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Best HP Home Printers

Best HP Home Printers

Dwight Pavlovic
Reading time: 9 minutes
The increasing dominance of mobile devices may have changed what and how many of us print, but the basic premise behind the technology hasn’t changed. For most of us, the best home printer is something simple that prints quickly and is easy to use.
And if it doesn’t take up most of your workspace once it’s set up, that’s a nice bonus. But everyone’s needs aren’t the same, of course.
Consider faxing, for example. While plenty of people may assume that faxing is an outdated practice, it remains a widely prevalent tool worldwide, particularly for certain industries. Why? It’s quite simple: data protection and security. It’s much easier for thieves to hack into an email account than it is for them to eavesdrop on a fax machine.
Finding the ideal printer for you can be complicated, but you can definitely avoid headaches down the line if you think about your routine and needs beforehand.
In this article, we’ll talk about some of the strongest HP home printer designs available today. But first, let’s discuss the design characteristics worth considering in addition to the important questions to ask before committing to something new.

Is it secure?

As mentioned, security questions can and will factor into your printer search. If you’re concerned about protecting your data, you may want to consider a printer with manageability software.
Or, you can opt for a simple all-in-one printer with a fax function, so your communication is protected by the extra layers of difficulty and encryption involved with hacking a modern fax machine. While some companies have switched to cloud faxing for convenience, the security argument still favors traditional faxing over digital alternatives.

When, where, and how do you print?

As mobile tech grows more widespread and dynamic, many users’ media and print habits have changed to match. If you want to find the best printer for home use, then your printer should reflect that.
Generally speaking, the best home printer is the one that best addresses your needs with a minimum impact on your routine. If you scan, copy, or fax frequently, you absolutely should consider an all-in-one device. On the other hand, if you do most of your document printing at the office, you may want to consider something more focused on your at-home needs.
These may include an affordable single-function printer so you’re prepared for the unexpected, and a photo or mobile-oriented model if that better complements your needs.

Can it work seamlessly with mobile devices?

By the same token, if your routine depends on mobile devices, you’ll want a printer that emphasizes connectivity to smartphones or tablets. While most home printers are set up for wireless functionality, if you truly live and breathe mobile then there are several newer options tailored specifically to you that we’ll discuss in a bit.

Do you want to handle photo printing at home?

It may be more difficult to develop traditional photos these days, but it’s actually never been easier to handle photo printing at home and in a variety of ways.
With the introduction of zero-ink printing, there are new opportunities to be spontaneous with photography and photo printing. HP Sprocket printers are portable photo printers and each model offers its own range of unique opportunities including ultra-compact design and simple mobile networking.

High yield ink cartridges to cut back on your resupply efforts

One of HP®’s most useful in-house ink solutions is our high-yield ink cartridges, which offer up to twice the print output of standard versions.
Fortunately for consumers, these cartridges are compatible with all of HP’s home printer designs. Load them up just like a standard cartridge and cut out at least a few trips to the store for refills or replacements.

HP Instant Ink for cost savings

Also available on nearly all of HP’s home printers, HP Instant Ink is an ink replacement service that works in tandem with enabled printers. Whenever your printer detects that you’re running low on ink, it automatically orders a replacement.
That means no hassle or fussing with warnings, and even better, no more risk of a surprise ink shortage when you urgently need to print. Just choose an HP Instant Ink-enabled printer and a subscription tier based on your print output.
You can even print as many photos as you want. The price is based on pages, so you pay the same regardless of how much or what kind of ink you use.
There’s a free plan for low volume printers and options to accommodate bigger workloads for only a few dollars per month. We’ll also recycle your used cartridges at no cost to you.

HP DeskJet offers a compact, affordable solution

For many home users, the affordability and versatility of the HP DeskJet printer family makes it a contender when it comes time for something new.
HP DeskJet 1112 Compact Home Printer
Need a printer that’s compact and simple-to-use for occasional print jobs? The HP DeskJet 1112 small home printer is a particularly affordable, single-function model that you could easily fit on a shelf. While it only leaves a small footprint in your workspace, this HP DeskJet still features a 60-sheet document feeder and is compatible with HP’s high-yield ink cartridges.
Or you can get a robust multifunction printer like the HP DeskJet 3755 all-in-one home printer to print, copy, and scan from the same ENERGY STAR® printer. Where specs are concerned, it averages up to 8 pages per minute in black and white and 5 ppm in color. It is also set up for seamless mobile printing via the HP All-in-One Printer Remote mobile app.
Even better, the HP DeskJet 3755 is also compact. It weighs only 5.13 lbs and measures just over a foot wide, making it a breeze to situate and move even in a cramped workspace.

An affordable all-in-one hub with HP OfficeJet

If you spend a lot of time in your home office or have varied needs, the HP OfficeJet printer family offers competitively priced all-in-ones designed for heavier mixed use. While the HP OfficeJet family is primarily designed for business use, they can offer a lot of extra bang for your buck - even if they do take up a little more space than an HP DeskJet.
For the budget conscious, the HP OfficeJet 3830 all-in-one printer is a great wireless multifunction model that can print, scan, copy, and even fax. It’s compatible with HP Instant Ink and high-yield cartridges, can perform borderless printing, and comes with a 35-page automatic document feeder for big scanning jobs. It also averages print speeds up to 8.5 ppm in black and 6 ppm in color, and has an optional quiet mode when you don’t want to wake the house while printing.
If you want a photo-ready all-in-one, the HP OfficeJet 5255 all-in-one printer is another great wireless option designed for photo printing. It also provides an upgrade on print speed, averaging up to 10 ppm in black and 7 ppm in color.

HP ENVY for fast prints and more

HP ENVY printers are essentially a premium all-in-one line with best-in-class print speeds and extra features like a bigger display and photo support.
HP ENVY 7155 All-in-One Photo Printer
Of course they scan and copy, but their print speed is a central feature. The popular HP ENVY 7155 AiO photo printer offers up to 14 ppm in black and 9 ppm in color.
If you want a model that can handle faxes and provide another uptick in print speeds, there’s the HP ENVY 7855 AiO photo printer. Loaded with all the same optimizations as the HP ENVY 7155, it’s good for 15 ppm in black and 10 ppm in color.
Both include HP ENVY’s wireless management features, allowing users to handle more via smartphone or tablet, such as scanning or printing from social media.
When you need to handle things directly, their displays also have a size advantage versus HP OfficeJet or HP DeskJet by providing a 2.7-inch touch screen.

Meet HP Tango, a new mobile-based smart home printer

If you keep a higher tech household, check out our HP Tango printers, a new line of voice-compatible smart printers designed for the home. The line currently comes in two configurations with modest technical differences, but some potentially helpful style upgrades in the X-model described below.
HP Tango Smart Home Printer
However, both are built for multifunction printing - photos included - and designed with the same cloud-based, two-way network connection to allow for seamless mobile printing. Even better, both HP Tango models are HP Instant Ink-enabled so you can still save a lot compared to a typical supply routine.

Easily print from your smartphone or tablet with the standard HP Tango

The HP Tango smart printer is incredibly compact and easy to use, measuring only 15 inches wide and weighing less than 7 lbs. It also includes dual-band WiFi so you can have confidence in your connection while copying and scanning remotely.
It features easy voice activation setup through devices like the Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Microsoft Cortana, and boasts fast print speeds, too. It manages up to 11 ppm in black, and 8 ppm in color.

The clean design of the HP Tango X printer

Depending on your setup, being able to conveniently store your printer can be a good way to keep a workspace looking clean. You can embrace a more minimalist setup with the HP Tango X smart printer, which adds a charcoal linen cover that folds around three sides of the device. When you finish printing, just fold it up to store it away or slip it onto a bookshelf for discreet storage.

Print wherever and whenever with HP Sprocket printers

Designed for travel and spontaneity, HP Sprocket photo printers make printing photos convenient no matter where you are. Based on zero-ink technologies, the HP Sprocket line offers a full range of mobile photo printers that are great for parties and scrapbooking. You can even edit and prepare photos before you print using the free HP Sprocket app.
HP Sprocket Plus Photo Printer
While there’s a full line of different HP Sprocket configurations, the standard HP Sprocket has recently come out with a 2nd edition with improvements mobile users will certainly appreciate.

Mobile photo prints with the HP Sprocket (2nd Edition)

The 2nd-generation HP Sprocket photo printer adds a pair of new exterior design options and the ability to print via multiple smartphones to the sleek standard design.
Best of all, it measures only 3.15 x 4.63 x 0.98 inches, so it’s easy to move around if you’re hosting a party at home. HP® was able to make this line so compact because the zero-ink (Zink®) system it uses to print standard 2 x 3 photos takes up very little space.

Bigger prints with the HP Sprocket Plus printer

If you want to print a little bit bigger, the HP Sprocket Plus photo printer lets you turn out photos and stickers 30% larger than the standard HP Sprocket. Though it’s a bit larger overall, the HP Sprocket Plus is slim enough to fit easily into a purse, briefcase, or tote.

The convenient, retro HP Sprocket 2-in-1 camera printer

Do you enjoy the retro feel and immediacy of older instant print cameras, but not the sensitivity and cumbersome designs? Then the HP Sprocket 2-in-1 camera printer is designed just for you. It combines a digital camera with HP Sprocket’s zero-ink print system for a fun throwback.
HP Sprocket 2-in-1 Camera Printer
You can even use it like a standard HP Sprocket when the need arises. Just print from your phone via the same free HP Sprocket app.

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