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Going beyond
is understanding people are at the core of how we do business.

That's why we strive to make technology that is better for people and the planet.



Culture of inclusion

HP's equity and inclusion programs address barriers within the workforce.

Social justice

HP establishes gender and racial equity to bring forth diverse thinking.

Empowered workers

HP's solutions to empower workers increase their knowledge and skills.




HP leverages partnerships to advance education for communities worldwide.

Economic opportunities

HP's technology-related learning programs help expand digital literacy worldwide.


HP creates PC and printing solutions designed to address challenges in the healthcare sector.



Energy efficiency

The energy consumption of our personal systems has dropped by 16%, on average.

Recycled plastic content

In 2022, we used 32,200 tons of post consumer recycled plastic in HP products.

Reduce and reuse

HP strives for zero waste in our operations by 2025.

World's most sustainable PC portfolio1

The world's most sustainable

PC portfolio1

100% PCs and displays registered in 2022/23 achieved EPEAT® U.S. Gold2.

100% of PCs and displays launched in 2022/23 contained recycled materials.

100% of business notebooks shipped in fiber cushions since 2022.

Printers designed with the planet in mind

Printers designed with the

planet in mind

Select HP printers are EPEAT® Gold registered and ENERGY STAR certified.

HP printers are designed with end-to-end circularity, durability, and innovation to reduce waste.

For every page you print, HP protects, restores and manages forests.3

Sustainable Impact