Summer 2023: Ripple Effect

Sustainability is everyone's business. At HP, that means helping consumers to make more conscious purchase decisions while working toward a better future for all. In this issue, find moving stories about the people, processes, and persistence behind HP's Sustainable Impact efforts. Be inspired by the “father of the forest” in Brazil; a classroom in Türkiye where books help to heal; and a factory in Singapore training a future-ready workforce.


Past Issues

Issue 22: Fall/Winter 2022

HP has a long history of radical innovation and technological advances that create meaningful change. This issue highlights the company's great leaps forward, from founding breakthroughs in printing and personal computing up to today, and reveals the technologies and trends where HP is leading the way.


Issue 21: Summer 2022

Sustainability has been central to HP since its inception, and this issue spotlights some of the many incredible stories behind the stats of our Sustainable Impact Report, from responsible reforestation to our supply chain partners to the thoughtful design process behind HP’s most sustainable PC yet. Dive in and see how we are working to make the world a better place.


Issue 20: Spring 2022

We delve into the reality of a permanently hybrid workforce, examining how forward-thinking companies can reimagine what it means to go to work. See how this new era that combines enterprise and technology can bring us all into the future.


Issue 19: Fall 2021

In this issue, our focus is on inspiring individuals who are delivering extraordinary innovations that benefit society and their communities. We look at how sustainability is the key to growth and progress to overcome the urgent challenges of this moment.


Issue 18: Summer 2021

Dive into our celebration of Gen Z, the group of world citizens poised to have a huge impact on the way we live, work, play, and care for our world, and explore how creative thinking is a key talent at any age.


Issue 17: Spring 2021

In this issue, we explore the technological breakthroughs creating positive impacts now, from revolutionary VR headsets to health diagnostic tools to 3D manufactured smiles.


Issue 16: Fall 2020

This issue of Innovation looks at HP’s commitments, partnerships, and technological advancements that are helping tackle some of our world's challenges while creating positive, lasting change.


Issue 15: Summer 2020

In this issue, we examine how the global crisis accelerated technology’s rate of change and how people and industries are adapting.


Issue 14: Spring 2020

This edition explores challenges, changes, and opportunities in the 2020s, and how HP can lead the way with new ideas and solutions.

Issue 13: Winter 2019

This issue looks at the who, where and how of workforce transformation, and what it all means for the future of work.


Issue 12: Summer 2019

In this issue, the 2019 Megatrends Report provides a glimpse at the trends impacting our global landscape.


Issue 11: Winter 2019

This issue shines a light on the bright future of print. We’ll consider how trends are paving the way for new technologies, and explore the impact of 3D printing.

Issue 10: Fall 2018

In this issue, we journey to the future of computing. We explore how technology has increasingly become part of every experience we have.

Issue 09: Spring 2018

In this issue, we unveil the third annual HP Megatrends report.


Issue 08: Winter 2017

In this issue, we look at how HP and our global partners are working together to solve customer challenges in our rapidly changing world.


Issue 07: Summer 2017

In this issue, we look at the future of printing and how 2D and 3D printing is transforming and revolutionizing industries.


Issue 06: Spring 2017

In this issue, we time travel as we explore how global socio-economic, demographic and technological trends will transform cultures, societies, workforces and the environment in the future.

Issue 05: Winter 2016

In this issue, we venture to the intersection of innovation and creativity. We explore how design thinking is being applied to our products, our culture and our partnerships.

Issue 04: Fall 2016

In this issue, we explore how the "maker spirit" has become the fabric of HP, our customers and partners for the past 76 years.

Issue 03: Summer 2016

In this issue, we are exploring how HP's Blended Reality vision is breaking down the barriers between imagination and physical reality for 3D Printing and Digital Healthcare.

Issue 02: Spring 2016

In this issue, we are looking at the socio-economic global Megatrends taking place over the next 15 years and the impact they will have on HP technology, our partners and customers.

Issue 01: Winter 2015

The first edition of the Innovation Journal, with featured articles on the compelling vision that's driving a new HP, our innovative approach to new business incubation, developments we're helping pioneer in robotics, and more.

Special Editions


This special edition explores the shape-shifting cybersecurity landscape, and how HP is innovating to stop cyber attacks before they occur.

Sustainable Impact

This special edition highlights how HP's commitment to Sustainable Impact enables us to create positive, lasting change for the planet, its people, and our communities.

Retail Transformation

This special edition presents HP’s transformative innovations in retail, from flexible point-of-sale and printing solutions to vital device and system security.