Hot Swappable Keyboard

HP 230 Wireless Keyboard

Accurate typing, less noise12 function keys16 months of battery lifeWireless connectivity via USB dongle

HP 125 Wired Keyboard

Adjustable feetComfortable profileEasy USB-A wired connectivityWithstands everyday cleaning


Engineered for Sustainability

HP Wireless Premium Keyboard

Boost your productivity and work comfortably at your desk or across the room with the elegant, redesigned, anodized aluminum-trimmed HP Wireless Premium Keyboard.


HP LaserJet Workflow Keyboard

HP Color LaserJet Enterprise Flow MFP 5800zf 58R10A; HP Color LaserJet Enterprise Flow MFP 6800zf 6QN36A; HP Color LaserJet Enterprise Flow MFP 6800zfsw 6QN37A; HP Color LaserJet Flow MFP 6800zfw+ 6QN38A; HP Color LaserJet Enterprise Flow MFP X57945z 6QP99A; HP Color LaserJet Enterprise Flow MFP X677zs 6QQ02A; HP Color LaserJet Enterprise Flow MFP X677z+ 6QQ03A; HP Color LaserJet Enterprise Flow MFP X67755zs 49K87A; HP Color LaserJet Enterprise Flow MFP X67765zs 49K91A; HP Color LaserJet Enterprise Flow MFP X67755z+ 49K88A; HP Color LaserJet Enterprise Flow MFP X67765z+ 49K92A


HP 325 Chrome Bluetooth Keyboard

Bluetooth® 5.0 connectivityWorks with Chromebook CertifiedGoogle-approved Chrome keyboard layout12 months of battery life


HP 450 Programmable Wireless Keyboard

Accurate typing experience20 + programmable shortcut keys20 months battery lifeWireless connectivity via USB dongle


Engineered for Sustainability

HP Days deal!

HP 230 Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Combo

One wireless USB connection16 month battery lifeChiclet style keyboardUp to 1600 DPI

HP 330 Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Combination

One wireless USB connectionChiclet-style keyboardUltra-precise mouseIntegrated common controls

HP Days deal!

Recent Hot Swappable Keyboard Reviews

HP 325 Chrome Bluetooth Keyboard

Works as designed. The keys on the keyboard feels great and I like how it easily connects to my Chromebook. Would have been 5 stars if there were a Play/Pause button on the top row of the keyboard.

HP 230 Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Combo

Excellent products with soft touch wireless keyboard and mouse. Rapid/timely delivery; well packaged and affordably priced. Would recommend and even bought a second one after the first

HP 320 Chrome Bluetooth Keyboard

Exactly what you would expect for the price. Great small ChromeOS wireless keyboard. Would be awesome if they created a full size ChromeOS keyboard with a number pad. I absolutely recommend for use with a Chromebox or a docked Chromebook.

HP 970 Programmable Wireless Keyboard

This is a very handsome keyboard, very comfortable for the hands. I'm still learning things about it like how to program the keys. The color is a silver color and I definitely like how the keys light up, that's a plus for me.

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