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The 4 Best Gaming Mouse Pads

The 4 Best Gaming Mouse Pads

Tulie Finley-Moise
Reading time: 9 minutes
Back in the day, no desktop computer setup was complete without a trusty mouse pad. Engineered to deliver smooth mouse tracking and precise motion sensing, mouse pads have been around for about as long as computer mice have been on the market.
Varying in shapes, sizes, and capabilities, mouse pads come in as many variable forms as mice do. In the digital age, portable computers have taken the market by storm, making laptop computers and tablet computers tech staples for every student, professional, creative, and gamer.
However, with the tides of change laptop computers brought came a resurgence in desktop computer popularity.
Gamers, in particular, require high-quality machines to produce top quality graphics, speed, and functionality. Even the smallest and oft-forgotten gaming accessories have proven to make a world of a difference in every game scape sitting on your computer desktop.
Gaming mouse pads have come a long way since their 1969 invention, and we’ll give you the rundown on the best mouse pads for gamers, what to look for, and why you should consider upgrading.

Why should I use a gaming mouse pad?

Any serious gamer knows the importance of having an intuitive mouse to enhance the quality and usability of their gaming rig. When you depend on your mouse to perfectly mimic your movement and hit targets on your command, precision is absolutely crucial.
Slick surface gamers may find that their mouse gains a mind of its own slipping and sliding across their desk. Slamming on your mouse to recenter may do the job, but it could also leave you with a malfunctioning mouse.
Even though your mouse may work on a glass surface or wooden desk, that does not necessarily mean that said surface is ideal for mouse motion control. Too little friction can make starting and stopping difficult, while too much friction could completely throw off your A-game.
Although it does all come down to personal preference, the fact is that more precise mouse control results in smoother gameplay. Specialized gaming accessories like custom mouse pads enhance the technological advances that mice have undergone in the past half-century.
Gone are the days of mice with rubber rolling balls integrated into their frame. Mice today are wireless, Bluetooth capable, optical, laser, and more technologically sound than ever.
While computer mice have seen many digital age improvements, so too have mouse pads. So why not upgrade your mouse pad?

Reason #1: Stability

There are few things more frustrating than watching your cursor float around your screen, going everywhere except where you want it to go. This is often the case with slick and smooth surfaces.
Desks, tables, counters... you name it. These surfaces are not optimized for traction, which means your mouse will skate around your screen by itself. With a quality gaming mouse pad, you’ll be able to turn any slick surface into an instant gaming station.
Whether you prefer hard mouse pads or soft ones, a good mouse pad delivers traction, stability, and portability every single time.

Reason #2: Precision

It’s easy to forget how crucial a mouse pad is to a gaming rig, but nothing stings more than missing an easy headshot because of a slight cursor slip.
Accuracy is key when it comes to gaming, and when you’re on your way up to the top of the leaderboards, there is no time or space for error.
Gaming mouse pads offer top of the line motion tracking that provides unparalleled precision. Get the pay off those split-second reaction times deserve with the help and control that a gaming mouse pad guarantees.
Never miss another shot with the right mouse pad as your new favorite sidekick.

Reason #3: Quality

Creating a makeshift mouse pad out of an old t-shirt or using an old neoprene mouse pad might give you a frugal solution to your slippage problem, but you, your gaming rig, and your favorite games deserve better.
Whether you’re a casual gamer or a hardcore gaming fiend, quality and sustainability matter when you’re dishing out hundreds of dollars to optimize your lifestyle.
Gaming mouse pads are the pinnacle of professional-grade mouse pads and can last years without showing any signs of degradation.

What should I look for in a gaming mouse pad?

Selecting the best gaming mouse pad for your gaming rig takes a bit of research and personal consideration. From aesthetics to performance, there are a number of factors to consider before placing the perfect mouse pad into your shopping cart.
What you value most will depend on the niche of games you play most. The gaming mouse pad a casual Sims 4 player will use may differ greatly from a mouse pad a MOBA gamer will use. So what is the best gaming mouse pad for you? What factors matter most?

1. Texture

Believe it or not, there is no-one-size-fits-all for the look and feel of a gaming mouse pad. Since you don’t want your mouse pad slipping and sliding across your desk or table surface, texture density should be the first thing you consider when selecting the perfect gaming mouse.
Hard gaming mouse pads typically have smooth plastic surfaces with minimal friction. These work best with optical and laser gaming mice.
Soft gaming mouse pads are generally manufactured with a fabric covering that makes controlled gliding easy with more friction. These mouse mats work best with roller-ball and optical mice.

2. Speed

Depending on what kind of gaming you do most, speed offered by a mouse pad can greatly impact the way you game. Leisurely played RPGs and simulation games generally do not require swift fast-reaction movement, so a softer pad with more friction would do the trick.
Intense MMO or FPS gamers depend on fast reaction times and precision to scale their way up to victory. Hard gaming mouse pads deliver smooth and precise mouse movement.

3. Size

If you’ve ever found yourself gliding off your mouse pad or notice that you're stretching far and wide to make those perfect kill shots, it may be time to reconsider your mousepad size.
Large gaming mouse pads, better known as mouse mats, offer larger-dimensioned pad surfaces to accommodate your range of motion.
Extended gaming mouse pads can serve a purpose greater than just a mouse pad. You can place your keyboard and necessary accessories on your extended mat for a more complete feel for your gaming rig.
This also helps to keep your mouse and keyboard on the same slightly elevated surface. If you’re not in desperate need of extra room, standard sized mouse pads may be your best fit.

4. Grip

While the surface of your mouse pad may be colorfully decorated or sophisticated and glossy, the bottom of your mouse pad is worth paying attention to as well.
Most gaming pads come with one of three different bases; rubber, nonslip, and adhesive. Each of these bases offer fine-tuned grips to keep your pad rooted in place.

What are the best gaming mouse pads?

Simple as they may seem, gaming grade mouse pads can truly upgrade your rig and overall gaming experience in a serious way. Any gamer looking for consistent stability, precision, and quality will find everything they’re looking for in a sturdy gaming mouse pad.
Casual and competitive gamers will greatly benefit from having one of the best mouse pads supporting their gaming computer setup.
HP® has a number of tried-and-true gaming mouse pads that will up your game and deliver a well-deserved upgrade to your play time.

1. HP OMEN 100 gaming mouse pad

Glide in style without sacrificing precision with the high-performing entry-level HP OMEN 100 mouse pad. This gaming mouse pad is perfect for gamers in need of moderate friction and controlled mouse movements.
Rooted to your preferred surface, the rubber base keeps your station under control with no untimely slippage.
The minimalist design and thin profile make the HP OMEN 100 mouse pad an exceptional choice for a basic but steadfast gaming mouse pad. Tested to withstand over 250 km of mouse movement, this pad delivers professional grade quality for an affordable price.


Dimensions: 14.17 x 11.81 x 0.15 inches
Weight: 0.48 lb
Material: Cloth
Base Material: Rubber non-slip base
Thickness: 0.15 inches

2. HP OMEN 200 gaming mouse pad

You’ll never again have to lift your mouse for exact motion control and stabilization. Keep your gameplay ambitious with the HP OMEN 200 mouse pad.
This gaming pad is designed with low-DPI gamers in mind, allowing the extended freedom of exaggerated mouse movements while maintaining precision and supreme control.
The cloth surface gives moderate friction, enhancing the handling of your gaming mouse. Tested to ensure durability in varied temperatures and gaming intensities, the HP OMEN 200 mouse pad is the high-grade minimalist mouse pad every gamer will love.
This gaming pad is made with a flexible cloth material that makes storage and packing a breeze. Whether you’re relocating your rig or taking it to a competition convention, this mouse pad rolls and unfolds easily.


Dimensions: 17.72 x 15.75 x 0.16 inches
Weight: 0.88 lb
Material: Cloth
Base Material: Rubber non-slip base
Thickness: 0.16 inches

3. HP OMEN 200 hard gaming mouse pad

Got a need for speed? So does the HP OMEN 200 hard mouse pad. This perfectly-sized mouse pad fits anywhere and everywhere you take your gaming rig. This low-friction, hard surface mouse pad provides unfailing stability and optimal precision when it matters most.
Play at warp speed with the top quality sensor-response performance. Engineered with a triple layer construction, wear and tear will become a thing of the past. The HP OMEN 200 hard mouse pad is made for heavy-duty gameplay and heavy duty players.
High-DPI gamers will appreciate how smoothly their gaming mouse will move set atop this impressive mouse pad. Minimal force exerted equals minimal mistakes made.


Dimensions: 13 x 10.62 x 0.12 inches
Weight: 0.48 lb
Base Material: Rubber non-slip base
Thickness: 0.12 inches

4. HP OMEN 300 gaming mouse pad

Take home more victories than ever with the assistance from the HP OMEN 300 mouse pad. Turn near-misses into decisive hits with the unparalleled precision delivered by this large gaming mouse pad.
With plenty of room for mouse movement and a simplistic design, you can tote this gaming mouse pad wherever your heart desires.
Perfect for competitive gamers and casual players, this mat delivers fluid gliding motions even at lower DPI settings. Stabilize your locked and loaded positioning with the impressive and improved mouse tracking integrated into the HP OMEN 300 mouse pad.


Dimensions: 35.43 x 15.74 x 0.15-inches
Weight: 1.65 lb
Material: Cloth
Base Material: Rubber non-slip base
Thickness: 0.15 inches

Complete your gaming rig with HP OMEN

Looking to makeover your gaming setup? HP®’s line of OMEN gaming technology can turn a drab setup into a top tier full gaming rig. Don’t stop at an upgraded mouse pad, level up your game and size up your competitors with the HP OMEN advantage.

HP OMEN Reactor gaming mouse

Boasting unrivaled tactility and unique comfortability, the HP OMEN Reactor mouse packs a serious punch for a 5.6-ounce mouse.
Extend your hours of gameplay with this smooth gliding and supremely shaped cursor controller. Victory is only clicks away - the optical HP Reactor is designed with gamers in mind, allowing optical-mechanical switches for millions of clicks to come.

HP OMEN Sequencer gaming keyboard

Strike faster and climb the leaderboards with the colorful assistance of the HP OMEN Sequencer keyboard. Individually backlit keys and 16.8 million RGB colors to choose from make this mechanical keyboard a standout hit for gamers of all walks and game scapes.
Tested to be 10 times faster than the traditional mechanical switches an average keyboard offers, the HP OMEN Sequencer is unrivaled in its ability to stand the test of reaction time and responsiveness.

HP OMEN Mindframe gaming headset

As the world’s first headset equipped with active ear cup cooling technology, the HP OMEN Mindframe headset is in a realm of its own. Using thermoelectric devices in each ear cup, this headset keeps you cool for hours on end.
Step into your game scape with the fully immersive surround sound quality. With 3D spatial awareness and realistic positional audio, you’ll hear enemy footsteps in crystal-clear real time.

About the Author

Tulie Finley-Moise is a contributing writer for HP® Tech Takes. Tulie is a digital content creation specialist based in San Diego, California with a passion for the latest tech and digital media news.

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