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Best Bluetooth Mouse for Different Uses

Best Bluetooth Mouse for Different Uses

Michelle Wilson
Reading time: 10 minutes
HP Z3700 Gold Wireless MouseAll computer mice have the same basic functions. They allow you to scroll, move the cursor, and click. Everything beyond that is up to user discretion. So, what makes one mouse better than another? It depends on how you’re planning to use the mouse, your desired ergonomic setup, and if you want a wired or wireless mouse.
A Bluetooth mouse is perhaps the most convenient of all the choices available today. They offer a simple solution for computing that avoids tangled cords and the frustration of losing a USB wireless receiver. So, what’s the best Bluetooth mouse for your lifestyle? That depends on the features you’re looking for, so let’s start there.

A short history of the mouse

You might take the comfort of your computer mouse for granted but the initial prototypes for this ubiquitous device were clunky, square, and had a name that definitely didn’t roll off the tongue: “X-Y position indicator for a display system” [1]. It was made out of wood, a circuit board, and two metal wheels. Eight years later, the “ball mouse” was developed.
Another eight years went by before the optical mouse came into use. It was during this time period, in the 1980s, when the term “mouse” was adopted into the modern vernacular and the device itself became widely available commercially. Optical mice now dominate the tech landscape and are considered the universal standard.

Mouse features guide

Buying the right mouse is a lot more important than you may initially think. There are plenty of budget-friendly mice that will deliver point, click, and scroll features but a great mouse can elevate your entire computing experience. Why?
If your hand is too big or too small for a given mouse, it can lead to strain or unnecessary fatigue that make long hours behind a computer almost unbearable. With this information in mind, let’s dive into some of the features you may want to consider when you’re looking for the best Bluetooth mouse for everyday use.

1. Size and ergonomics

The size of your mouse comes down to preference because you will need to decide if you want a heftier mouse that makes it slightly more unsuitable for portability or a smaller mouse you can easily tuck away into a briefcase or laptop bag if you travel often.
Closely related to size and ergonomics is considering how you naturally grip a mouse. Most people, when sitting at a table, do not naturally place their palms perfectly flat on the surface in front of them because that results in an uncomfortable sitting experience [2].
Instead, when you rest your hands on a table, they’re generally at least partially on their sides. So, avoid cheap mice that encourage your hand to lay completely flat since that may invite muscle strain.
According to Epic Gear’s mouse grip guide [3], there are three main types of computer mouse grip:
Palm grip
The palm grip is probably the most widespread type of mouse grip and takes up around 50% of the market in terms of mouse chassis setup. Why is this such a popular grip? It allows the hand to rest naturally on the mouse surface. Palm grip mice are typically longer, wider, and have a more dramatic back arch for optimal levels of hand support.
The mouse built for a palm grip is great for gliding and fine, small movements. In terms of gaming, however, the palm grip may be a less suitable position because it tends to affect how fast the hand can move during repeated fast actions.
Claw grip
While this hand position is less popular than the palm grip, it does have followers within the gaming community. Instead of the hand lying on a more horizontal plane, the hand arches up so there are fewer contact points with the surface of the mouse.
Mice with a claw grip configuration tend to be shorter with less of a sloped back arch. In terms of user experience, this translates into faster gliding and more control with repeated quick movements.
Tip or Finger Grip
Known as the finger or tip grip, this final hand position is the most aggressive of all of the mouse grips with the least amount of contact with the mouse chassis. Instead of your entire palm resting on the mouse, the tips of your fingers control the mouse’s flow.
Mice with tip grip orientation have a flat back arch and are incredibly light. It’s a grip meant for speed in fast gaming maneuvers.

2. Wired versus wireless

Another major decision you’ll have to make when shopping for a mouse is whether or not you want wired USB mouse or a wireless mouse [4]. Both have their benefits and drawbacks depending on what the main use of your mouse will be.
Wireless mice
  • Convenient, small, and portable
  • No cables to lose
  • Can be used from farther away
  • Great for devices that don’t have any ports for a mouse
  • Slower than wired because data is transmitted wirelessly which creates a small lag
  • Needs batteries or recharging
Wired mice
  • Faster than wireless mice
  • Wired mice are better for gaming if speed is important
  • No interference to slow gameplay abilities
  • More economical
  • No batteries or recharging needed

3. Responsiveness

The last feature of a mouse you may want to consider as you shop and compare is a given mouse’s responsiveness, especially if you’re a gamer. Precision and speed become the most important features so you can respond to game stimuli faster than enemies and opponents.

1. Best Bluetooth mouse for travel

If you find yourself in airport terminals, ports, and train stations, you need a mouse that can keep up with the pace of your jet setting lifestyle. The HP Z3700 Gold Wireless Mouse is that device.
HP Z5000 Dark Ash Silver Wireless Mouse
This is the best Bluetooth mouse for travel because of its low-profile, stylish design. There are no cables or transceivers to lose or tangle up in your bag. Small and compact, this mouse is designed to move.
Three standard buttons and a scroll wheel assist you during business-critical tasks so you can do more, faster. This mouse is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled notebooks and desktops.
An LED battery indicator gives you plenty of time to anticipate battery replacement needs so you’ll never be caught off guard during an inconvenient time.
HP® stands by this technology with a one-year, worldwide parts-and-labor limited warranty. If you’re having issues with set up, HP® also offers 24/7 technical phone support during the warranty period should you have any problems connecting or settings queries.

2. Best Bluetooth mouse for everyday use

If you need an aesthetically-pleasing addition to your home office workstation, look no further.
The HP Wireless Mouse 200 provides all the convenience and looks you could possibly want. Are you a leftie? This mouse supports both right-handed, left-handed, and ambidextrous users.
HP Slim Bluetooth Mouse
The HP Slim Bluetooth mouse also boasts an incredible 1200 dots per inch sensor resolution which means it’s incredibly accurate and sensitive to your movements. In general, the higher a mouse’s resolution, the less you have to move the mouse to obtain a response [5].
This mouse will ensure your home office is a productive space where you won’t be waiting around for your device to respond and you won’t have to worry about a tangle of cords getting in the way of your tasks.

3. Best Bluetooth laser mouse

Looking for the best Bluetooth laser mouse? Try this alternative: HP 280 Silent Wireless Mouse.
HP x4000 Wireless Mouse
This is the Ferrari of speedy wireless mice with the race car aesthetics to match. Enjoy a 30-month battery life, pinpoint laser sensor accuracy, and a useful LED light to warn you of a low battery and to verify the Bluetooth connection.

4. Best Bluetooth gaming mouse

If you’re on the hunt for the best Bluetooth gaming mouse, there’s both good news and bad news.
The bad news: Using a Bluetooth mouse might not bring the leaderboard results you’re after. Some professional gamers consider Bluetooth gaming mice unreliable, citing the risk of interference and battery concerns [6].
The good news? While Bluetooth gaming mice might be off your list, there are plenty of wired alternatives available. HP® offers an even faster type of mouse for gaming - the OMEN Vector Wireless Mouse.
HP OMEN Gaming Mouse 600
This wired gaming mouse is built for the advanced gamer looking for the cherry on top of their gaming fortress. It can be completely customized to your specifications so you get the best gameplay experience every single time.
Three different weights allow you to choose what feels best for your particular biometrics. You can control the sensitivity levels from 800 dots per inch all to way to 12,000 dots per inch.
A new optical sensor was designed for eSports so if you’re trying to break into professional gaming, this is your device.
In addition, six programmable buttons allow you to adjust game settings and computer settings on the fly, so you’ll never have to pause during game-critical moments again.

5. The best all-around Bluetooth mouse

HP Spectre 500 Bluetooth Mouse
If you have an HP Spectre laptop, you’re in luck. The HP Spectre Rechargeable Mouse 700 is the exceptional companion to an enterprise-level operation. After all, as a high-performance professional, you deserve a high-performance mouse. This Bluetooth 3.0-powered mouse delivers wireless convenience in a beautiful, sleek package fit for any minimalist setup.
Blue LED Optics provide accuracy and precision for use during any business-critical application. With 1600 dots per inch resolution, the sensitivity of this mouse is off the charts. Its responsiveness will help you become a productivity powerhouse. HP stands behind the workmanship of this device with a one year warranty should you run into any issues.

Honorable mention: specialized-use mice


One of the most interesting aspects of the mouse revolution is how specialized they’ve become in recent years. For example, the HP Elite Presenter mouse is built specifically for presenters. Business presentations can be difficult and stressful, why would you want to add to the frustration by dealing with inferior technology while trying to close a deal?
HP Elite Presenter Mouse
The HP presentation-specific mouse is the perfect tool for making your presentation flawless. Control a PowerPoint from the front or back of the room with confidence. Enjoy a 30-foot wireless receiving range so you won’t have to scramble to the computer each time you need to change a slide.
Make your point known with a built-in virtual laser pointer as you talk to emphasize certain content on the screen. Need a regular travel mouse?
Simply flip it for regular click-scroll-point mouse functionality. Recharge your presenter mouse’s batteries through a micro USB port and slip it into your purse or briefcase, it’s ready whenever you are. When it’s not in use, it automatically reverts to standby mode.

Thumb rest

Another advent in the world of mice is the addition of a small, protruding platform for a user’s thumb as seen in the HP x4000 wireless mouse. This wing allows your thumb to rest naturally and helps prevent unnecessary strain during long days at a desk.

Multiple surface

Mice are also being built that can be used on any surface including carpet or wood. The Microsoft Arc Touch mouse responds to a user’s touch on any surface. It can also be flattened out for travel and mobility.
The Arc Touch mouse is an innovative solution for business professionals and casual users alike. This device means you won’t have to carry extra cables, a wireless receiver, or even a mouse pad to experience its full functionality.

The best Bluetooth mouse for you

When you’re setting up your workstation, home office, or travel accessories, a mouse may not be the most important part of your decision process. However, a mouse can make your days behind a desk more comfortable and more productive.
If you’re looking for the best Bluetooth mouse, HP® offers a full range of computer mice and matching keyboards to satisfy the needs of all kinds of users.
Enjoy all-day comfort during long work days, feel limitless power and instant responsiveness for any PC game, or revel in the beautiful, simple design of a wireless mouse to complement the elegance of your home office.
[3] Epic Gear; Types of mouse grip
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