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Computer Skills: Mouse and Keyboarding Games

Computer Skills: Mouse and Keyboarding Games

Reading time: 4 minutes
A lot more kids are having to do school from home these days instead of being able to go to school and sit in a classroom with their friends. It can be hard to keep exercising your brain and learning new things when you're stuck in the house all day, but there are actually a lot of fun games you can play online that can keep your brain busy and help you keep up with schoolwork, too.
When you're doing school from home, you'll often be using a computer to talk to your teacher and meet with your class every day, so you need to know at least the basics about computers, like how to use a mouse and how to type. Online games can help you learn these skills, and they can also teach out about lots of other things related to technology, from building robots to coding computer programs and games.

Mouse Games

  • Dragon Drop: Click and drag to bring the dragon to its dinner. The faster you feed your dragon, the more points you get!
  • Connect the Dots: Drag lines from one dot to the next to see the hidden picture.
  • Crocword Crossword Game: Practice your spelling and work on your mouse skills by clicking and dragging to spell words.
  • Click and Match: Click on the cards and give your memory a workout with this fun matching game.
  • Disney Channel's Snowman-O-Rama: Drag and drop the blocks of snow to build the best snowman you can.
  • Balloon Pop Subtraction: Solve subtraction problems and click the balloons to find the answers. You'll be working on your mouse skills and your math skills at the same time!
  • Bug Bash Game: Click the bugs to swap them around and match them up. When you match three of the same bug in a row, you'll make them disappear.
  • Train Track Engineers: Help the friends of Sesame Street build a train track while using your computer mouse to drag the parts to the right places.
  • Quack Snacks: Use your mouse skills to help Chirp give berries to Quack in this game from Peep and the Big Wide World.
  • Weigh This! Click the weights to make the scale balance and figure out how much each thing weighs.

Keyboarding Games

  • Decimal Detective: Learn all about decimals and practice typing numbers in this mystery game created for older elementary-school students and middle-schoolers.
  • Typing Race: Type to make your car move and see if your typing is fast enough to win the race!
  • Typing Alien: Type the word at the bottom of the screen to fill up your ammo, then shoot the aliens to save the world.
  • Online Typing Tutor: This fun activity can help you learn to type faster and faster!
  • Keyboard Ninja: Play this fruit-slicing game to see how fast you can find the letters on your keyboard.
  • Dance Mat Typing: Learn to type and make the characters show you their best moves.
  • KeyTower Game: Drop crates into a pile to make a tower, but don't let your tower collapse! This game will test your ability to use keyboard buttons and the mouse.

Typing Skills

  • Car Rider Game: Help the police car collect the coins in the road and avoid other cars by pressing different keys on your keyboard.
  • Typing Monster: Use your typing skills to cast magic spells and defeat the monster.
  • TypeRush Race: Type as fast as you can to get your car down the track and win the race!
  • Nitro Typing Race: Play against friends in this multiplayer typing game.

Computer and Technology Games for Kids

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