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By applying fundamental physical science and AI to 3D printing technology, we are innovating in previously unimagined areas, from next-generation digital manufacturing platform enabling voxel-level control and performance, new 3D printed functionalities like electronics, to digital twin technologies, to power next-generation process control software at both cloud and edge.

Inside the lab

HP Labs has helped advance each of HP’s pioneering print and imaging technologies - inkjet, LaserJet, Indigo, Latex Inks/Large format, Piezo print, and now 3D. Today, our lab works on end-to-end 3D print system design, materials performance engineering, software and imaging systems, and cyber-physical process control to provide integrated solutions that will unleash manufacturing creativity and revolutionize how we design, create, make, and use material objects. We leverage HP’s advanced 3D printing technology platforms (Multi Jet Fusion and Metal Jet) and continue pushing the boundaries of what can be printed and what industries we can reinvent as a result.

Meet the inventors

HP's groundbreaking Metal Jet 3D Print technology was developed by engineers in HP's 3D Print business working in collaboration with researchers in HP Labs.


Create Digital Twin for polymer and metal 3D printing 

By synthesizing integrated computational materials engineering and AI, HP Labs researchers are seeding the next-generation process control software with Digital Twin technology.  You may find a glimpse of how our research impacts HP’s product today.

Experimenting with 3D printed electronics

HP Labs summer intern Bhargav Srinivas Vasudevan explores creating circuitry in three dimensions.


Microfluidics & Systems Technology

The Microfluidics & Systems Technology lab invents microfluidic and imaging technologies for markets beyond office and home print, such as flexible packaging, life sciences, and sensing.

Inside the lab

The laboratory is renowned for its groundbreaking inventions in the fields of life science, inkjet, LaserJet, and Liquid Electrophotography, as well as its ability to create new businesses. The lab possesses a wide range of capabilities and skills, from biology to NEM/MEMS fabrication, and is staffed by a multidisciplinary team of experts, including mechanical engineers, physicists, chemists, and biologists. The lab has over 35 years of experience in the fields of printing and microfluidics.

Achieving the unattainable: Triumph where others have met defeat

We have implemented a revolutionary new technology that eliminates the need for a consumable component in digital commercial press engines. Our new technology replaces the traditional scorotron cold plasma charging system and enables a significant increase in press speed - up to 10 times that of existing customer marking engines - while also improving print quality, reducing costs, and reducing ozone emissions by 100 times. Our technology was implemented and has already generated billions of high-quality and beautiful prints for our satisfied customers.

HP digital commercial press

Innovations in Single Cell Isolation and Imaging

Our lab is developing new applications for HP microfluidics technology in the life sciences.  We have demonstrated rare cell isolation of circulating tumor cells with applications in liquid biopsies and 3D reconstructions of rotating cells with resolution comparable to confocal microscopy in a simple microfluidic device.  The recent launch of HP’s single cell printer is an exciting platform for new innovations.

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Calibrating SERS measurements via dispense

At HP Labs we have developed one of the most sensitive Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) sensors.  By combining inkjet dispense with our SERS substrates, we have demonstrated a process for quantitative detection of trace level contaminants.

HP digital commercial press

Inkless, energy-free rewritable display

A new rewritable printing technology

HP Labs pilots a new writable, energy-free display technology with tremendous promise for many industries. Inkless printing technology features no consumables and no waste that can repeatably erase and print on our low-cost rewritable high quality, energy-free, and secure media. 

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A rich history of innovation

Our Palo Alto campus

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Pursuing original systems security research to ensure that HP delivers safe and assured products, services, and experiences and leads the industry in raising the bar in cybersecurity.

Inside the lab

The cyber security landscape rests on shifting ground. As users integrate new connected products and services into their lives, HP’s Security lab is looking holistically at emerging security concerns. Learn more about the vision, mission, and cutting-edge research at the Security Lab from director Simon Shiu.

HP Labs Malware Lab, where we use to study and explain modern malware, and use malware to test the robustness of our endpoint security solutions.”


Out-innovating bad actors

How HP combats shape-shifting security threats at the endpoint edge.


Digital Manufacturing

We’re driving research in Digital Manufacturing technologies to accelerate the Fourth Industrial Revolution and impact our customers across all facets of product design, fulfillment, and lifetime use.

Inside the lab

Digital manufacturing will transform the world, and at HP Labs we bring together key technologies to innovate and drive this transformation.  We work across additive manufacturing, AI and machine learning, data science, and security to advance digital manufacturing, customization, workflow and supply chain design. Within this lab, we combine corporate research with deep academic expertise to tackle these challenges.

The HP-NTU Digital Manufacturing Lab
officially opens

A ceremony and tour showcase the new lab’s world-class research capabilities.


HP announces the creation of the HP-NTU Digital Manufacturing Lab

HP Inc. and NTU Singapore collaborate to advance Digital Manufacturing.


Building a curriculum for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

HP and NTU collaborate to offer students an end-to-end understanding of the digital manufacturing pipeline.


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We’re interested in visionaries and problem-solvers who are unafraid to tackle technology’s biggest questions and collaborate to seek out the most innovative answers. HP Labs recruits staff, post-doc, interns and student researchers.

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