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Top 10 HP Windows 10 Accessories

Top 10 HP Windows 10 Accessories

Daniel Horowitz
Reading time: 8 minutes
If you purchased a new PC within the last few years, there’s a high probability that it is a Windows 10 computer. Windows 10 has revolutionized how applications run, and it has led to better software development and entertainment for PC owners. And to fully take advantage of the operating system and all it has to offer, there are some great accessories to consider adding to your setup.
Let’s discuss the best HP® accessories available that can enhance the way you use Windows 10 on your preferred device.

Top 10 Windows 10 accessories from HP

1. HP X3000 wireless mouse

One of the best Windows laptop accessories, the HP X3000 wireless mouse offers the opportunity for you to design and accomplish complex tasks without breaking your budget. It conforms to HP’s top-tier standards, and it looks great in either black or metallic gray.
Plus, it’s wireless, so you don’t have to worry about wires clogging up your workspace and getting in the way. All you need is a USB port to insert the receiver and you’re ready to go.
Additional features:
  • Lightweight at 0.18 lbs
  • One-year warranty
  • Works with Windows 7, 8, and 10

2. HP OMEN keyboard 1100

Every gamer needs a solid keyboard in order to compete, and the HP OMEN keyboard 1100 offers N-key rollover and responsive keys to keep you in the game. It’s meant to last match after match. But it’s not just for gamers. Workday after workday, you need a reliable keyboard to keep you on task. With a 50-million keystroke lifespan, you won’t have to worry about it going the distance. It also looks as good as it functions thanks to its dedicated red LED backlight, which also helps you see in low-light settings.
Additional features:
  • One-year warranty
  • Indicator LEDs for the Num, Caps, and Win Lock key
  • Wired USB

3. HP S3100 black USB speaker

The HP S3100 black USB speaker combo is designed to blend into the nearby surroundings, but not without providing some big sound. For an affordable price, you can enjoy your tunes without even needing to plug into an outlet.
Simply attach the speakers to your computer or compatible device to enjoy your favorite audio, whether you’re streaming movies, playing games, or listening to a good song.
Additional features:
  • 2.4 watts of sound
  • Built with HP® quality standards
  • No USB port required

4. HP USB Headset 500

Updated to work with Cortana, the HP USB Headset 500 is perfect when you need to take calls in the office or if you need to have your hands free while gaming. Its lightweight design makes it easy to wear for hours at a time.
With so many favorable user reviews on the HP Store, you can rest assured that you can take your Skype calls without fear of any audio lag. All you need is a USB-A port to get great sound no matter where you are.
Additional features:
  • Easy instructions to get you up and running
  • Works with any PC’s USB-A port
  • Optimized for Skype calls

5. HP Thunderbolt dock 120W G2

Sometimes, all you need is a little bit of a boost. With the HP Thunderbolt dock 120W G2, you have a small device that provides a lot of power. It includes a dock that offers a chance for you to control your network along with a number of different devices and PCs. If you have a number of projects going at once, this handy device can help you stay organized and get things done faster.
Additional features:
  • Round design meant to minimize space
  • Connection to 4K displays
  • Compatible with Thunderbolt notebooks, either HP or other brands

6. HP EliteDisplay E202

Certified for Windows 10, the HP EliteDisplay E202 is meant to help you make the most of your workday. With adjustable tilt and swivel settings and clear color, you’re set for long days in front of the screen. It also has 178-degree, wide-angle IPS technology to make sure your presentations look good in both portrait and landscape mode. Combine this with a USB hub and you’ve got everything you need to get your projects finished.
Additional features:
  • DisplayPort, VGA, and HDMI port options
  • 20 inches of HD color
  • Additional programming supported

7. HP Essential USB mouse

There’s nothing wrong with getting back to the basics. The HP Essential USB mouse has everything you need in order to game or create. Its lightweight design is comfortable and also makes for a great addition to your on-the-go kit. Plus, you get it for a reasonable price backed by a one-year warranty.
Additional features:
  • Lightweight at 3.17 ounces
  • Compatible with all USB ports
  • Sensitive, optical sensor

8. HP Rechargeable Active Pen

To make the most of your Windows 10 operating system, you need the right tools. And with the HP Rechargeable Active Pen, you can navigate your applications with more than just a traditional mouse or touchpad. Whether you plan to illustrate your latest idea or you simply need to take notes during class, you no longer need to rely on a keyboard and mouse.
Additional features:
  • Magnetic attach capability
  • Replacement nibs included
  • Compatible with most HP touch screens

9. HP Elite presenter mouse

Make a lasting impression during your next meeting with the HP Elite presenter mouse. It’s armed with a virtual laser, allowing you to make your point and change slides no matter where you are in the room. A presenter mouse also makes it simple to navigate applications from your desk.
Of course, this mouse also follows the strict standards HP uses for its products. It has up to two months of battery life as well, giving you plenty of time to prepare for - and nail - your next presentation.
Additional features:
  • Compatible with HP PCs with Bluetooth
  • Micro USB Type-A charging port
  • Carrying pouch for portability

10. Microsoft Xbox controller and wireless adapter

Did you know that you can game with an Xbox controller on your Windows 10 device? With a 19.69 ft operating range, nothing should disturb you from finishing the next level. It also has a 66% smaller design, making it portable for your next gaming session.
You can also connect up to eight devices, which is perfect for getting friends together and enjoying a night of fun. You can also connect your favorite headphones to the available audio jack to enjoy wireless stereo sound through the controller. All these features and more make sure you can make the most of your entertainment on your Windows 10 PC.
Additional features:
  • Support for tablet, Xbox One, PC, and more
  • Lightweight at 9.92 ounces
  • USB wireless connection

What is Windows 10?

Windows 10 is an operating system for many PCs, tablets, phones, and similar devices. It is a follow up to Windows 8 and it’s expected to be consistently updated by Microsoft instead of them creating a brand-new OS down the line. If users wish to upgrade to Windows 10, they will need to run the Windows 10 OS installer instead of using a CD to install a new operating system. You can also set your operating system to automatically upgrade when there are updates available.
You can install Windows 10 from operating systems that are still running Windows 7 or 8. You don’t have to use reimaging or system wipes, which can make it much simpler to upgrade for those who aren’t tech savvy. For those who know the operating system well, updates can be made manually or certain patches can be installed rather than the installing entire system.
One of the best reasons to consider using Windows 10 is the fact that it is so common. Most office suites and accessories are designed to work with it, and almost all applications are easy to find. The OS also has a number of ways that it integrates with web browsers, and it has incorporated multifactor authentication for greater security. This can include a fingerprint scanner or facial recognition software, which of course depends on the model of the device.

Why should I choose Windows 10 over other operating systems?

Microsoft has created a number of new features for users that can help them accomplish a variety of tasks. The big reasons why many choose Windows is because they have used this OS before and because almost all programs can be run through the Windows OS.
Many companies have also chosen Windows as their operating system of choice. This gives you more options when you’re selecting the make and model of your computer, which can also be helpful when you choose Windows 10 accessories for your device.

Why should I use Windows accessories?

There are plenty of types of accessories on the market meant for Windows systems. However, many of them are not made by Microsoft or their partners. Third-party items can be tempting because of their lower price, but you can’t always guarantee that they will work with your type of computer or tablet. This is why it’s important to research the accessories you’re buying and make sure they’re built for your OS.
By purchasing items designed to work with Windows 10, you can get the most out of your device and know that they are compatible. This can make it easier to get things done and help you avoid the headache of returning products that don’t work for you. By ordering Windows 10 accessories from HP®, you know they’ll work with your device and that they’re built to provide a seamless experience.

In summary

Windows 10 is built for creativity, work, and fun, and you can make it even better when pairing it with accessories designed specifically with the OS in mind. By buying compatible Windows 10 accessories, you know that you have the tools to take full advantage of your operating system and your device.

About the Author

Daniel Horowitz is a contributing writer for HP® Tech Takes. Daniel is a New York-based author and has written for publications such as USA Today, Digital Trends, Unwinnable Magazine, and many other media outlets.

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