HP's Newest Laptops

HP EliteBook 830 G9 Notebook PC - Customizable

Windows 11 Pro - HP recommends Windows 11 Pro for business12th Generation Intel Core i5-1235U processor16 GB memory; 256 GB SSD storage13.3" diagonal WUXGA displayIris® Xᵉ Graphics

HP ProBook 445 G8 Notebook PC - Customizable

Windows 11 Pro - HP recommends Windows 11 Pro for businessAMD Ryzen™ 3 APU Processor8 GB memory; 256 GB NVMe storage14" HD (1366x768) displayAMD Radeon™ Graphics

HP EliteBook 860 G9 Notebook PC - Customizable

Windows 11 Pro - HP recommends Windows 11 Pro for business12th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor16 GB memory; 256 GB SSD storage16" diagonal WUXGA displayIntegrated Iris® Xᵉ Graphics

HP EliteBook 840 G9 Notebook PC - Customizable

Windows 11 Pro - HP recommends Windows 11 Pro for business12th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor16 GB memory; 256 GB SSD storage14" diagonal WUXGA displayIntel® Iris® Xᵉ Graphics

HP ProBook 455 G8 Notebook PC - Customizable

Windows 11 Pro - HP recommends Windows 11 Pro for businessAMD Ryzen™ 5 PRO APU Processor8 GB memory; 256 GB NVMe storage15.6" HD (1366x768) displayAMD Radeon™ Graphics

Recent HP's Newest Laptops Reviews

HP ProBook 455 G8 Notebook PC - Wolf Pro Security Edition

Overall, this laptop is great. It's very fast, I like the size, I like the backlit keyboard, it feels nice to type on, and I like how they fit a number pad on it. I also like all of the ports that this laptop has. I find it inconvenient that a lot of new laptops only have USB-c ports and you have to carry around a bunch of dongles to make them work. I'm in industrial controls, and I regularly need multiple USB-a ports, and an ethernet port to do my job. I like how they designed the ethernet port to fit in the slim design, I've never seen that before. So far the battery is holding on well. I usually have it plugged in, but I do need a decent battery from time to time where there are no outlets available. My one complaint is that the bottom panel is touchy. I removed it to install more RAM and now the touchpad doesn't always work correctly. I've nailed the problem down to the bottom panel not fitting exactly like how it was assembled in the factory, and compressing the touchpad causing a constant click. I've managed to fiddle with it enough so that the touch pad now functions, but if I hold the laptop a certain way, or set it down somewhere that isn't completely flat, the touch pad works intermittently. I wish that the bottom panel was a bit more robust, or fool proof. I should be able to take it off and put it back on without micro precision. I'm an electrician and have worked with electronics and sensitive electrical equipment for 11 years, and I've never come across this before. I suppose that if you like 16GB of RAM and don't want to change any of the hardware on this laptop it would be perfect, but I would warn anybody who wants to take off the bottom panel to reconsider.

HP ProBook 455 G8 Notebook PC - Wolf Pro Security Edition

Excellent performance and value as I've come to expect from the Probook line. Great aesthetic design.

HP ProBook 445 G8 Notebook PC - Wolf Pro Security Edition

Notebook excelente! Uma verdadeira máquina! Além de lindo, muito bem acabado e construído. A tela e o processador impressionam! É muito silencioso mesmo com muitas coisas e abas abertas. Teclado retroiluminado com possibilidade de controlar intensidade da luz! Realmente, um notebook para quem não quer ter dor de cabeça!

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Our notebooks feature a variety of connection ports, so you can customize your experience with other outstanding HP accessories to take your experience even further. Easily connect to an external monitor for seamless multi-tasking or presenting to your team, or use a precision mouse to enjoy swift navigation. Create your own customized experience with the accessories you love to make sure you’re ready for anything.
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