HP Anyware provides secured, flexible access to every AEC project

Accelerate architecture, engineering, and construction workflows

HP Anyware provides secured, flexible access to every AEC project
Accelerate architecture, engineering, and construction workflows

Unlock seamless hybrid work with HP Anyware, which streams highly interactive desktop displays between virtually any host and end-user device. See how it helps AEC firms and find HP Anyware resources on this page.

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Empower designers, engineers, and architects

HP Anyware can maximize productivity and security in your digital workspace. See our e-guide for an inside look.


HP Anyware adds flexibility from blueprint to build

HP Anyware makes it easy to work on 2D/3D CAD applications from any location. Be productive working with crisp, clear text and wireframes, accurate color reproduction, and amazing responsiveness each step of the way.
Designed for today’s hybrid world, HP Anyware powers digital workspaces that facilitate collaboration and deliver seamless productivity and performance in even the most demanding use cases.

5 key benefits of HP Anyware for AEC

Ensure precision with each pixel

Create and work from anywhere with crisp graphics, high resolution, color fidelity, and responsiveness.

Collaborate without constraints

Enable remote teams, both internal and external, to share a real-time collaborative session with HP Anyware.

Stay connected and in control

Benefit from support for specialty peripherals, such as Wacom devices and 3D Connexion SpaceMouse, and 4K multiple monitor support.

Safeguard your genius

Keep sensitive data safe in the digital workspace with HP Anyware, an enterprise software that transmits only encrypted pixels to the user.

Enable anywhere access

Enjoy the flexibility of deploying HP Anyware both on-premises and in the cloud.

Freedom to create, collaborate, and work securely from anywhere

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“If I rotate a 3D model from my home machine, the experience is almost exactly the same as it would be in the office.”

Javier Huerta, AIA, Principal and Vice President, CLK Architects on HP Anyware

HP Anyware deployment options

HP Anyware delivers the flexibility and performance to make digital workspaces a reality for virtually any IT infrastructure. The lightweight software components shown in this image are required to deploy HP Anyware. The Professional subscription is designed for graphics- or data-intensive workloads requiring GPUs.


Accelerating AEC workflows


Digital Workspaces Solve AEC Industry Challenges


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