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Complete coverage for your gaming ecosystem

Cover your Gaming PC, Displays, Accessories, and Gaming Consoles for a low monthly price of $19.99 per month.



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Our mission: Keep gamers gaming

Don’t play like a Noob. Get HP protection that keeps you in the game.

Complete coverage of your tech

Cover your complete gaming ecosystem PC, displays, accessories, gaming consoles and controllers… under one plan, for one price.

Simple “power up” coverage

No deductible. No extra fees. No surprises. Any repairs to your device are 100% covered — even if we have to replace it.

Heal quick from damage

An add-on option, our Accidental Damage Protection has your device protected at all times because let’s face it, accidents happen.

Fast, reliable support

Get easy, no-questions-asked support — around the clock, around the world, via phone and chat 7 days a week.

What's covered

Cost is $19.99 per month.  For more details please refer to FAQs


Devices covered

Your complete gaming ecosystem covered including desktop, laptop, displays, headsets, keyboards, mice, consoles, and controllers

  • Laptops
  • Desktops
  • Headsets
  • Displays
  • Keyboards
  • Mice
  • VR headsets
  • Consoles
  • Controllers
Plan benefits include

HP Ultimate Gaming Coverage Plan powered by Servify – Freedom to cancel your subscription at anytime

  • Protection against accidental damage, mechanical, and electrical breakdown
  • Gaming PC plus accessories, displays, consoles, and controllers covered
  • Coverage up to $4,000 with per claim limit up to $2,000*
  • No deductibles or hidden fees
Major brands covered

Major brands like Alienware, Lenovo, Apple and Display and Accessory manufacturers like Samsung, Logitech, Razor, or HyperX are covered with your Ultimate Coverage Plan.

  • HP
  • Dell
  • Lenovo
  • Alienware
  • Asus
  • Samsung
  • HyperX
  • Razor
  • and more…


How it works

HP Ultimate Gaming Coverage Plan is an affordable coverage plan designed to provide the coverage you need for your gaming tech. Your entire ecosystem of PC, displays, accessories, and gaming consoles are covered, including major brands. 

Step 1

Subscribe to the Ultimate Gaming Coverage Plan

Cover your gaming tech with one low, monthly price. It’s cheaper to subscribe to a coverage plan than paying the full replacement costs when you encounter a failure. Now you can cover not only your PC, but also all your gaming tech.  

Step 2

Select your devices you want covered

After subscribing to the coverage plan, register the devices you want to cover. Your HP Ultimate Gaming Coverage Plan is designed around how you and your family game. Pick the tech you want covered: PCs, displays, keyboards, mice, headsets, gaming consoles, and controllers.


HP makes it simple to extend your cover over your gaming tech.

Step 3

In the event of breakage/failure, file a claim and get your device fixed or replaced

In the event of a failure, just go online and manage your claim. HP will either fix or replace your tech according to the coverage plan terms and conditions you purchased. 

How claims work

HP Unlimited Gaming Coverage Plan center around you; not the brand or the product. 

Purchase plan

Select your HP Ultimate Gaming Coverage Plan to cover your PC, headsets, keyboards, mice, consoles, and controllers.


Register your devices

Register the devices you would like to cover under the plan.

Place a claim

In the event one of your devices fail, place a claim online through HP’s digital claim process. Click “Manage my services” to initiate your claim.

Track your claim

HP’s digital claims process allows you to track online the status of your claim. Stay informed with a touch of a button and SMS alerts. 

Get back in the game

Once your repair is complete or replacement device is identified, track the shipment of your device to enable you to get back in the game. HP Ultimate Gaming Coverage Plan make covering your gaming tech simple and satisfying.

Take aim at your Coverage Plan

HP makes it easy to cover your gaming tech. Now you can have it all under one plan, one price. 


Support & Disclaimers

* Subject to Terms & Conditions. This is a monthly subscription with auto renewal. For support, call HP Services powered by Servify at +1 (833) 965-1654.

To Cancel, Manage, or change payment method, at ANYTIME, click on “Manage My Services” in your online account.

HP will save and auto charge used Credit card every 30 days.