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Embracing Change to Deliver Future-Ready Services

Dave Shull, President, HP Workforce Solutions

March 29, 2023

There’s a famous Chinese proverb that says:

    “When the wind of change blows, some build walls, while others build windmills.”

This could not be more relevant to HP’s new Workforce Solutions business today. Last November, HP made the important decision to focus on our future and invest in a new organization that combines hardware, software and services to deliver flexible, future-ready workforce solutions. 

Now, five months later, we are here at HP Amplify Partner Conference, embracing change and delivering an important message to our channel partners: you are the heart of our business, and the key to our mutual success.

We are committed to helping you win.


The Bigger the Challenge, the Bigger the Opportunity

Hybrid has created opportunity for everyone, with workforce services alone representing a $150B TAM. But it’s also one of the biggest business challenges of this decade. 

Since taking the helm of this new organization, I’ve spent countless hours listening to our partners and customers and what I’ve heard is clear: customers want peace of mind, simplicity and flexibility.

CIOs are being asked to build a skyscraper and right now, the parking lot is a mess. 


Lifelong Relationships: A Winning Strategy

Our customers are under extraordinary pressure to digitally transform their businesses and overhaul their processes with the best of data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation.  But that’s not all.  Equally or perhaps even more important, our customers want to make sure their employees are productive and motivated. 

To do that, our customers need to offer an amazing digital employee experience at every stage of an employee’s journey.  And this has to be done in a way that doesn’t compromise security and allows for flexibility as their business needs change.    

We are uniquely positioned to address all of these needs. We have a broad range of gear for employees to use whether they’re working at home, in a coffee shop or in the office. Our endpoint security is top notch. And we are focused on offering simple, flexible, secure solutions required for today’s hybrid workforce.

We have a clear strategy to win. We are building lifelong relationships with our customers by collaborating closely with our partners to deliver a simple, easy-to-use toolbox that provides an exceptional digital employee experience and empowers the workforce for growth. 


Future-Ready Portfolio Driving Immediate Growth Opportunities

Fortunately, we are not starting from scratch -- in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Many of our services and solutions are already transforming the employee experience today.   

Here’s a real-world example we can all relate to. Has your device ever decided to quit right before an important meeting – perhaps the blue screen of death or a connectivity issue?  What if we could proactively identify problems before customers know a problem exists?

Our goal is to improve the employee experience by providing our customers with data, insights and predictive analytics required to minimize disruptions and enable productivity. To do this, we have enhanced our care packs by using predictive analytics to identify customers' issues, sometimes before they even know they have them.

In the new hybrid world, there’s another interesting challenge customers requiring high-performance computing face. Engineers, graphic artists and architects, for example, require powerful workstations but they also want that flexibility to work from home or a coffee shop. If you’re designing the latest virtual reality game or creating a high-end electric vehicle, little mistakes in the design just aren’t acceptable. Our HP Anyware solution delivers highly responsive, color-accurate, lossless, and distortion-free graphics performance to and from anywhere. And because it's a virtual environment, sensitive data is never stored on the endpoint. 


New!  Coming Soon: Workforce Central

We are working to simplify and create pre-packaged solutions and toolboxes for our partners and customers. However, the first requirement is to pull everything together in one central dashboard. 

Coming later this year, we will introduce HP Workforce Central, a central location to make our powerful portfolio of 64+ services more accessible. By centralizing our commercial tools and diverse portfolio into one powerful dashboard, we will make it easier for customers to understand the health of their fleet, proactively remediate hardware failures and get ahead of issues to ensure they can be as productive as possible. 

When it all comes together, the experience is truly remarkable. Here’s a glimpse: a medium sized business has 500 PCs in the field and just one IT administrator. Twenty of those devices are performing less optimally than the others. The Workforce Central dashboard lights up with recommendations to update the devices and remedy the difference in performance before it worsens. The IT administrator then deploys the software update via Workforce Central before employees even notice.

By connecting all the key services, rich data and AI within Workforce Central, the tools can talk to each other and enable one-touch solution deployment for IT administrators. It’s simple and it just works. 


Together we are Unstoppable

HP has worked with partners for over 80 years. As the President of HP Workforce Solutions, my number one job is enabling our partners’ success.

I could not be more confident when I say we are in a position to win.  We have the broadest selection of world-class devices for employee productivity and our extensive, valued partner network with a deep engagement and understanding of customers globally.  Collectively, we are trusted by our mutual customers to solve critical needs in a hybrid world.

Together, with our partners, we will continue to listen and build lifelong relationships with the people that matter the most – our customers.


For more information on HP Amplify, visit our newsroom.

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