is tripod-ready. A convenient LED light indicates when the call is muted and it has an integrated privacy shutter. Easily maintain video and audio privacy between calls.

HP 965 4K Streaming Webcam for business

HP 965 4K Streaming Webcam for business
The superior 4K resolution and phenomenal AI features make the HP 965 4K Streaming Webcam for business a first-class choice. Designed with HP Presence, you can count on superb image quality thanks to the cutting-edge sensor and AI features. The auto-frame and auto-focus features keep you in the perfect line of sight while the camera is rolling. With audio noise reduction and dual microphones, you can listen and be heard clearly.
With a professional-grade webcam, HDR, color correction, and lighting adjustment, everything stays vibrant and true to life. Use the 360-degree angle and 90-degree tilt to stage the webcam wherever you need it. You can adjust the FOV to include documents, while the keystone corrections feature works to deliver a distortion-free visual.

HP 625 FHD Webcam

HP 625 FHD Webcam
Want a simple camera with an easy and secure setup? The HP 625 FHD Webcam is Windows Hello compatible and features a seamless login option with Windows Help face authentication. It’s designed with an activity light indicator for when you are recording live. Or, place the cover over the camera and make sure the light is off when you need privacy.
The HP Accessory Center makes it easy to adjust and customize settings. Use AI face framing, 5x zoom, or access-specific lighting controls while finding the perfect angle. The FOV can be adjusted between 66 degress, 78 degress, and 92 degress for a wider or more focused view.

Video conferencing for business: HP computer monitors

For high-performance video conferencing monitors from HP, we think the options are worth your attention.

HP Z24m G3 QHD Conferencing Display

HP Z24m G3 QHD Conferencing Display
For a truly immersive video call, consider the HP Z24m G3 QHD Conferencing Display. Its state-of-the-art features include HP Presence for impressive video clarity. The industry-leading Z by HP delivers ultimate color accuracy and calibration. It’s also equipped with creative color gamuts, making this the go-to computer monitor for photography and videography.
The HP Z24m G3 conference display is designed with crisp Quad HD resolution and a 90 Hz refresh rate. Enjoy professional-level picture quality during your live video chat without worrying about your movements causing distortion or pixelation. It’s designed for seamless collaboration with a simple dual display setup and is compatible with PC or Mac.

HP E24mv G4 FHD Conferencing Display

HP E24mv G4 FHD Conferencing Monitor
The ergonomics of the HP E24mv G4 FHD Conferencing Monitor give the user viewing comfort for their neck, shoulders, and back. It allows the user 25 degrees of tilting options with four-way adjustability. The anti-glare enhanced display is designed with HP Eye Ease with TÜV Rheinland Hardware Low Blue Light Certification. Work as long as you need to without worrying about eye strain. The screen hue will shift and make blue light adjustments throughout the day, all without disturbing the vivid color display.
Aside from great functionality for video conferencing and content creation, computer monitors are responsibly made. Staying in line with environmentally-friendly practices, the plastics and packaging used are made from recycled materials. The display is also ENERGY STAR® certified and EPEAT® registered.

Poly Studio P21 21.5-inch Personal Meeting Display

Poly Studio P21 Personal Meeting Display
A premium monitor fit for your home office or personal workspace is the Poly Studio P21 21.5-inch Personal Meeting Display. As an enterprise-grade display, you can expect stunning color and brightness. The picture quality stays luminous, and thanks to the dynamic ambient lighting, it can be adjusted to illuminate you.
The Poly Studio P21.5-inch personal monitor features 1080p resolution with 4x digital zoom. It’s designed with a user-friendly, all-in-one USB device that will keep your workstation organized and clutter-free. The wireless mobile phone charging feature helps on-the-go professionals who lead a busy workstyle. It even includes a health and wellness tool to help ease those long work hours and bring some balance to your day.

HP speakerphones for video conferencing

Best video conferencing tools also include reliable speakerphones. Hybrid or remote working freelancers, professionals, and students can be prepared for calls, meetings, and chats with any of these portable HP speakerphones.

Poly Sync 20+M Microsoft Teams Certified USB-C Speakerphone

Poly Sync 20+M USB-C Speakerphone
Get remarkable audio support with the Poly Sync 20+M Microsoft Teams Certified USB-C Speakerphone. It’s a portable Bluetooth smart speakerphone allowing you to listen to music and take calls. Made with a three-microphone steerable array, your voice stays the focus while the background noise and echo are reduced.
Built with a full duplex audio system, the Poly Sync 20+M speakerphone makes conversations between multiple speakers understandable. The bass reflex system with dual passive radiators also keeps all voices clear. Use it for mobile meetings, conference calls, or wind down to your favorite music.

Poly Sync 40+M Microsoft Teams Certified Speakerphone

Poly Sync 40-M Speakerphone
For a portable, fast-connecting, USB Bluetooth smart speaker, check out the Poly Sync 40-M Microsoft Teams Certified Speakerphone. Designed for a flexible workspace, freelancers and professionals stay connected whether they are traveling, working remotely, or at a business lunch. Made for durability, the speakerphone is IP64 dust and water-resistant.
The Poly Sync 40-M wired connection options are USB-A and USB-C, so you won’t worry about this speakerphone working with multimedia devices and collaboration applications. If you’re at a distance, stay aware of the status of the call with the high visibility light bar. The long-lasting battery allows up to 30 hours of talk time. If larger meetings are scheduled, wirelessly connect two units to expand your listening environment.

Poly Sync 10 Speakerphone

Poly Sync 10 Speakerphone
Get a slim, space-saving all-in-one speaker with the Poly Sync 10 Speakerphone. The USB-enabled speaker makes it a great choice for the home office. It features a steerable dual-microphone array to keep conversations flowing while reducing the surrounding noise.
With an enterprise-grade hi-fi audio and power amplifier, get ultimate clarity and powerful reliability. Whether you expect to be absorbed in calls or need some mesmerizing instrumentals, this Poly Sync 10 is the answer. The LED indicators and touch-sensitive controls make this speakerphone a user-friendly business tool.

PC accessories for small business

Once you have the right video conferencing tools, double-check your workstation for something you might be missing. Do you have a reliable internet connection? Need a new headset? Check out HP’s deals of the week to find everything you might need for your home office or hybrid workspace.

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