HP Anyware Trust Center

A big leap forward towards
zero trust

HP Anyware Trust Center
A big leap forward towards
zero trust

HP Anyware Trust Center for digital workspaces helps IT teams integrate a zero trust architecture into their endpoint management strategy.

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What is it all about?

The HP Anyware Trust Center is a zero trust policy engine for digital workspaces to help IT integrate a zero trust architecture into their endpoint management strategy. Interfacing with endpoint management tools, the HP Anyware Trust Center ensures trusted endpoints and components adhere to set security policies by providing real-time responses to policy incidents and endpoint usage monitoring. 

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Control and easily update firmware of Trusted Zero Clients

Manage the capabilities, features, and underlying firmware of Trusted Zero Clients. Power down or factory reset devices with the added ability to set up the device to the user’s needs.

Prevent unauthorized access to highest value assets using HP Anyware Trust Center to govern device verification across designated connections

Ensure that any Trusted Zero Client which attempts to connect to an HP Anyware Trust Center presents a valid, birth certificate issued by an HP-approved manufacturer. Once verified, the Trusted Zero Client is provisioned with a new, operational certificate which locks it to this HP Anyware Trust Center and permits it to interact with other trusted entities in the system.

Monitor access behavior to enable secure trusted connections

Evaluate each transaction between a Trusted Zero Client (or trusted software client) and a host desktop, view device logs for monitoring the state of your devices. Validate the integrity of each client device on each connection, ensuring that compromised devices can be controlled based on set policies.

Create trust policies for trusted devices

Configure endpoint policies to enforce what remote endpoints are allowed to do and what features or actions users can self-configure. Enforce usage parameters such as display settings and what USB peripherals (e.g. webcams, mass-storage devices) can or can not be used.

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HP Anyware Trust Center and Trusted Zero Clients

The Anyware Trust Center offers IT teams a highly scalable future-ready approach to achieving Zero Trust best practices for endpoint device security. Not only does the architecture enforce clear segmentation between user authentication and device authorization services, but when deployed in conjunction with PCoIP® Trusted Zero Client endpoints, stringent levels of digital workspace security can be achieved. 
Businesses with existing PCoIP® Zero Client or Thin client deployments can accomplish the trusted device pillar of their Zero Trust strategy by adopting Trusted Zero Clients in conjunction with Anyware Trust Center. The enhanced management and security features offered by the Anyware Trust Center can be unlocked with an Anyware Trust Center subscription on a per-device basis.

Next-gen Trusted Zero Clients with Zero Trust features

The Trusted Zero Client is a highly secure endpoint and takes advantage of the latest PCoIP protocol features and improved PCoIP Ultra performance. Trusted Zero Clients have the ability to connect to HP Anyware, Amazon Workspaces, and VMware Horizon (both PCoIP and Blast protocols) so you’re never locked into a single digital workspaces solution.

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HP Anyware Trust Center subscription

HP Anyware Trust Center is a service that can be accessed by select 3rd-party endpoint management tools and requires an Anyware Trust Center subscription per device to unlock enhanced management and security features. The first 12 months of the subscription are included free of charge with every new Trusted Zero Client purchased, and then a subscription is required for full functionality afterwards.
Recently purchased a Trusted Zero Client? You qualify for a free one year subscription of HP Anyware Trust Center.

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Footnotes and disclaimers

    1. See https://h20195.www2.hp.com/v2/GetDocument.aspx?docname=4AA8-3292ENW for compatible endpoint management solutions and Trusted Zero Client offerings.
    2. To download Anyware Trust Center, a user must first register for an account at anyware.hp.com and complete the submission form at connect.teradici.com/trust-center-subscription-registration-page.
    3. Each device when registered with Anyware Trust Center will initiate the 12 months of Anyware Trust Center licensing upon registration.