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HP PC Brand Transformation: A Unified Vision for the Future

By Stacy Wolff, Senior Vice President of Design & Sustainability

May 20, 2024

The perfect PC for you depends on a lot of factors – everything from power, form factor, color, or design and price play a role. In fact, the average shopper takes 20 days to research and buy a PC. Of those, 33% delay their decision because they are unsure about their choice or are afraid of making a mistake. In other words, choosing a PC can be more confusing than it should be. 

HP understands the power of compelling branding to clearly communicate our products’ value to customers. And as AI PCs rapidly reshape the personal computing landscape, we recognized an opportunity to take increasingly complex technology and communicate it in a refreshingly simple way.
We constructed a new future-ready naming structure to grow and flex alongside us in the AI PC era. One that will make the purchase journey easier, create closer relationships with our customers, and differentiate HP within the PC category. Customers should expect our brand to evolve as the technology evolves, so that we are ready to meet the possibilities of the AI PC era.
This new structure starts with two prefixes – Omni and Elite – which reflect our consumer and commercial portfolios, respectively. You may have already heard about the first new devices with our new naming announced today – the HP OmniBook X AI PC and the HP EliteBook Ultra G1q AI PC.
HP OmniBook: A New Beginning for Our Consumer Portfolio
We’re excited to share that our new consumer PC portfolio is now united under a single prefix, paired with a signifier to indicate the product category (i.e., OmniBook for laptops, OmniStudio for all-in-one desktops, and OmniDesk for traditional desktops). Our gaming PCs will continue to live under the OMEN name.
While searching for the perfect name for our next generation of computing solutions, we found it in our own history. OmniBook – originally used for one of our first notebook portfolios – has universal significance, and the prefix 'Omni'— in its truest sense — means 'all'. In a hybrid world where we’re constantly blending work and play, the prefix “Omni” embodies this mindset and represents HP’s diverse array of products that cater to every need. HP is, after all, a company built on a partnership that redefined the relationship between people and work.
This reinvigorated brand reflects our strong belief in the universality of our consumer PC offerings and reaffirms our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions as diverse and adaptable as consumers’ own lives.

Visualized Naming Structure for Consumer Portfolio


HP EliteBook & HP ProBook: Reimagining HP’s Commercial Portfolio

Next, we are proud to share the evolution of our iconic Commercial PC brands: HP EliteBook and ProBook. We recognized a need to preserve the brand equity and familiarity with our current sub-brands – they are synonymous with reliability, quality, and high performance. However, we also acknowledged the creation of additional product names like Dragonfly made those products stand out, rather than be seen as part of a holistic portfolio. We’ve now streamlined our naming and will maintain consistency across the series. 


Visualized Naming Structure for Commercial Portfolio

Pretty simple, right? Prefixes Elite and Pro for Commercial users and Omni for Consumers. Let’s talk about how we help communicate performance and form factors.

Communicating Performance: Our Modifier Structure
In our mission to simplify our portfolio, we're also simplifying how we communicate each product's unique capabilities and purpose.
Moving forward, each device name will also include a number, ranging from 2 to 10 (10 represented by “X”). Odd numbers will represent consumer PCs, while commercial PCs will use even numbers that closely map back to the system currently in place. As the numbers increase, so do the design, device features, and overall performance mix so customers can quickly understand the hierarchy of the portfolio. For example, an HP OmniBook 3 will appeal to customers who prioritize entertainment and personal use, while the OmniBook X will be designed for those with higher creative and technical demands.  Additionally, we have created a modifier, “Ultra,” which denotes our most premium offerings or devices that redefine traditional form factors.
Modifiers like -Book, -Studio, and -Desk denote our most universal form factors across both portfolios. We will also retain descriptive modifiers like “Fold” for dual screens and “Flip” for convertible PCs to signify the various types of PC form factors available today.
This unified approach will make it easier than ever for our customers to identify, understand, and choose the HP product that's right for them.
Taking Next-Gen AI PCs to the Next Logo Level
As I said earlier, AI is rapidly reshaping technology and the personal computing landscape. At HP, we have invested countless hours of engineering to design devices optimized for AI technology. To make it simple to find these devices, we’ve given them a new mark – the HP AI Helix logo. The logo indicates devices and services across our portfolio built with trusted HP AI Engineering to deliver powerful, meaningful, and secure AI experiences.
The AI Helix’s shape is reminiscent of the structure of DNA, symbolizing our commitment to embed the DNA of AI into our devices. Just as DNA is at the core of life's evolution, we believe AI is the driving force behind technological advancements already enhancing human potential.
The next-gen AI PCs announced today carry the HP AI Helix, meaning they are unlike any PCs to date. The HP AI Engineering on these devices means they are built with unique HP AI experiences, such as HP AI Companion and Poly Camera Pro, and are equipped with protection against AI-generated threats – all on a powerful platform including a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) at 40+ trillions of operations per second (TOPS) and a next-gen OS. They’re purpose-built for the breakthrough AI experiences—local or on the cloud—that the industry has been buzzing about.
When you see the HP AI Helix logo on any HP product, it indicates that device is at the forefront of AI innovation. But it's not just a logo; it's a symbol of HP AI Engineering and a promise to empower users through the power of AI. In the future, HP will use the Helix logo wherever we are delivering new AI experiences for our customers.

New HP AI Helix Logo

Empowering Our Customers to Do More
As we embark on this new chapter in HP's history, we’re excited to share these significant updates that reflect our continuous commitment to innovation and customer-centricity. And of course, we also believe this will make the purchase journey as quick and painless as possible.
From the reinvigorated HP OmniBook, OmniDesk, and OmniStudio portfolio to our reimagined HP EliteBook and HP ProBook lines, HP’s core belief in the transformative power of technology remains unchanged.
This is just the beginning.

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