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HP Jetdirect 2800w NFC/Wireless Direct Accessory

Easy, simple, straightforward install, and provides effortless wireless printing from other laptops, cell phones, apple iPads.

HP Jetdirect 3000w NFC/Wireless Accessory

The Product has great feature but no installation manual. You have to try to find out exactly where to put the product,

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Always ahead of the technological curve, HP’s line of cutting-edge print servers connect you, your business, and all connected office computers to a comprehensive network that simplifies printing processes.
Connectivity at your fingertips
Typically used in environments and workspaces where multiple printers exist, the print server functions as a middle man between network-connected computers and the directly-connected client computer. Cutting out the roundabout process of having to move files from PC to PC, a print server makes using a printer on a network painless.
Gone are the days of manually dealing with messy wires and scratching your head wondering where your print job went. Taking the human interference out of the equation, the print server sends print jobs to the appropriate printer while queuing up local jobs. Print servers are among the most important HP supplies for office spaces.

Boost workplace productivity

All operations within the workplace are about efficiency, productivity, and strategizing for success. Devices designed to streamline all of your digital processing become the most important when projects are coming down to the wire.
Generally speaking, printers are usually on the slower side of output devices. When you want professional-grade prints, you won’t want to sacrifice quality for quantity. However, in the event that you have a number of print jobs lined up, the likelihood of a jam or a sluggish lag slowing you down is increased.
Leave the heavy lifting to a superior print server that optimizes queueing while accommodating large work requests. Since your busy schedule allows little to no time for laggy wait times, installing a print server into your workspace will help keep productivity levels high and wasted time low.

Wireless for the future

Wireless computing and networking have become more popular than ever. Wired devices continue to be phased out in favor of more convenient, portable, wireless options. Connecting a network of business computers in the workspace to a wireless print server gives all users access to the network of printers living inside the office.
Without the messy tangle and hassle of wires, a wireless print server can manage the print job queue of every network connected printer. It sends off digital files to the machine most capable of handling the job in the quickest, most efficient way.
Experience next-level speed and reliability with our fast routing and autoconfiguration features that take the pauses out of your busy day, and get you back on track. Easy setup, full manageability, and backward compatibility are all defining elements that set HP print servers apart from the competition.
A selection of HP wireless print servers also supports mobile printing. Documents, files, or photos living on your smartphone or tablet can be sent straight to the server which then processes the job to the next available printer.
Keep your office at the trailblazing head of the industry by equipping your workspace with smart devices that optimize processing without sacrificing time or quality. All of your business solution needs can be solved with HP®.

Streamlined capabilities

Within a small, easy-to-conceal box lives a massive world of wireless capabilities. HP print servers are straightforward in their setup process and incredibly simple to incorporate into the workplace. By storing and queueing print requests locally, print servers effectively prevent printer overloads, jams, and lag.
Web-enabled HP print servers typically support up-to-date versions of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Not only can you print straight from your preferred web browser, but you can also manage the print server queue online with a number of our available products.

Top-notch security to safeguard your workspace

Rest assured knowing your network is safe, secured against any third-party threats. Our print servers are protected by IPsec, 802.11x and several encryption options that work to keep your in-house print jobs completely safeguarded.
Security is of the utmost importance in your workspace, which is why HP® prioritizes security management with all of our network-connected devices. In addition to integrated IPsec/Firewall protection, our wire and wireless print servers are WPA (WiFi Protected Access) and WPA2 authentication enabled. These security measures ensure stronger encryption than traditional WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) protection.

Whatever your business, HP supplies for your needs

Transforming your workspace into a burgeoning ground for success takes innovative ideation and smart device introduction. As one of the tech industry’s most trusted suppliers for expert-level products, HP® is your one-stop-shop answer for optimizing your workplace.
From our print servers to our printers, you can count on HP to elevate the digital landscape of your business, one device at a time. Check out all of our Print Servers and other business solutions, and always get the best price available along with fast Free Shipping.